The best method to convert PDF to text by using OCR function

November 9, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

Free Download

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a technique by which you can extract the textual data out from a picture. OCR is becoming rapidly famous due to it's high efficiency. It can reduce the work load by 90% and provide you the data in text form; which you would've had to type word by word before.

There are several online platforms where OCR is available for PDF documents and for free. But these online software for Windows/Mac on PC sometimes lag and are not effective. They cost time and their value is thus depreciated.


WPS Office also provided the OCR feature by which you can pull the text out from a picture and use it in your PDF document. This feature is free to use and available online. You can also download the software and access the feature offline.

Types of OCR in WPS Office

There are several different types of OCR available in WPS Office to edit text in PDF files. These different types and the ways to use them are given below:

First of all, click the tools tab and open the OCR button. In the box, you can drag and drop the picture from which the text is to be collected, or you can open the picture from the files.

Extract Text Only

By this method, you can easily extract the textual data from the picture but the copied text won't retain it's format or the font. It will just plainly copy the text and you can then customize it as you like.

Convert to Word

By this process, you can copy the textual data and actually retain it's format information such as font, font size, color, etc. You have to use Screen Capture and then convert it to word to maintain the typography in OCR process.

Convert to Excel

If you want the data to be copied in it's original format but it is in table form, then converting to word will not be enough. It cannot hold the table data efficiently and might mix up the rows and columns. For such purposes, you can use Convert to Excel in WPS Office for free. This type of OCR is typically used when there tabular data such as class schedules, finance sheets, etc.

Other ways include clicking OCR area and selecting the desired area for extracting, or dragging and dropping the mouse to where the text is to be copied.

OCR is a brilliant technique to extract text in a speedy way. You don't have to type the text word by word, rather by using OCR it is a matter of seconds and you have a PDF document at your hand that contains the desired information and data.

Download the WPS Office software foe free or access it online for these amazing time-saving and efficient features. The website has an interactive user face. Not much time is needed to figure out how to use the OCE function. It is one the highly accurate OCR tools available online and offline. Download WPS Office now.

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