The best ten Excel dashboard templates for free

September 21, 2022

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Excel is unique and contains many templates that will make your daily tasks easier. There are always templates available, whether you're a housewife, a businessperson, or in charge of a sizable company.

If you want to store raw data in a tabular form or wish to make a chart, then excel offers any dashboard templates. The best 10 dashboard templates, their uses, and links with photographs are now described for you. If you want to know the names of the templates, then, without further ado, let's get started.

1.Colorful Group Data Form Template

If you want to store raw data in a tabular form or represent it colorfully, then excel offers any dashboard templates. Then utilize this dashboard template for free now.

2.Background Data Chart Template

Data entry chart templates are frequently used to simplify the interpretation of vast data and the relationships between different data elements. These dashboard templates are typically easier to interpret than raw data.

3.Popular Blue Sales Data Chart Template

Popular Blue Sales Data Chart is used to enter sales data with the popular blue dashboard template.

4.Product Data Analysis Table Template

A product analytics template analyses how people interact with a product or service. Product teams can use it to monitor, visualize, and examine user engagement and behaviour data. To enhance and optimize a product or service, teams use this data and enter this data into the dashboard template.

5.Red Quarterly Data Analysis Chart Template

The data is presented and understood more clearly thanks to this dashboard template which is in beautiful red wallet color. The graphic itself is used to make certain judgments or analyses.

6.Quarterly Sales Data Analysis Report Template

A dashboard template is used to express the technique for tracking the success of sales KPIs over three months. Often, a month is insufficient to track the effectiveness of a strategy or identify trends and patterns that could present possibilities for improvement. It is free to download and available online also.

7.Simple Data Statistics Template

A simple data statistics dashboard template is used to enter data, display, and keypoint matrix that will later use for analysis.

8.Entry and Exit Registration Template

Entry and exit of the employees are now recorded in an accessible form offered by the excel dashboard template, which controls the data matrix. It is free to use and available for download and online also.

9.Financial Salary Distribution Data Analysis Template

Financial Salary Distribution Data Analysis is now done using this dashboard template offered by the WPS office.

10.Data Entry Application Form Template

The data entry application form is the best source to store all the data in one form. This dashboard template is available for online use.  It is beautifully designed to grab the attention.

The conclusion

Now you can enter all the raw data in one form by utilising the best 10 excel dashboard templates for free. These dashboard templates are currently available at the WPS office. You can get these spreadsheets free of cost; their premium formula is also general. So, stop looking here and there and get your templates right now with one click.