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The OCR feature to edit text in PDF

November 29, 2022

With the help of the sophisticated capability known as optical character recognition (OCR), you can convert paper documents and digital photos into an editable PDF. Utilizing a scanner and the OCR feature of WPS Office online for free on both pc Windows and Mac can be accomplished.

What is the goal of using the OCR feature?

You might be thinking that what is the main goal of this feature? Here, at WPS Office we are available to answer any of your queries and provide you with the best features along with thorough instructions on how to use them!

The goal is to turn a picture of a text into the actual text. Why does this matter? Think of an image that contains words (e.g. table with some data in it). You may scan the date and convert the image into an editable PDF document using the free OCR feature. In other words, the text that was once a static image now can be edited by you.

Now, don't worry if you've never used WPS Office before and are unfamiliar with the free OCR tool. The written guide with step-by-step instructions is provided below for your convenience.

Let’s start with the first and most basic step, which is the installation of WPS Office. You can download and install it for free from our WPS website. If so, it's a great tool to OCR your documents quickly on a Mac or PC.

The next step is to open the WPS Office software. The following window will open as shown:

Once the window is open, from the available options, click on “PDF Edit”.

Now, from the newly appeared window, select the PDF file you want to edit or on which you want to use the OCR feature. 

Here, I am choosing the file “create-pdfs”.

Now the required file is opened. Next, from the top ribbon bar, select the tools tab.

Once you have opened the tools tab, from the above options in the menu bar, select “OCR”.

Now the WPS Office software allows you to select the required image from which you can extract any kind of text.

You can either select the “Add photos” option or can also choose Screen capture.

Another option provided by the software is to simply drag the image and place it in the appeared window.

After clicking on ‘Add photos’, you can select any image from this window, stored in any folder.

To give you an idea about the feature, I chose the image with the table containing some data.

After selecting the image, the following window is presented from where I can extract the text from the image. From the options, you can select the required option. I chose “Extract text only”.

And that’s it! The text from the table image is now finally converted. You can also copy the text and place it in your PDF file.

Now that you've gone through all of the stages, executing OCR on a document is practically a no-brainer. It'll only take you a few minutes to OCR your PDF documents.

WPS Office has many features for its users to get their work done easily and effectively. Our WPS Office software is the best and free office software to download for both Windows and Mac platforms. What are you waiting for? Download WPS Office right away to save time!

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