The PROB Function in Excel

January 6, 2022

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· Description:

The PROB function calculates the probability that the values in a range are between two specific limits.

· Syntax:

PROB(x_range, prob_range, [lower_limit], [upper_limit])

· Arguments:

X_range: Required. The range of numeric values associated with probabilities.

Prob_range: Required. The array of probabilities associated with values in x_range. The values in Prob-range must add up to 1 or 100%.

Lower_limit: Optional. The lower limit of the value for which you want to calculate probability.

Upper_limit: Optional. The upper bound of the value for which you want to calculate probability.If this argument is omitted, the formula will return the probability which is equal to the lower_limit.

· Example:

Here assume that we have a list of Coffee sales and the probabilities of achieving the sales volume, and the sum of all probabilities is 1.  And we want to calculate the probability that the sales of coffee is between 244 and 300. Now let's explore how to perform the calculation.

1. Click on cell B11 and navigate to the Formulas tab. Click the Insert Function button, enter PROB in the dialogue box and select PROB function. Alternatively, you can directly click the shortcut Insert Function button to pull out the dialogue box. Also, the PROB function can be found in More Functions > Statistical.

In the pop-up box, enter A2:A7 at X_range, B2:B7 at Prob_range, 244 at Lower bound of the X range and 300 at Upper bound of the X range. As a result, the formula returns the probability value of 0.6 in cell 11, the probability that the coffee sales are between 244 and 300.