The PROPER Function in Excel

January 6, 2022
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· Description:

The PROPER function can be used to convert the input text into proper case. It capitalizes the first letter of a text string and converts other letters to lowercase.

· Syntax:


· Arguments:

Text: Required. The text or string whose first letter is to be converted into upper case and all others lower case.

· Example:

Assume that we have a group of input texts in improper case.

1. Select cell B2 and click the shortcut Insert Function button. In the pop-up box, enter PROPER and choose it.


2. Enter A2 at text and click OK. You can drag the fill handle down to fill other cells with the same formula. 

Note that the numbers and punctuation characters are not to be affected by performing this function, while the PROPER function converts 's to 'S, for example, Ron's to Ron'S.


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