The unconventional guide to gantt chart templates

August 22, 2022

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According to the research, managing the project deadline  is a difficult task. You can run it successfully  if you have planned everything related to the project.

The Gantt chart templates are the most effective way to set a complete timeline for a project. These templates display the starting and ending date of a specific project.

Let’s take a closer look at the Gantt chart templates.

Project Gantt chart

If you create your own project timeline plan, then it will be helpful for you to manage the project. This Gantt chart template is very easy to create. It gives you a professional look.

Gantt Chart timeline

The style of this Gantt chart template is simple. You can easily create it within a short time. This timeline is perfect for tracking your records.

Construction Schedule Gantt Chart

Construction schedule Gantt chart is ideal for your construction plans. Based on your preference, you can easily divide your task into parts. This Gantt Chart template is best for managing your preferences.

Colorful Gantt Chart

The following Gantt Chart template has an eye-catching look due to its colorful colors. This template is highlighted with bright colors for the main headings. Bright colors make it more attractive and easier to understand.

Hourly Gantt chart

In today’s busy world, the hourly Gantt chart template is a good choice to adjust your hours. It has enough space to write on. This template is easy to customize  according to your projects.

Red simple Gantt chart

This red-colored Gantt chart template visually represents the tasks in form of boxes. It gives a clear overview with a starting and ending date. It is available in red, but you can customize the color.

Blue Gantt chart

If you are interested in a detailed project, then this blue-themed Gantt chart template is the best to customize. You can easily keep a check on your check through your current status and current week. It is editable and you can make changes.

Gantt Chart Creative Plan

The creative Gantt Chart  template has an additional writing box on the template’s edges, making it more unique. It is the most common template for project management. Through this, you can prominent the names of your tasks.

Fresh Design Gantt Chart template

This Gantt Chart template gives you the best option to organize your business work. These are easy to customize. You can schedule your work for months and highlight them.

Project management Gantt chart template

Planning a year for your future projects is a challenging task. You can put all your important tasks on it. It is the best way to spend your year properly. With this, you can easily complete all the tasks on time.


That is it.

It is concluded that when discussing  projects, you have to focus on planning your tasks for the month or year. Gantt chart templates are the best for running your company successfully.

So, go to the WPS Office. Download your favorite Gantt chart template. And, enjoy your work.