Top 10 dashboard examples excel templates

August 30, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

Free Download

Excel dashboard examples templates come with various components like tables, charts, formulas, and figures to help in the data presentation quickly.It contains free formulas and templates which are very easy to use. It accommodates any type of data from different markets and purposes and can be utilized for marketing, financial, and another task as information is a more expensive commodity in a data-driven world.

Excel dashboard examples templates can be downloaded for free and they compile important data into a summary and are valuable for this reason.

Simple General Excel

Simple general excel is free to download template available to record the monthly data of your project like vice organize and interpreting the data easily.

Purchase Request Form for Items

The purchase order request form template enables you to receive the request digitally and also allows the company to manage the purchase and ensure that the proper supplies at all times or over some time.

Product Inspection Checklist

This template allows you to record the product information like product requirement, packaging requirement, material check, product batch, etc all information of product and save it so can use n the future as well.

Diet and Exercise Schedule

This template held the record of your health like your daily food habit, and online nutrition class and it helps that you can plan time according to your suitable time when you are doing your job. It can be downloaded for free in

General Form of Demand Description

This free template helps the business to know about the demand for a product and helps them in deciding on which product is selling more so make that product.

Simple Blue Contact Log

This free template dashboard template helps in recording the information of customers like how they order when they order and through which method so helpful in deciding to improve the delivery methods or time management of delivering product.

Colorful General Analysis Charts

Colorful charts are really helpful and eye-attracting as well. it is a pictorial representation of data and it helps the manager to show it to the owner in such a way that will not take much time in reading the data in statistical form.

Blue Excel for Cost Accounting

It records the purchase items list like item name, date, type, per unit cost, amount, transportation cost, and total cost to give brief expenditure information about a product.

Family Shopping List

This free template is used to record the data of expenses incurred and who purchases the specific product and automate the calculation when needed.

Store October Merchandise Sales Monthly Report

This template is used for monthly expenses and gins by the company and also represents the graphic presentational order to represent it to the manager.

Dashboard examples excel templates are easy to use and help the company to manage the expenditure with an eye over these templates and if required to cut the product which is not good to go with the company means aid to company decision.

You can download WPS office to receive comprehensible samples so can save and extract data for effective management.