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Top 10 free invoice templates for excel

September 21, 2022

If you are running a huge business or under construction, invoices are playing an essential tool to keep records of your clients and services. The free invoice template excel is helpful to create invoices. Moreover, you can customize these templates according to your business services. It doesn’t matter whether your business is small or big.

It can be successful with the use of invoices that you are using to promote your business services. WPS Office is useful for this purpose because you can find any kind of free invoice template for excel simply. You do not need to look further just visit this WPS office. You can select any template according to your need and if you wish to modify it, you can do this easily.

Some templates are given below;

1.Simple invoice template

A Simple free invoice template for excel is useful for small businesses and for those who need flexibility and simplicity in business dealings. In this template, you just have to put the description and some other calculations, and you are done.


2.  Blank invoice template

It is similar to the simple invoice template. This blank free invoice template for excel does not demand for complicated function to fill. It is easy to get for 6 months and you will be relaxing during this time period.


3.Billing invoice template

This billing fee invoice template for excel has professional look and you can impress your clients easily. It is easy to download for monthly time period.


4.Service invoice template

The service-free invoice template for excel is useful for the purpose to show the complete details to your customers. Moreover, this can be used for the home business or individuals can also use this template.


5.Purchase order invoice template

This purchase order free template for excel is useful small and medium businesses. If you get order daily then, this template will be helpful for your clients to get order. You can use this template for hourly rates.


6.Packing slip invoice template

If you are interested to ship any product so, this packing slip free invoice template for excel is best to use. You can put complete details what is in the box and cab use this template for 12 months.


7.Sales invoice template

This sales-free invoice template for excel is best if you ship any product and you can put complete information about the prices of the product. You can enter tax details also and this template is free to download.


8.Job invoice template

This job free invoice template for excel is not same to the official business contract template. If you are a service provider or construction contractor and want to give complete information about your business, you can use this template for yearly project.


9.Business invoice template

This business free invoice template for excel is best to handle the information contained in your business. You can use this for weekly plans.


10.Commercial invoice template

This commercial free invoice template for excel is best to export products internationally. You can put information about the business involved in transactions.



From the templates given above you can get information about the free invoice template for excel. WPS office has uploaded plenty of templates for you. You can download and use them easily.

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