Top 3 camscanner premium apk alternatives for OCR

October 18, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

Free Download

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

Free Download

OCR or Optical Character Recognition is a technology that identifies and recognizes text from scanned documents, photos and images from PDFs and scanned documents and converts them into machine-readable text data that can be more conveniently edited and stored for further processing.

This technology is used for data extraction. WPS Office offers three conversion methods: plain text extraction, Word conversion and Excel conversion. Do you want to learn about the best free camscanner premium apk alternatives for windows. Here we have enlisted the best options you must consider in this regard for PC.

Below are the best free online Top 3 camscanner premium apk alternatives for OCR.

Google Document AI

Document AI, one of the solutions in the Google Cloud AI suite, is a document processing console that uses machine learning to automatically decipher document classification, extraction, data enrichment and insights.


Easy to install. Integrates very well with other Google services Information storage Speed


Lack of proper documentation for AI modules Existing modules and libraries are difficult to customize Not suitable for Python or other programming languages Outdated API documentation High price Not suitable for hybrid cloud deployment Not suitable for use cases that require custom AI algorithms

WPS Office

WPS Office is another leading editing software that enjoys a high reputation among users. With this software you can access, create and edit a wide range of documents.

Whether you need to create a Word document, prepare a powerful presentation or keep track of your expenses, WPS is the only solution you can think of in these situations. You can use the writing tools to create documents. You can also use spreadsheets to enter data. At the same time, presentation applications will help you create appealing and eye-catching presentations.

Main features of WPS Office

The WPS Office Writer tool has a very clean and well-organized user interface, making it very easy to use. The application allows you to create simple text documents. Images, shapes, graphics and other objects can be added to improve the document's readability.

Spreadsheets are another useful feature of WPS Office. You can select one of the 70 available templates to start creating your spreadsheet. It offers templates for different purposes. You can easily choose the one that best suits your project.

With this free and compatible editing tool, you can open, create and edit presentations. The software allows you to use PPT files with ease. Besides, you'll have access to hundreds of built-in tools and eye-catching transitions that will make your presentation even more effective. Plus, adding images, graphs, charts, tables and more to your presentations is easier than ever with this tool.


WPS Office offers a quick recovery tool to easily restore accidentally deleted files. Built-in functions and formulas in the spreadsheet application allow you to perform complex data analysis. WPS Office's collaboration features allow you to work with your team on any project.


PDF editing features are available only in the VIP version of this editing software.

AWS extract

AWS Textract automatically extracts text and other data from scanned documents using machine learning and OCR. It is also used to identify, understand, and extract data from forms and tables. For more information, see this detailed breakdown of AWS Textract.


Pay-as-you-go billing model Ease of use


Untrainable Accuracy varies Not suitable for handwritten documents


So, these are some of the best free camscanner premium apk alternatives for OCR. You can use any of the OCR software free download. However, it is always highly recommended to use OCR software that you find more effective for your needs. So that choosing the right option can become easier for you. However, if you are up for educational editing software, downloading WPS Office for free is the best bet.

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