Top 5 useful functions of WPS Excel

March 22, 2022

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A good command of Excel is a great advantage in the workplace. To help you through the necessary skills in Excel, wps Office, also called WPS Office, offers thousands of free tutorials. This article collects 5 top functions of wps Excel for you to learn quickly. Without further ado, lets go through them one by one.

· Quickly learn 5 top functions of WPS Excel

Note: You can click the following pictures to watch the video tutorials.

1. Learn pivot table from the beginning.

A PivotTable has a flexible operation interface. We can change the layout of various types of reports simply with mouse operation. It can help us better search for information and make decisions.

2. Hyperlink in WPSExcel.

When we work, we often need to add hyperlinks in spreadsheets to jump to other tables or add hyperlinks to jump to web pages.

3. Look up data quickly with LOOKUP function in WPS Excel.

Beginners may have difficulty in learning the LOOKUP function, and the video will introduce the common use of this function and the notes in the process of using it.

4. How to draw a column chart in WPS Excel.

A Column chart can help us to visually compare data differences and it is also one of the chart styles often used in work.

5. A quick way to calculate sum, average, count, max, and min in WPS Office Excel.

Do you want to master how to perform basic calculations? This tutorial introduces you to the must-have functions in Excel.

After learning these 5 top functions in WPS Office, you can continue to view more tutorials ofoffice skillsfrom basic to advanced in WPS Academy.

WPS Excel, the best alternative to Microsoft Excel, provides rich functions of spreadsheets to meet your needs. WPS Excel is one of the four modules of WPS Office, and the other three modules are WPS Word, Presentation, and PDF editor. Free download WPS Office to enjoy better work experience right now.