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August 8, 2022

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Seeing watermarks on your video after editing it for hours can seem pretty daunting. Free video editing software usually utilizes this practice to limit the free use of their tools. Watermarks are not bad if you know about them. However, some of the video editing software free downloads add these as a surprise in your videos.

Moreover, if you want to use your edited videos professionally, then watermarks can be problematic. So, it is always better to use free video editing software with no watermark to avoid this.

Top free video editing software no watermark

Do you want to learn about the best free video editing software no watermark? Here we have enlisted the best options you must consider in this regard.

So, here we go:

VSDC Free video editor

VSDC free video editor is a top-notch free video editing software for windows 10. This user-friendly tool allows you to improve your audio, edit videos, capture screen, or even add voiceovers. This best free video editing software also supports 36-degree and 4K videos. Above all, it comes with no ads and watermarks to provide added efficiency to its consumers.

The editing tasks of this best free video editing software for windows 10. are simple to handle. Using this free video editor, you don't need to be an editing pro. This editing software has a consumer base of millions of users. Consumers love this tool mainly because it offers a range of editing features that no other free editing software provides.

Key features of VSDC free video editor

Here are some of the most amazing features of VSDC you must know:

Multiple editing capabilities

VSDC free video editor allows cutting and flipping your videos per your needs. Most importantly, this tool also lets you play your videos backward whenever needed. You can also split your captured moments into different parts per your needs.

Supports multiple formats

Most amazingly, VSDC free video editor also supports multiple formats. With this free video editing software, you can't only edit different video formats. You can also add different audio and image formats without any hassle.

Pros of VSDC free video editor

Here we have some of the most prominent benefits of VSDC free video editor to know:

  • This lucrative free video editing tool can work well even on a low-configuration device.

  • You can place video and audio on multiple tracks per your project's needs.

  • It supports all the popular formats, codecs, and filters.

Cons of VSDC free video editor
  • The interface of this video editor is a bit complex for beginners.

  • The use of Chroma Key is limited in the free version of VSDC.


Lightworks is one of the leading free video editing software. It provides you the option to start as an amateur or professional. This is a great editing tool, especially for aspiring filmmakers. It is because, over time, you can start creating high-grade videos using Lightworks without any hassle.

In simple words, Lightworks can let you perform a lot to tune up your videos amazingly.

Key Features of Lightworks

Here are key features of Lightworks to know:

Trim function for quick editing

The high-quality and simple trim function of Lightworks allows quick editing solutions for users.

Real-time collaboration

Lightworks provides a real-time collaborative feature to allow quick project sharing when you are working. However, you can authorize the editing access of your videos to the users as per needs.

Multi-cam editing

You can use this feature to sync different clips created from multiple cameras. This feature will make editing and completing your video creation project easier.

Pros of Lightworks

Here are key benefits of using Lightworks you must know:

  • Lightworks allows you to export your edited videos with 720-quality on YouTube.

  • 4K format support is also available along with other video formats in Lightworks.

Cons of Lightworks
  • Lightworks is an advanced editing software for beginners.

WPS Office

WPS Office is another leading editing software with a good reputation among its users. This software allows you to access, create, and edit different documents.

Whether you want to create a word document, need to prepare an impactful presentation, or need to record your expenses. WPS is the only solution that you can consider in this regard. The writing tool here can let you create your documents. You can use Spreadsheets to record your data. At the same time, the Presentation application is here to let you prepare attractive and engaging presentations.

Key features of WPS Office

Here are some of the most amazing features of WPS Office that you must know:

WPS Office Writer

The writer tool of WPS Office has a very clean and well-organized interface that makes it simpler to use. You can create text-only documents with this application. You can add images, shapes, graphs, and other objects to make your documents more presentable.

WPS Office Spreadsheets

The spreadsheet is another lucrative feature of the WPS Office. You can choose any of the available 70 templates to kickstart the process of creating your spreadsheets. It offers templates for different purposes. You can easily choose the one you find more suitable for your project.

WPS Office Presentation

This highly compatible and free editing tool can let you open, create, and modify presentations.  You can easily utilize PPT files with this software without any problem. Moreover, you can access hundreds of built-in tools and eye-catching transitions to make your presentations more powerful. Moreover, adding images, graphs, charts, etc., into your presentation is easier than ever with this tool.

Pros of WPS Office

Here are the advantages of WPS Office to know:

  • WPS Office offers a quick recovery tool to recover your accidentally deleted files without hassle.

  • Build-in functions and formulas in spreadsheet applications help in performing complex data analysis.

  • You can work with your team on any project using the collaborative features of WPS Office.

Cons of WPS Office
  • The PDF editing feature is available in the VIP version of this editing software only.

MiniTool Movie Maker

Here is another free video editing software for Windows 10 without a watermark. This video editing software offers all the video editing and grading features. The tool offers a fun way to quickly create fun, Hollywood-style videos.

This video editing software also offers different movie templates. This tool offers you the easiest way of creating stunning videos within no time using its templates.

Key features of MiniTool Movie Maker

Let's have a look at the key features of MiniTool Movie Maker below to understand it better:

Numerous built-in video templates

You can use these templates to create cool and lucrative videos without any problem. You just need to select any of your preferred video templated. Then import your videos and save them. You can create a wonderful video using these templates within minutes.

Realistic photo gallery

You can use MiniTool Movie Maker to keep your captured moments alive. You can then collect your videos and special moments in the 3D album of the software.

Pros of MiniTool Movie Maker

Here are key benefits of using MiniTool Movie Maker:

  • MiniTool Movie Maker offers a wide variety of motion, transition, text, and effect options.

  • The tool offers good export capabilities.

  • You can also use this tool to create animated greetings within no time.

Cons of MiniTool Movie Maker
  • You can't customize the effects of the MiniTool Movie Maker tool. The tool is a bit difficult to use for some users.

Hit Film Express

Hit Film Express is an all-rounder-free video editing software. Although it requires a learning process to get started with this free video editing tool. However, the learning process can benefit you to create and edit the best YouTube videos and Hollywood-style trailers for your social channels.

It’s a great video editing tool that lets you break into creative content creation without spending anything. Therefore, if you are a newbie or a student who wants to grow in video creation, Hit Film Express is a great solution for you.

This tool also offers an animation tool that makes it an option for adding stunning visuals and creating engaging animations. You can enhance the visuals of your videos whenever needed with Hit Film Express.

Key features of Hit Film Express

Here are the key features of Hit Film Express you must know:

Adaptive trimmer

With the help of Hit Film Express, it’s easier to re-trim your clips. The tool offers you an adaptive trimmer to complete the trimming process more precisely. Most importantly, you can trim your clips even after adding videos to your editing timeline.

Composite shot enrichment

Hit Film Express also offers an advanced feature of composite enhancement. With this feature, users can combine two different animation shots to create surreal video effects. These pro-level video editing features are hard to find in any other video editing software.

Pros of Hit Film Express

Let's have a look at the key pros of Hit Film Express below:

  • Hit Film Express is an advanced editing software for creating Hollywood-style professional-grade videos.

  • You can use different video filters to fine-tune your clips.

  • The best editing software to edit your vlogs and videos for other social media channels.

Cons of Hit Film Express
  • It requires you to learn Hit Film Express tools and interfaces.


This is an amazing free video editing software with no watermark. This is a leading video editing option for iOS and macOS users. This can let you create lucrative Hollywood-style trailers and stunning films with 4k resolution.

With the help of iMovie, you can create and edit your videos anywhere on your laptop and mobile phone.

Key Features of iMovie

Here are some of the most important features of iMovie you must know:

Cross-platform editing

iMovie is lucrative editing software that can help you to create and share your creative videos across multiple platforms. You can access and create your videos through any Apple device using iMovie.

Essential editing features

When it’s about iMovie editing capabilities, you can access a range of themes, transitions, and filters. It also offers more than 100 smart tracks to add audio effects to your video. Moreover, you can also enjoy additional editing tools like rotating, trimming, etc.

Pros of iMovie

Here are the pros of iMovie you must know:

  • iMovie supports video clips in MOV format.

  • Works across the family of Apple devices.

  • You can create Holly-wood-style movies without any hassle.

Cons of iMovie
  • No android or Windows version of this editing software is available.


Do you want to enjoy the on-the-go editing of your video clips? KineMaster is the best free video editing software to consider in this regard. This editing software has a well-designed and properly organized interface. You can enjoy an incredible video editing experience using this specific software.

Key features of KineMaster

Here are key features of KineMaster you must know:

Simple interface

Creating videos using KineMaster is super simple. The simple and organized interface of KineMaster makes it easier to start and create dazzling videos on the go. You can easily create an introduction to your videos, add clips, and do whatever you want in your final composition.

Supports different video qualities

With the help of KineMaster, you can download your edited videos in different qualities per your needs. Most importantly, this tool allows you to download videos directly on your device to use later. The built-in recorder is another plus point of this editing tool.

Pros of KineMaster

Here are the pros of KineMaster to know:

  • It offers 4K video editing capabilities.

  • You can also upload videos directly from KineMaster to your social media channels or YouTube.

  • Easier to use for beginners.

Cons of KineMaster
  • Updates can make it harder to use sometimes.

Final Verdict

So, these are some of the best free video editing software, no watermark. You can use any of the video editing software free download to start creating stunning videos. However, it is always highly recommended to use editing software that you find more effective for your needs. We have provided you with a brief overview of each video editing software. So that choosing the right option can become easier for you. However, if you are up for educational editing software, downloading WPS Office for free is the best bet.

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