Top 9 free screenwriting software in 2022

August 19, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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Individuals who write screenplays need good software to be efficient at their work. A good free screenwriting software helps with improved formatting, quick writing with no distractions, better proofreading, and editing mistakes on the go. While it may make everything easy, finding one is not that easy.

Free screenwriting software can help write templates, collaborate, and take notes, all while staying efficient. So, here we will discuss everything you need to know about the top 9 free software you can use in 2022.

Top 9 Free screenwriting software in 2022

Choosing the right free screenwriting software can help you with so many things while writing screenplays. So, here we have the top 9 options that you can choose for the best experience.

1. Arc Studio Pro

Arc Studio Pro is the first free screenwriting software mac that offers you a great experience. Apart from being on Mac, it is also available for Windows, and you can also use the Web version. It is a paid tool with a free version to use that does not have a lot of limits regarding features and page numbers, bringing you the same great experience.

With Arc Studio Pro, writing stories, formatting them, editing while writing, and managing all the edits is a piece of cake for both beginners and experts.

Key Features of Arc Studio Pro

Despite being a free tool, Arc Studio Pro has many features. Some of the features you will enjoy while using Arc Studio Pro are:

Distraction-free interface

It has a clear interface that will never distract you. So, you can focus better on your story whether you are writing, formatting, editing, or rearranging.

Smooth collaboration features

Arc Studio Pro comes with an industry-grade collaboration feature that lets you collaborate with team members. It brings an easier feedback system along with straightforward management.

Pros of Arc Studio Pro

· The free plan does not come with any limits.

· The intuitive interface helps organize the story within no time

· It comes with drag-and-drop functionality for easier usage

Cons of Arc Studio Pro

· There are no cons as you can get a perfect experience here.

2. Causality

Next up is Causality, which brings a unique type of experience for you with its screenwriting application. The attractive thing about this software is that it eases story development by providing an incredible overview of every aspect of your story.

It even provides an overview of the most complex parts of your stories. With Causality, you can plot key moments of your story in the timeline and visualize them for a better story development experience.

Key Features of Causality

As Causality is a unique tool, it brings some unique features as well, and some of its key features include:

Sequencing Engine

The sequencing engine is an intelligent feature that gives an overview of your story's events. Thus, you can analyze your stories more efficiently.

Macro Level story development

It changes traditional scriptwriting and brings story development to the macro level. So, the writing, formatting, rearranging, and editing process becomes more straightforward for writers.

Pros of Causality

· Causality makes dealing with complex stories easier

· It brings a different experience than the conventional scriptwriting tools

· The intelligent platform suggests changes and sequences for your story

Cons of Causality

· Although it has a free version, there are some limitations, and unlimited features are only available in the paid version of Causality.

3. WPS Office

WPS Office is a document management software that holds equal importance for everyone who uses different documents. It not only brings amazing functionalities for scriptwriting but also helps students and business executives productively work on their documents.

With the WPS office, you can work on all types of documents, including presentations, text documents, and spreadsheets, offering high efficiency.

Key Features of WPS Office

Being a world-leading document management software, WPS Office brings many features, including the following.

Simultaneous document management

With the WPS office, you can simultaneously manage different documents in one window. The tabbed view feature helps here as you can open multiple documents as different tabs as you do on browsers. Thus, productivity is significantly increased.

Recovery tool

If you get any important document deleted accidentally, you do not need to worry. WPS Office comes with an amazing recovery tool that lets you recover any of the documents that you accidentally deleted. Thus, you will never lose any important document.

Latest formatting features

WPS Office brings all the latest formatting tools and features you will ever need. From paragraph layout to the indentation features, WPS Office lets you can format any document according to the latest industry standards.

Pros of WPS Office

· WPS Office offers the best document editing and customization features

· It brings a complete set of editing and document management tools that you can use in multiple languages

· WPS Office allows you to add infographics to your documents to make them attractive and easy to comprehend.

Cons of WPS Office

· WPS Office brings tons of features for free, but its PDF editing feature only comes in the paid version.

4. Fade In

Fade In is your best free screenwriting software where the paid and free versions have the same features. You can download the free demo version of Fade In and keep it while enjoying the same features as the paid version.

Key Features of Fade In

Despite being a free tool, it brings significantly beneficial features for screenwriting. Some of the features from Fade In include:

The free version only shows a demo after ten pages

When you use the free version, you will only get a purchase reminder pop-up after ten pages, which will be occasional. So, the experience will be almost similar.

Personalized overview of the story

With Fade In, you can create a more personalized overview of your story with all points clear to comprehend using the latest organization, formatting, and arranging interface elements.

Pros of Fade In

· Fade In brings a real-time collaboration feature allowing you to collaborate with teammates for better formatting and editing.

· The index cards feature in Fade In helps in the easy organization

· Fade In interface allows color-coding to arrange and mark significant plots in your story.

Cons of Fade In

· The only drawback is that the print or PDF will have a watermark when you use the free version.

5. DramaQueen

DramaQueen screenwriting tool brings a good experience for writers who want to import and export drafts from the Final Draft platform. Apart from this amazing functionality, it brings an excellent user experience with its availability across all major computer operating systems. You can download DramaQueen on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

Key Features of DramaQueen

DramaQueen is the perfect platform to bring all your ideas and collect them in one place. It is only possible because the feature-rich platform provides features like:

Unlimited free scripts

When you use DramaQueen, you will never have to worry about the lumber of scripts. Similarly, there are no issues with the usage length of your scripts. Thus, the user experience is exceptional.

Amazing customization options

Editing and arranging ideas with DramaQueen cannot get any better with all the interface customization options. You can customize everything on this platform according to your requirements, even the colors of it, for a better experience.

Pros of DramaQueen

· It has a structuring feature that automatically divides the story into steps and structures it with auto-formatting

· The ideas panel brings you insights about your story like no other

· The user interface makes the usage extremely easy with the drag and drop navigator.

Cons of DramaQueen

· DramaQueen screenwriter does not come with any cons or missing features that one may want to see here.

6. Highland 2

Highland 2 is the screenwriting software focused more on writing than the text's formatting and structure. It is a Mac-based tool with an insightfully designed interface and an abundant feature platform for scriptwriters.

Key Features of Highland 2

Highland 2 brings the following features to its users

Keyboard shortcuts make things easier

Different features of Highland 2 can be used with the help of several keyboard shortcuts taking the experience to new heights of productivity and ease.

Customizable interface

The whole interface here is customizable. You can entirely customize the interface themes and colors to keep your revisions easily trackable. Thus, the workspace becomes more overwhelming for you.

Pros of Highland 2

· The overall layout of Highland 2 is pretty simple and minimalist

· The navigation bar on the side allows for easily tracking all elements of your story

· It brings 14 templates that will ease your scriptwriting experience.

Cons of Highland 2

· It is only available for Mac OS. So, if you are a Windows or Linux user, you will need to find another tool.

7. Kit Scenarist

You can use Kit Scenarist for research, statistics, and planning in addition to writing and formatting, which makes it better than most other scriptwriting tools. So, it is not just a word process for scriptwriters but a complete scriptwriting package for complex stores.

Key Features of Kit Scenarist

Kit Scenarist helps you enhance your scriptwriting experience with the following features:

Manage all research material at one location

The research about a script usually includes characters, places, locations, photos, and descriptions you must note. Here you can manage all of those on one platform. Additionally, Kit Scenarist provides stats about different elements of your script.

Card module

The card module of Kit Scenarist allows you to see your story presented on a board for visual comprehension.

Pros of Kit Scenarist

· Amazing scripting and formatting tools to meet the industry standards.

· Allows you to configure the tool to meet your writing needs and style

· Available for Mac, Windows, and Linux

Cons of Kit Scenarist

· Too many features can be overwhelming and confusing for beginners.

8. Milanote

With Milanote, the whole story is present at a single glance for you because of its intuitive interface. With Milanote, you can organize your images, notes, and all other files to observe them visually. It provides a great experience for screenwriting because of its limitless usage option and project planning features.

Key Features of Milanote

The usage experience with Milanote is pretty rich because of the following features.

Mobile app available

Unlike most other screenwriting software, Milanote comes with a mobile app that can help you record your ideas on the go. In this way, you will never lose any idea again.

Easy drag and drop rearranging

Rearranging the whole story is pretty easy when you use Milanote. The Drag-and-drop usage method makes rearranging the key story elements easier than ever.

Pros of Milanote

· With the intuitive interface of Milanote, the story and all of its elements come to life.

· Here you can outline all of the aspects of your story in one place

· Milanote comes with a wealth of templates that can help you start your story with a great start

Cons of Milanote

· It is not natively available on Windows, and you must use the Web app for Windows and Linux operating systems. The native app is only available for Mac OS.

9. Page 2 Stage

Page 2 Stage is designed especially for people who write screenplays and stories. Its screenwriting features are not found in most word processing tools as it is extremely simple and increases productivity when you work.

Key Features of Page 2 Stage

Page 2 Stage comes with tons of features, including:

Minimalist interface

The minimalist interface allows you to use all of the features and tools with a navigation bar at the top and left.

Comprehensive training documentation

Page 2 Stage comes with training documentation to train you for efficient and productive usage of this tool.

Pros of Page 2 Stage

· There are no features that you will have to compromise on when using Page 2 Stage.

· It is compatible with different languages for the screenplay. It supports different versions of the English language, including Canadian, Australian, British, and American.

· Page 2 Stage is available in 30 different languages for screenwriting.

Cons of Page 2 Stage

· Page 2 Stage is only available on Windows Operating Systems. So, if you are a Mac user, you must look for alternative tools.

Final Remarks:

These were some of the best free screenwriting software that you can use to aid your writing experience. As every tool comes with a different interface and unique features, you must go for the one that meets your requirements in the best way to stay productive. If you are looking for a complete solution to your writing and educational editing needs, then make sure to download and try WPS office. It offers you the best productivity.

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