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October 17, 2022

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Every organization that involves documents needs an efficient & quick to work scanner. In this digital world, documents should be saved electronically and can be transmitted in a moment. For this purpose, why not utilize the CamScanner APK download that will convert your mobile into the scanner when required? Isn’t it entrancing?

CamScanner APK download helps you to create a pdf file just by taking pictures of the required pages. Sometimes, we need to translate images into text. It would be problematic if you have to convert a huge number of images. OCR is a feature that is supported by machine learning that will automatically translate images into text with a few clicks.

Top CamScanner that supports OCR

Would you want to convert your multiplex images into a textual format like a word file, pdf, etc.? Well, this professional CamScanner designed for android helps you a lot. Keep Scrolling.

CamScanner PDF Creator

Wants to keep the digital record of your papers in a simpler way? Well, whether you are a business person, financial manager, or student. This is the best CamScanner APK download to go with. Just open the software on your device and took pictures with the regular camera. It will automatically convert the images to pdf file format. Have you seen such a handy & efficient Scanner before? That needs no expertise to operate. OCR is one of its prominent features of it.

Key Features of CamScanner PDF Creator

1.Amazing Filters

CamScanner pdf creator is enriched with tempting filters. That will prove helpful for the visibility of your document as well as you can change the color of your document.

2.Cloud Storage

Cloud storage itself is lucrative as it stores data on the internet that can be accessed anywhere in the world. CamScanner PDF Creator Supports Cloud Computing.

3.Pro of CamScanner PDF Creator

This is the best CamScanner APK download for PC as it allows instant printing of the document and you can fax the document to 30 countries through the software.

It helps in increasing legibility with a variety of effective filters

4.Cons of CamScanner PDF Creator

Some features need a paid version of a premium subscription such as the OCR feature.

PDF Scanner Pro for Documents

Doing smart work in today’s world is the best way to save time & effort. This is the free CamScanner APK download that converts your portable device into a scanner. If you are looking for the safest and fastest handy Scanner that will read complex formed text from your images and convert it into a text file format.

Key Features of PDF Scanner

1.Quickly scans documents

Both modes are available whether you want single mode or batch mode. You can easily scan your certificates, cards, and other important document just sitting at home.

2.High-quality Scanner

It serves the best quality as it will automatically crop & adjust the image in a neat & clean way. This is the perfect CamScanner APK download for windows.


The most popular and most demanding feature is OCR which stands for Optical Character Recognition. Pdf Scanner pro for documents owns this feature. That is super helpful in recording imaged data into text format.

4.Pros of PDF Scanner

As all the scanners support pdf format, pdf Scanner pro for documents also supports JPEG format.

A facility of search bar is available that makes it easy to find documents from a list of files.

Security feature makes it prominent among all. It keeps asking you if it needs any access.

5.Cons of PDF Scanner

If you want to add filters to your documents, remove ads that may distract you. You have to buy a premium version.

The CamScanner pro for documents is supported by IOS only.

WPS Office

Looking for portable & responsive software that contains all-in-one features. WPS office software is the best leading software that is famous for its user-friendly interface. You can easily operate & understand even if you are a beginner. OCR feature is so highly trained with high accuracy algorithms that give high-quality results. Along with the OCR feature, WPS office software consists of WPS writing, PowerPoint slides creation, Excel works, etc. WPS office software is winning hearts rapidly. It’s the best choice for professionals.

Key Features of WPS office

1.Conversion modes

A simple & neat interface asks you for mode selection in a best-sophisticated way. You can choose either to convert to word or excel format.

2.Complex image Conversion

WPS Office allows you to extract data from complex images like brochures, cards, etc. which contain the minimum and hidden text.

3.Type determination

High-accuracy algorithms determine the type of image as you select it for editing.

4.Pros of WPS office

WPS office will automatically determine the image type once you select the image.

It shows the preview of the document before saving it.

You can also create documents from scratch using WPS writes, and maintain budget sheets using excel.

A well-trained tool has a recovery feature.

5.Cons of WPS office

Some advanced features work in the premium version.

The Premium version is not free. But provides you with a free trial on download.

CamScanner + OCR Scanner APK

One of the leading software that serves for scanning facility with advanced feature OCR design with android package kit. You would be wondered to see the consumes on it. Yes, huge traffic diverts toward it. Over 200, 00 people register every day. It’s proof of the optimized high quality.

Key Features of OCR Scanner APK

1.Watermark Free PDF

Most of the time scanned pdf contains a watermark on it that restrict you from commercial use of it. But OCR Scanner APK creates a pdf that is watermark free. Isn’t it eye-grabbing & professional practice?

2.Mobile Scanner

Taking pictures and creating pdf files more quickly and easily. It doesn’t matter where you are sitting because you can do all this on your mobile phone.

3.Pros of OCR Scanner APK

This is a perfectly suited CamScanner APK download window that will spare your internal memory as it contains huge cloud storage.

Ads can be problematic or will create hassle white creating a serious or important document. The advantage of the OCR Scanner APK is that it is ads-free.

4.Cons of OCR Scanner APK

It extracts text from images only on a single page for free.


Well, this CamScanner APK download will help you a lot in converting manual images to digital form. That you can use it for sending emails, faxing documents, and keeping records. So, you can go with any of these to increase work efficiency. WPS office software has advanced features that promise high-quality output even in a free version. Go and download the premium version of WPS office software that contains wondering features.

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