Top Ten Simple Weekly Schedule Excel Templates

September 21, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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Running your week in an organized way is a difficult task. This can be done within a second through weekly schedule templates.

The weekly Schedule Excel templates are the best option to keep your life on track. These are used to set your objectives for the week. Anyone can easily manage their time through weekly schedule templates. You can simply download it and print it from WPS Software.

Here are some Weekly Schedule Excel Templates to make your life easy.

1.Weekly Work Schedule Template

The Weekly work schedule template is easy to customize. You just have to plan your week by adding your work to the empty boxes. You can get this template for free.

2.Weekly Meal Schedule Template

This weekly meal schedule template is available to help you manage your diet easily. You can plan what you want to eat every day. This template is editable, and you can change it according to your requirements.

3.Popular Weekly Schedule Template

Yellow and grey rows make this weekly schedule template more unique.  Through this, you can formally schedule your whole week. You can download its premium version.

4.Weekly Work Schedule Template

If you have to plan your entire day for a week, this weekly work schedule is best. Weekdays are highlighted and are easy to read.

5.Weekly study schedule template

Most students face a lot of issues in managing their study time. Using this template, students can divide their tasks into three breaks. You can mention all the work easily, and  you can even reuse this template.

6.Weekly Schedule Curriculum

The weekly schedule curriculum can be customized according to your plans. Use this template to add notes, and then you can print it. This template is best for business purposes.

7.Weekly College Schedule Template

Lesson planning is one of the most important tasks for students. The weekly college schedule template enables students to plan their lesson time, sleep time, and fun time. This template can help students get organized.

8.Simple Weekly Schedule Template

From the WPS software, you can easily find out your personal weekly schedule. You can personalize it by scheduling all of the week’s activities. This template is quite simple and easy to edit.

9.Weekly Learning Schedule Template

Weekly learning schedule templates are the way to keep an eye on your content completion. You can map out your weekly content. This template is editable, so you can edit it whenever you want.

10.Weekly Schedule form template

The weekly schedule form enables you to schedule whatever you want based on your priority. You can plan what crucial tasks you have to do in a week. Its outstanding features make it unique among other weekly schedule templates.


That’s all about weekly schedule templates.

The Weekly Schedule Templates for Excel are available in different designs. These templates will help you run your week successfully. The best thing is that you can create your own template.