using vlookup in excel between two sheets

August 1, 2022

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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Excel is an amazing and widely used tool to improve work and manage data. It allows you to analyze large amounts of data easily and quickly, which is perfect for businesses and organizations. Using vlookup in excel (Vertical Lookup) can find data associated with a given value.

VLOOKUP works like a lookup function that allows you to search for specific data vertically in your worksheet. It is one of the most used functions of Excel, and below, you will know the steps of how using vlookup in excel correctly.

How to using vlookup in excel for an exact match?

VLOOKUP is an Excel function that will allow you to find a specific value by looking it up vertically in your worksheet. Sometimes you will need to search for exact matches, and Excel's built-in function, VLOOKUP, is the right choice.

If you want to learn the correct way how to using vlookup in excel 2016 in a simple method, you should follow the steps below:

In this example, the VLOOKUP function will allow you to look up the value 53 (first argument) in the leftmost column of the red table, which will be the second argument.

To continue the process, at this point, the value 4 will be the third argument. This will tell the VLOOKUP function to return the value in the same row as the fourth column of your red table.

Note: The boolean FALSE (fourth argument) will tell the VLOOKUP function that it returns an exact match. If the VLOOKUP function cannot find the value 53 in the first column, it will return a #N/A error.

In this example how-to using vlookup in excel, instead of returning the salary, the following VLOOKUP function returns the last name (the third argument is set to 3) of ID 79.

As you can see, with the how method using vlookup in excel 2019, you can find a value in a range and return a specific corresponding value.

How to using vlookup in excel for multiple criteria?

A help column can provide multiple criteria that VLOOKUP generically cannot display. Explain this method, and the price will calculate based on the company and the product.

To know how using vlookup in excel mac for multiple criteria, follow these steps:

You first need to right-click on a column header and then click Insert. This will allow you to insert a column to the left of the Company column. You can name it Company and Product.

When creating the auxiliary column, you must enter the formula =C2&-&D2. Then drag the formula to the rest of the cells in the column.

When the concatenated column is successfully created, you will now be able to look up the value to find the price of your specific product. In this case, you would enter the formula: =VLOOKUP (B15&-&C15, B1:G11, 5, FALSE).

In this case, the first parameter helps to concatenate the lookup value, i.e., B15&- &C15. Additionally, you can use the concatenation formula, which is CONCATENATE (B15,-, C15), where the second argument is the range of the table. The third specific parameter is the column's index that will return a value from that column.

The last argument is FALSE because you are looking for an exact match. Then, by pressing Enter, the price will be returned as follows:

The how-to steps using vlookup in excel online are simple and easy to follow. Excel provides you with a variety of special features that make it easy for you to work with data, and you can keep a spreadsheet organized and customized depending on your needs.

Final words

Have you learned the correct way how using vlookup in excel? You can use the VLOOKUP function easily and without complications by following the steps below. VLOOKUP works perfectly and allows you to search for specific data vertically in a table or worksheet.

You don't need to be an Excel expert to be able to complete these methods of using VLOOKUP. If you want to learn about new special features of Excel, you can also follow WPS Academy. In addition, you can download WPS Office to create, process, and edit Excel, PowerPoint, and Word documents for free. It will be a way for you to improve your work experience and learn new skills.