Ways to insert multiple rows in excel

July 25, 2022

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When creating a document in Excel, it is quite common that you need to insert multiple rows in excel for the spreadsheet you are using. This can be an uphill task whenever you use an inappropriate or inconvenient method.

Fortunately, insert multiple rows in excel has become easier because different techniques have been developed for it. These are especially useful when you have a lot of tasks and information within your Excel file. These are the simplest methods to accomplish this task.

How to insert multiple rows in excel using the Insert menu?

When it comes to insert multiple rows in excel through the Insert options, it can be said that the most basic method is being used. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Select each row where you want to insert all new blank rows. You can select the cells and use the shortcut of Shift+Space to get the rows in their entirety.

2. Then press the Insert icon inside the Home tab.

3. When you have empty rows, you can modify their content to finish your spreadsheet.

How to get a shortcut to insert multiple rows in excel?

A fantastic method to insert multiple rows in excel mac is through a keyboard shortcut method, which is great for saving time and effort. To achieve this, you have to:

1. Click with the mouse and select all the cells where you want to include the new rows. It is recommended to use Shift+Space so that the entire rows are selected.

2. Make a combination on the keyboard of Alt+I.

3. Do the same thing only now with Alt+R.

4. And that's it, Excel will take care of automatically adding the new data rows within the location I select.

5. Also, as an easier way to achieve the function, you can press Ctrl+ +.

How to insert multiple rows in excel for tables?

Sometimes, you may need to insert multiple rows in Excel to cover a certain data range. When you have a separate set of information at an adjacent end of its child calculation, this is a problem.

You should convert everything to a table before including the new rows to avoid inconvenience. Here are the steps to achieve it:

1. First, select the space range where you want to place the new rows.

2. Press the combination of Crtl+T to convert the data into a new table.

3. Use Alt+G+I+A. This will add different rows within the zone you chose.

4. You can also use the Ctrl+ + function to make things easier.

Using a tool like Excel is having a simple and comfortable way to work on personal, school, or professional projects, all through the insertion of specific data in a spreadsheet. The insert multiple rows in excel online is a function that allows more versatility when carrying out these projects regardless of the extension of the final product.

Inserting multiple rows in excel is pretty straightforward, but taking advantage of related tools is also extremely easy.

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