Ways to insert rows in Excel

July 25, 2022

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When creating a table in Excel, you will most likely need to Excel how to insert rows to continue placing data or information. You must know all the necessary methods to fulfill this great objective to fulfill this task. This post offers you relevant information on how to place rows in an Excel table quickly and easily.

While adding the rows, the program may also insert new rows to the text table, but Excel how to insert rows in a table? With this guide, you will be able to insert rows without modifying the rows already in the table on the white sheet. If you have never created a table, you can look at certain articles showing Excel how to insert rows.

Excel how to insert rows between each row?

One of the most used programs today is Excel. You can organize tasks, both personal and business. This Excel how to insert rows guide shows you how you can place rows, either one or several, in your spreadsheet.

1. Having the spreadsheet open, use an additional column to put the numbers of each row. Type in the blank cells 1 and 2, select both cells, and double-click with the cursor. Immediately, Excel will create a consecutive list with the numbers until the end of the row.

2. Then select the row of numbers again, copy it, and paste it to the one in that same column.

3. You already have the auxiliary column ready. To sort your data, select a single cell and then go to Start – Sort and Filter – Sort from smallest to largest. This is how you have rows of data, blank rows at the bottom of each cell.

By managing to insert the rows with each other, you can eliminate the auxiliary column and leave the data. You can use this format another time.

Excel how to insert rows between data?

It may not be very easy for you to excel how to insert rows, but your rows will be perfect if you consider the instructions. The rows have the function of ordering your data. Here are the steps you must follow:

1. You must have a blank column next to the data column. In this case, your cells start from A1 to E9. In column F, you can use it as a blank column.

2. In F1, place the numbers 1 and 2, then double click with the controller and thus complete the sequence of numbers until the end of the column.

3. Copy column F1:F9 and select F10 to paste the numbers and autocomplete.

4. Go to Data – Sort – Sort Warnings, you will see the dialog box, click Expand the selection – Sort.

5. Sort by list, and you will instantly see the ordered table.

Excel how to insert rows between other rows at once?

You can count on many tricks to know Excel how to insert rows and thus easily execute this tool.

1. You must know the number of rows you add to the table before entering the Insert command.

2. The first row you select is the one below the new rows. If you want to insert two or three lines, you must select the ones below them.

3. By selecting them, you can now execute the Insert command. You will see how all the rows you want will be inserted.

If you have to repeat this process several times, you can automate the Excel program with Macro. This tool is super effective and works with active cells. When selecting them, the rows will be inserted immediately. In other guides on Excel how to insert rows, you can find the Macro code to update the program.

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