Ways to write strike through text in excel

August 1, 2022

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In any word processing report or accounting sheet, a strikethrough design—a straight line drawn through your text or information—is a vital and persuasive modifying tool. In Excel, the line expressly crosses out anything you have typed into a specific cell or range of cells. The message or values in the cells are not deleted because this is merely a design change.

This arrangement indicates that the cell's content is either no longer valid or has expired. It is beneficial as you keep an eye out for tasks or cross things off your daily schedule.

Strikethrough from the Home tab

If you're new to Excel, activating the Format Cells dialogue box under the Home tab is one of the simplest ways to apply strikethrough formatting to any cell or range of cells.

1.   Go to the Home tab after selecting the cell or ranges of cells you want to add strikethrough formatting to.

2.   Next, select the Format button from the ribbon and cell from the drop-down options.

3.   This will bring up the Format Cells dialogue box on the screen. ‍

4.   Select the Font tab from the Format Cells dialogue box.

5. After that, select the Strikethrough option in the Effects section by scrolling down.

6. Your text will now be formatted with strikethrough characters after you click the OK button in the bottom right corner.

Strikethrough text by right-click menu of the cell

If you completely exclude the Home tab, you can still format your cells with the strikethrough option. Using the right-click menu is one method for doing this.

1.   Pick which cell (or cells) to apply the strikethrough effect on. Next, right-click anywhere inside the cells you've chosen to display the Excel menu. By doing so, a long menu with a wide selection of options will be displayed. Choose Format Cells from the list's bottom section.

2.   The Format Cells dialogue box, which has a vast list of options, will appear as a result. You then proceed in the same manner as if you had started from the Home tab: You check the Strikethrough box at the bottom of the Font Tab’s Effects section.

3.   After that, click the OK button to see your strikethrough formatting.

Strikethrough keyboard shortcut

Additionally, there are a number of keyboard shortcuts that you may use to access the Format Cells dialogue box.

1.   One of the simplest is to press Ctrl + 5 while selecting the cells that need strikethrough formatting. Your content will immediately receive the formatting you have chosen. You will appreciate this shortcut if you frequently use strikethrough formatting.

2.   After highlighting the cells, you want to apply formatting to, you may also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + 1 (Command + 1 on a Mac). Your Format Cells menu will now be visible.

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