What are the good skills to put on a resume to win your job

August 22, 2022

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What skills are good to put on a resume?
Job descriptions and resume skills: How to match them?
Top Trending Hard Skills for Your Resume
High-in-demand soft skills for your resume
Best WPS Templates

There is a lot to consider when deciding what good skills to put on a resume. When it comes down to it, your skills will determine whether you get hired. But what skills should you list on your resume for an extra boost of performance?

A hiring manager wants to ensure that the candidate they select is the right fit. Take your time with this part. It is important to write your skills section in the same way you wrote your work experience section. You can convince hiring managers to interview you if you know what good skills to put on a resume  and exclude. No one reads a laundry list of skills.

These tips will help you determine which skills to include on a resume so that you attract the attention of discerning hiring managers.

What skills are good to put on a resume?

Are you still thinking what are some good skills to put on a resume? Let me explain.In most cases, hiring managers spend very little time reviewing resumes before deciding whether to shortlist or reject a candidate. It may surprise you to learn that employers are today seeking both hard and soft skills in candidates. You might see the following requests in any job posting, for example:

· Communication Skills

· Computer Proficiency

· Customer Care services

· Leadership Skills

· Interpersonal Skills

· Administration Skills

· Interpersonal Skills

· Time Management Skills

· Language Proficiency

· Organizational Management

· Technical how to know

· People Skills

· Problem Solving

· Team Work

Today's workplace requires these skills and attributes, among others. To accomplish the responsibilities and tasks associated with a job, a worker must have hard and soft skills. Training, education, and practice lead to their acquisition. Technical skills and experience are easy to measure and advertise. You will be able to impress them with your work history and certifications.

One's style and personality are reflected in one's attributes and soft skills. It may be related to your ability to adapt to the work environment. How well do you deal with stress? How well do you communicate? How well do you play well with others? Candidates with similar experience and technical skills can benefit from soft skills during a job interview.

In later sections, we'll discuss showcasing your soft- and hard skills. Let's begin by discussing what employers look for in job candidates.

Job descriptions and resume skills: How to match them?

Candidates are sifted, sorted, ranked, and collected by candidate tracking systems (ATSs). As long as you list your skills, tailoring your resume and cover letter with keywords and phrases that match the job description makes sense.

When applying for a graphic designer job, you won't merely claim that you are familiar with Adobe Creative Suite. If you have it, list Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) certification and the appropriate software by name. Your resume should include similar language if an employer seeks a credit and invoice processor. With collecting receipts as a duty, the ATS might score poorly.

Make use of phrases and words that can also be found in other job postings for the same position. The job descriptions, however, differ from one another. The keywords and skills you include on your resume and cover letter should be relevant to the job you are applying for.

Top Trending Hard Skills for Your Resume

What skills should you include on your resume? Don’t worry! Here you will get a complete skill recipe. Go ahead to know the top trending skills to make your resume more charming.



To develop attractive products and content, almost every industry requires creatives with strong design skills. Your resume should clearly describe your design expertise, whether it is graphic design, user interface/user experience design, or illustration.

Here are some examples of hard skills related to design:

· Designing user interfaces and user experiences

· Photography

· Website Designing

· Graphic Designing

· The design of industrial products

· Home decor designing

Data Analysis

There is no doubt that data is becoming more valuable than oil, and with the increase in data comes an increasing need for analysts. The tech industry is in high demand right now for candidates who are adept at inspecting, modeling, and interpreting data.

To grab the attention of employers, you should list your data analysis skills on your resume. Among the other skills related to data analysis are:

· WPS Office Excel

· Data and info visualization 

· Data Scrubbing



· Python

Software Knowledge

Today's office jobs require a basic understanding of Word, Excel, email, and presentations in WPS Office. Technology knowledge will be required for many roles. Many other sectors and roles place a high value on tech proficiency, but IT and creative work are obvious examples. According to a survey companies are inclined to hire an employee who is more proficient in software knowledge.

Here is the list of some basic skills;

· WPS Office proficiency

· Knowledge of operating systems

· Communication software ( Zoom, Skype)

Search Engine Optimization

SEO and SEM are well-known terms to writers, editors, publicists, and human resources professionals in the online content industry. Keyword optimization, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and data analysis tools are skills involved in SEO and SEM.


It is possible to turn a struggling product into a success by hiring an employee with strong marketing skills. Marketers are in high demand across nearly every sector because of that.

In many different careers, the skill of pitching products and promoting services effectively is valuable. You can include the following as examples of hard skills related to marketing on your resume:

· Advertisement

· Managing campaigns

· Customer Hunting

· Digital Marketing

· Reaching out via social media

· Email outreaching

Project Management

Almost every position requires someone to know how to lead a project from conception to completion efficiently and effectively. Your resume should emphasize your project management skills even if you aren't seeking a job as a project manager.

In addition to these skills, project managers need to possess the following:

· Managing Budget

· Managing Risk

· Project Scheduling


No matter what industry you work in, knowing math at least at a basic level is a valuable hard skill. A/B testing and surveying can be done with strong math skills even in traditionally creative fields like marketing.

You should describe in detail what kinds of mathematics you have experience with if math is highly relevant to the post you are going to apply for.

Your resume should include the following math-related skills:

· Mathematical calculations

· Mathematical reasoning

· A geometrical analysis

· Python

· The trigonometric function

· A statistical analysis


It's important to have the ability to do research efficiently and find information (regardless of how obscure it is) for a wide range of job functions. In particular, journalists, business analysts, market researchers, and market researchers should prominently display their research skills in their resumes.

The following are some specific skills related to research:

· Compilation of data

· Experimental research

· Analytical thinking

· Analyses of data

· Interpretation of the data

Writing Skills

Strong writing skills are important for more than just editing. Business and marketing professionals, in particular, need strong writing skills to write effective emails, papers, presentations, and messages.

Your resume should include the following writing skills:

· Understanding of grammar

· Drafting emails

· Writing copy

· Proofreading

· Blogging

· Telling stories

Scientific Experiences

Your resume must emphasize your scientific skills if you work in a lab or another hard science field. Skills differ from position to position, but they're always a key qualification for any job and you should keep them prominent.

Your resume might include the following scientific expertise:

· Measurement

· Assumptions

· Observations

· Qualitative analysis

· Sorting

Social Media Expertise

To promote and market themselves, companies - large and small - have become increasingly dependent on social media. A strong understanding of social media is always in high demand among employers.

In writing a social media marketing resume or resume for a brand ambassador position, it's particularly important to be proficient in social media. The following skills are specific to social media:

· Facebook

· Twitter

· Instagram

· TikTok

· LinkedIn

· YouTube


Any company would benefit from having a person who speaks multiple languages, regardless of their industry. Communicating fluently in a foreign language is an advantage for job seekers who want to connect with people from other countries.

High-in-demand soft skills for your resume

There is no doubt that hiring managers are just as interested in soft skills as technical skills. Let me tell you clearly that hiring managers are too much concerned about the company’s reputation. Any new hire not compatible with the working culture will communicate poorly with colleagues and clients. If you want the employer to hire you, your resume should demonstrate your capabilities and potential.

What are good skills to put on a resume? Is this question still haunting you? Go and know high-in-demand soft skills fit for your resume:

Team Work

Working with other people is a requirement of most jobs. Online collaboration is usually required even for remote work. If you are going to work on a team, employers want to make sure you can contribute effectively.

You should demonstrate your ability to work in a team on your resume. Employers will be more confident in hiring you if you can show examples of the work you accomplished as a team member.

Problem Solving

You need problem-solving skills no matter your industry to overcome obstacles at work. It's easier for employers to hire you if they know you're capable of solving problems on your own (no matter how big or small).

Describe how you resolved problems at work in your work experience section to emphasize your problem-solving skills.


There are many contexts in which patience is a desirable soft skill. The ability to be patient makes work easier whether you're interacting with customers or training new employees.

Your resume should display your patience by highlighting projects or tasks that require perseverance, consideration, or understanding.


Those who work in creative fields need creativity as well. You will be able to come up with innovative ideas at work if you can think creatively.

Employers are looking for creative solutions to new challenges, especially in a time of change in the workplace. If you bring innovative ideas it means you are second to none.

Include evidence of your creativity on your resume, such as how you have started a new project, adapted a method, strategy, or product, or come up with a creative solution to a problem at work.

Time Management

Staying organized and meeting deadlines require good time management skills. To contribute to the smooth operation of the company, employers value candidates with good time management skills.

By demonstrating the following skills, you will be able to show employers you are a good time manager:

· The ability to meet deadlines flawlessly

· Effective multitasking ability

· Ability to organize effectively


Good leadership skills are essential to advancing your career, regardless of whether you are in management or on your team at work.

Companies highly value candidates who can lead others so they can guide the whole team to success. If you are applying for a manager post, it will help you to secure your job.

Your resume should highlight your leadership experience if you have it to help you stand out.

Interpersonal Skills

The ability to build positive relationships at work assists you in developing positive relations with colleagues and others. To contribute to a healthy and productive workplace, you must possess interpersonal skills that enable you to cooperate within a group.

There are many different types of interpersonal skills, including:

· Emotional management

· Effective communication

· Positive approach

· Flexible behavior

Working ethics

Keep in mind hiring manager will evaluate your work ethic. It is more likely that candidates with strong work ethics will excel in their role, achieve highly, and advance into management positions. You can also rest assured that employers don't have to micromanage your work.

Best WPS Templates

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In a nutshell, the job description clearly defines the particular skills required for the job you are applying for. Include all the skills you own in your resume to make it the first choice for the hiring manager. The way you list your skill is another debate. If you don’t find any resume at WPS academy, you can download WPS office to find the charming ready-made templates. Choose any resume you like and customize it. Put your all skills in your resume and win your chances of getting your dream job.