What is OpenOffice? Are Word and Excel available?

April 14, 2022
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Welcome to go through the introductions to OpenOffice and figure out whether Word and Excel are available in OpenOffice. If you are interested in it, read on and find out the answer.


· What is OpenOffice? Are Word and Excel available?

OpenOffice, officially named OpenOffice.org(OOo), is a discontinued open-source office suite. Here we can get to know about its another successor, Apeche OpenOffice.


Apache OpenOffice (AOO) is an open-source office productivity software suite, as well as a close cousin of LibreOffice and NeoOffice. Apache OpenOffice is composed of several apps like a word processor (Writer), a spreadsheet (Calc), a presentation application (Impress), a drawing application (Draw), a formula editor (Math), and a database management application (Base).

Writer: a word processor, the alternative to Microsoft Word for you to complete all tasks from writing a quick letter to produce an entire book.

Calc: a powerful spreadsheet, the alternative to Microsoft Excel with all calculating tools that you need to calculate, analyze, and present the data in numerical reports or charts.

Impress: the fastest and most powerful approach to create and design effective multimedia presentations.


· What is LibreOffice?

LibreOffice is a professional and free office suite, also a successor to OpenOffice used by millions of people across the world. LibreOffice contains several applications that make it a versatile and competitive office suite in the international market: Writer(Word processor), Calc(Spreadsheet), Impress(Presentations), Draw(Vector graphics and flowcharts), Base(Database), and Math(Formula editing).


· How to download OpenOffice for free?

1. Click here to open the official website of OpenOffice.

2. At Download Apache OpenOffice, Select your favorite operating system, language and version in the three drop-down menus.

At the first drop-down menu, you can choose the operating systems like Windows 32-bit (x86) (EXE), Linux 64-bit (x86-64) (DEB), OS X (version>=10.7) (DMG), etc.

At the second drop-down menu, you can choose the language like English [US], English [British], German, Chinese, Japanese, French, Korean, etc.

At the third drop-down menu, you can choose the version like 4.1.11, 4.1.10, 4.1.9, etc.

3. Then click Download full installation.



4. Then you can also enjoy more supplementary services of OpenOffice by downloading them. For example, you can Get Apache OpenOffice Extensions and Dictionaries or Get Apache OpenOffice Templates by clicking the corresponding buttons as you can see from the page below.



In addition to OpenOffice, WPS Office is also a free office suite that contains Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. To know more about it, please click the links below:

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WPS Office supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, and Android. It’s competitive and compatible with Microsoft Office, Google Docs, OpenOffice and OnlyOffice. Welcome to download and explore it.

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