What Makes An All-rounder

April 24, 2022
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As an all-rounder, Emmanuel Idogho engaged in personal branding & coaching, cyber security specialist, social marketer, and HSE officer. 

His new identity was unveiled on 12 April: WPS Office's moderator on Facebook. He always keeps learning and trying new things. Rather than New identity, it is better to call it flow naturally and everything just falls into place.


Emmanuel first met WPS Office in 2015, and it happened to be the fourth year that WPS is available on mobile devices. Humphrey, his mentor, introduced him to WPS Office, and he can't get his hands off it, in the literal sense, because it's unexpectedly compatible with Android! 

Like Emmanuel, his friends' reactions shifted from doubting to fondling once exposed to WPS Office. I'm curious whether this proves what many people claim: that friends see the world similarly.


Files Sync Across Cloud Platforms

A large part of the source of stress as a student is academic and the concerns about deadlines can transcend national borders. 

Wise men take shortcuts. Emmanuel addresses immediate needs by using WPS Presentation on mobile. Light enough to make up for the bulky PC and timely enough to support users to edit anytime and anywhere.  

Emmanuel said he created a presentation in 15 minutes using the free template and sent it over Gmail, making him the team's best. He took a breath and added, I can't believe it.


Eye-Catching and Creative Templates

Emmanuel is a personal brand coach, which is not common in China. He believes that this occupation is to help others distinguish between Need and Want. Similar to corporate brand marketing, personal branding aims to influence others via brand communication, thus converting want to need. 

This reminds Emmanuel of the WPS Office's Christmas events last December, as well as the benefits of providing a free WPS Premium. In his eyes, giving away Amazon gift cards is an act to help brand the company and inspire people to learn about, use, and enjoy the product.


Christmas gift from WPS Office community

As a cyber security specialist, He did security studies at Cisco. Cisco is a certified network solution provider. Emmanuel is responsible for cyber security, application security and cloud security.  According to him, WPS's cloud security can meet customers' security needs because he used to retrieve their uploaded papers, resumes, and other receipts from the Cloud even if the mobile phone is lost. The docs are all in order.


WPS Cloud

As a market influencer, Emmanuel didn't disguise his delight at being named best social media engaging member in 2020 by the Edo Jobs Centre in Nigeria since he was the group's best self-presenter. His strong presence in the WPS Office group on Facebook exemplifies this outgoing social quality. He is on the top of the active users' ranking, making comments on posts frequently.

He used to be an HSE Officer, whose full name is Health Safety and Environment Officer. Emmanuel's job is to plan and optimize the environment in order to ensure working safety. He examined the threats in the workplace and offer safety advice to reduce potential hazards within an assigned workplace. He uses WPS to keep daily records of risk assessment, working permit documents and officers on the annual leave roster, thus keeping the job running smoothly.


Professional Data Insight and Visualization

You might think that Emmanuel is an experienced and older professional, like I did when I first met him, yet he is only 24 this year. 

To explain this in his own words, I am open to working in any roles that offer immense opportunities to grow and develop skills and professional expertise.

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