What new features have been introduced to WPS Office in November?

November 24, 2023

Dear WPS users, we are excited to share with you some fantastic news about improvements in this update, especially in making WPS's PDF tools even better. Our goal is to make working with documents smoother and more user-friendly. In the following part, we'll introduce the main enhancements in this upgrade:


Version Highlights:

Extract Text (formerly known as OCR):

To enhance user experience, we have upgraded the conversion engine and streamlined the operation interface, making it simpler and more user-friendly for newcomers.

To utilize this feature, click the Tool tab > Extract Text.

• On the left side of the popup, easily insert images (whether from screenshots or files), rearrange them by dragging, and remove any you don't need.

• On the right side, preview the conversion before finalizing. The preview feature allows you to clearly see the result of the conversion, so you'll be happy with the result and there will be no surprises after the conversion.

Frame 4585@2x.png



When it comes to regular PDFs, editing and searching are a breeze because they're come from digital text. But things get tricky with scanned PDFs from paper or images – direct editing and searching aren't available.

In the latest version of WPS, we have introduced the OCR PDF function. This feature allows you to copy text from scanned documents and convert them into copyable and searchable PDF files, which makes handling them just as smooth as your traditional PDFs.

To access this feature, go to the Convert tab > OCR PDF. On the panel, you've got the freedom to pick your conversion page range.

Frame 4587@2x.png


Extract Picture:

Check out the fresh update – now you can exteact specific or all the pictures from a PDF all in one go, no more saving them one by one.

Click the Convert tab > Extract Picture. On the panel, you'll see clearly how many pictures are in the selected PDF document. You can also choose the format of the extracted images, such as JPEG or PNG, enabling you to open and edit the PDF document flexibly in any other applications.

Frame 4584@2x.png


To Image to PDF:

Check out the new version – now you can turn your PDFs into image-only PDFs. This comes with some benefits:

  • Keeps the graphics and layout of your PDF intact,

  • Increased security for PDF documents as text cannot be easily edited or extracted,

  • Keeps the formatting consistent, no matter what device or PDF reader you're using.

To access this feature, go to the Convert tab > To Image to PDF.

Frame 4586@2x.png

WPS Office has always been dedicated to enhancing user experience and meeting user needs. We're hoping these new features make your work even smoother and more efficient!

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