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No need to download grammar checker in word, you have WPS Writer!

March 4, 2022

Welcome to todays tutorial, we will learn how to check grammar in WPS Writer, making your writing confident and professional.

· Why there is no need to download grammar checker

Downloading Grammarly and other grammar checkers on your PC consumes memory. WPS's Spell-Check feature allows users to swiftly check spelling errors.

· How to check spelling without the need to download Grammarly.

1. Head to the Review tab, and then click Spell Check. If the Spell Check detects any spelling error, a dialog box will pop up, displaying the first misspelled word where your cursor is positioned.

You can choose to ignore it, add it to the dictionary, or change it before the program moves to the next mistake.

2. If WPS Writer does not recognize a word, you may need to add it to the dictionary. When you add the words with red squiggly lines into dictionaries, they will be memorized by the program.

3. Ignoring the errors is another option. You can ignore one or all of them.

4. Don't worry if your text isn't in English; you can change the language in the Set Language drop-down box.

4. language.gifWe've learned a basic yet helpful approach to check spelling in Word in today's freelesson, so that downloading another app is unnecessary.Did you get it?

WPS Writer is a free word editing software included by WPS Office Suite. WPS Writer offers all the basic and advanced functions without charge. For students and researchers, WPS Writer is a perfect choice for writing essays; for office workers, it's a professional tool for generating reports. Along with PDF, Spreadsheet and Presentation, you can make your work more comprehensive and out standing.

· To explore more operations about grammar checkin WPS Office:

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