Why WPS is the Best Alternative to Microsoft Office

February 23, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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Microsoft Office and WPS Office are the two most preferred office software suites. WPS Office might be more preferable for the following reasons.

1. Integrated Functions

On the feature wise, in comparison with Microsoft Office, WPS is more functional because WPS Office offers more elements in the products. On the basis of WPS Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheet, WPS Office has an inclusive applications kit for PDF. In the WPS PDF section, users can find pdf converters, pdf editor, and pdf resume builder. In addition, WPS office is completely compatible with Microsoft Office no matter it’s Microsoft Office 2016 or other versions of Microsoft. 

2. Multilingual Support

It’s been saying that Microsoft Office app supports more language systems than WPS Office does. However, WPS Office now allows you to change the defaulted language to 11 languages: English (United States/United Kingdom/Australia), Spanish (Spain/Mexico), French, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), and Russian while Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, Italian, and Hindi are ready to go. 

The broad coverage of language supported by WPS Office embraces more people to get access to this advanced office software suite crossing language and culture barriers. 3. Free Download for All 

On the device wise, WPS Office works with diversified operating system: Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, iPhone, and web-based devices, making it a favorable choice.

Unlike Microsoft Office which requires a one-time payment for the package of all the products, WPS Office offers free download of all the basic functions. Kingsoft Office, the developer of WPS Office, has provided a considerate plan that they have put together multiple packages after keeping in mind the various needs of different users. 

Apart from the free materials, users can choose whether to upgrade their versions into more advanced versions. 



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