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July 22, 2022

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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Word page break are essential components to compose any professional document whether it be business letter, blog post or an essay for high school.

In theory, a word page break guides printer where to end the current page, stop writing content there, and create a next page. This tutorial is for those who want to know what is page break and how to add them in document. Here you will find methods to add page breaks and know the different types of it.

How to insert word page break using Insert tab

1.To insert page break, open your desired document. This example uses a three page word document.

2.Now bring your mouse cursor in the document where you need to end content and start a new page. Now click there once. Notice the cursor strats blinking at the location

3.Now click on the Insert tab. There you can see avaiable options under Insert tab.

Go to Break option and click it once.

4.You will see the page break inserted and also the content after the blinking cursor shifted to a new page. Notice that the 2nd and 3rd page’s content shifts further to make space.

Insert page break using Page Layout

1.Open any document to insert page break. Again, this example contains a 3 page word document for tutorial purposes.

 2.To insert a page break you need to first bring your cursor at the place you want to add the page break and click once. You’ll see the blinking cursor.Go to Page Layout button and click once. All options under this tab are opened.

3.Click on Breaks options. A pop-up window appears under the Break option.

4.Now click on the Page break option to insert the page break in the desired location.

5.You have now successfully inserted the page break.

Insert page break in column layout

1.This page break is best in use when you are wrting in column layout. By default, the text will shift automatically to the next column. But, to add your own column break, use this feature wherever you want.

2.Open any document. Here a three page document is used.

3.Go head to the Page Layout tab

4.Then go to Column option, click it. A drop down menu appears under Column option

5.Select the option “Two, This option Two means 2 columns layout on a singel page.

6.Notice the text on the document is shifted to next column in same page.

7.Now click on the location to insert page break and click it. The cursor starts blinking there.

8.Now click Breaks option under Page Layout, you will see a drop-down menu.

9.Click Column Break.

10.The content next to blinking cursor moves to next column within the same page

So these are some very popular ways to add word page break. But if you want to get more information Word features, you can subscribe to WPS Academy to learn in detail.

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