WPS and its various Tests case Excel Templates

September 28, 2022

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Test case excel templates are trying performed on a framework to really look at the bugs in the framework. It is done to see whether the product has satisfied every one of the prerequisites and it works appropriately.

Test case excel templates are utilized for arranging, making due, and executing your assignments proficiently. It furnishes you with the essential strides for finishing an undertaking. It keeps you zeroed in on your significant assignments.

WPS Office has many test plan layouts that you can use for testing. The absolute test plan formats are as per the following…

1.Excel holiday spending test plan template

It is the best template that you can use it whenever you have a plan for holiday vacations. It helps in managing the expenses and keeps you within the budget.

2.Excel weekly collage budget test plan template

It is a weekly collage schedule test plan template which is used for the testing the performance of the groups of the college students in a week.

3.Fresh green Family budget test planner template

It is beautiful fresh green template used for managing family budgets. It calculates total income and total expense of a family. It keeps your expenses on track.

4.Excel personnel budget test plan template

This template is used for the testing of your personnel budgets. It keeps you on track. It is yearly budget planner template.

5.Excel money management test plan template

As the name suggests it is used for the money management. This template does not let you use your money on useless things. It keeps your spending on check and also keeps your spending’s on track for specific time period. Templates have rows for the months from Jan to Dec, and it also have options for income and savings.

6.KPI tracking test plan template

This tracking test plan template is used for analysing the performance of any project over a course of six months.

7.Excel project tracking test plan template

This template is used for tracking projects performance. It helps you in projects; it contains the columns for tasks, hours, rate, budget etc.

8.Excel issue tracking test plan template

This test plan template is used for the tracking of issues in any production. It finds out the bugs in the project, and helps you from causing any harm to the project.

9.Excel to do- list -test plan template

This template is very important in organizing your tasks, as it gives you clear idea of what is important  and what is less important, you organize you timetable accordingly.

10.Excel timeline test plan template

This template is a subject timeline which helps you know the exact course work. It is easy to edit and simple to customize.

Test plan excel templates are very important as they helps you in planning, managing and executing your tasks,it gives you a framework for your goals over a time period.

There are many other test plan templates that you can download online or you can also download  WPS Office for numerous templates.