WPS Office tells you how to edit PDF online rotate pages

October 27, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

Free Download

PDF is often used in our daily work and study to the office software, many people often need to deal with PDF documents. So sometimes you will encounter the actual direction of the received or downloaded PDF document is different from our reading habits, sometimes upside down. Or after scanning the PDF document, due to the placement of the page relationship, resulting in the direction of the page is the opposite. In order to facilitate reading, we need to rotate the PDF document operation. That PDF how to rotate it? Today, I will share a simple and practical method for you to take a look!

WPS Office Office Suite under the PDF software is to support the online editing function, we often use the WPS office software to view PDF documents, but many partners may not know that it actually comes with a rotary document function, which can help us to rotate the direction of the PDF document pages online. Next let me show you how to operate it!

Operation steps are as follows:

1.First, use WPS to open a PDF document, click on the menu bar above the edit function.

2.Second, according to the editing function under the page button, and then select the rotate document function, click on the function will be able to convert all pages at the same time the direction, but also according to the needs of dragging to adjust the page order.

3.Third, if we only need to rotate a single-page document, click the page first, and then select counterclockwise or clockwise direction to rotate the document over.

So whether our PDF document is completely backwards, or there are individual pages are the opposite, it is possible to directly use this online editing software to achieve the rotation of the page, modified to the correct page form.

After reading the introduction of this feature PDF, is not for this type of document processing has been mastered. This operation is very convenient, three steps can be achieved by editing PDF online page rotation, and in the cell phone can also be operated freely oh.

Now we know how to rotate the PDF? directly download WPS Office office suite to open the PDF editing function can be operated directly, is not particularly convenient and fast. WPS Office is to support Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and other platforms, xp, windows 7, windows 10 and other MAC systems are supported, either on the PC or cell phone, are It can provide users with various document services. And it is an office software that supports online editing. Now you can download it from the official website to experience the membership function for free and get the membership access.

I believe that if you use the WPS Office office suite of editing features, you will certainly feel the convenience of this online editing software, it can not only achieve PDF page rotation, in fact, also has a lot of free editing features, such as the addition of watermarks, page additions, deletions, text editing and conversion of various document formats, are free to achieve. It is simply the best document processing tool for your office life, download it quickly!

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