WPS Office, the best alternative to Microsoft Office

March 18, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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WPS Office, commonly known as WPS Office, is a free office software that includes Spreadsheet, Presentation, Writer and PDF. Seamless work processes across multiple devices, like PCs, pads and phones,are available in WPS Office, allowing you to achieve high work efficiency anytime and anywhere.

Compared with most office software, WPS Office is a lightweight application, starts faster and takes up less space.It is highly compatible with Microsoft Office, Google Docs and Adobe PDF and supports multi-language operating systems, making it a top choice for workplace professionals.

· Cross-platform Operation in WPS Office

WPS Office supports multiple operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS, and performs equally well in different devices or systems. Not limited by operating systems, you can transfer files between different devices freely and easily, which enables you to be productive.

· Multi-person Collaboration in WPS Office

WPS Office supports real-time previewing and editing by multiple people. With this feature, we can share documents with our teammates for online collaboration, avoiding repeated and time-consuming delivery of files.

· Efficient and Stable Cloud Services in WPS Office

Like iCloud synchronizes the information on all your Apple devices, WPS Office also can record the data on our last device through Cloud services.When switching to another device like a computer, phone and pad, we can reopen the previous document and continue to edit it by signing into the same WPS account.

In addition to WPS Cloud, we also support other Cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, BOX and One Drive, etc.

· Massive Template Resources in WPS Office

Faced with various types of documents at work, we may waste most of the time on their format and layouts. WPS Office provides us with massive template resources to meet our needs.

Surely, WPS Office possesses more unique features. Youre welcome to know more in WPS Academy.

· Steps to download WPS Office.

1. Click here to visit the WPS Office official site.

2. Click the Free Download button.

3. Open the installation package and install WPS Office following the instructions.

Use WPS Office to create, edit and share Word, PPT, Excel and PDF. WPS Office Academy covers each step by giving free tutorials with details. Step by step, an office beginner becomes a pro. Versions are available for PCs including Mac, Windows, Linux, etc. Mobile versions include iOS and Android.