WPS Office vs LibreOffice: Which one is better for you

April 14, 2022

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According to their scalability, customization, ease of use, customer support and other key factors, you can compare WPS Office vs LibreOffice. The one which suits your needs is better for you. Today, this article will introduce you to WPS Office and LibreOffice so that you can have a rough idea of WPS Office and LibreOffice.

What are the advantages of the WPS Office?

Ø Functional text editing tool in WPS Office

WPS Office Writer is a functional text editing application that is compatible with Microsoft Word. Therefore, you can directly edit Microsoft Word documents in WPS Office Writer. What's more, you also can edit images and other objects, which is more than a functional text editing tool.

Ø Export to PDF in WPS Office

This function has many advantages for users. For example, when users want to share their documents with their colleagues. they can convert the Word document into PDF so that the format of the document will not be changed and securely accessed.

What's more, in the Tools bar, you can export Word to Picture, convert picture to text, PDF and convert PDF to Word.

Ø Word typesetting function

In WPS Office, there is a very useful function for graduates to write paper when they need to set the word typesetting, that is the Word Typesetting function. It can automatically rearrange the typesetting of text, delete redundant blanks and spaces and so on, which can save a lot of time for graduates.

What are the advantages of LibreOffice?

Ø Edit all types of documents

LibreOffice is a powerful and functional office software that users can create and edit all kinds of documents whether are simple or complex documents or not. What's more, there is a magic function, that is the AutoCorrect feature. This feature will provide users with some words and phrases when users are typing, which can promote their work efficiency.

Ø Fast and flexible database management system

In LibreOffice, there is another program that is the database management system, which provides users use many database engines including MySQL/MariaDB, Adabas D, MS Access and PostgreSQL.

Ø Extensions and templates

In LibreOffice, there is a powerful and smart extensions library, which can be taken from the LibreOffice Extension Center. And you can install it to expand the functionalities of LibreOffice or other tools.

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WPS Office is a cross-platform office suite that provides many efficient and light applications that can run on Windows and Linux PCs as well as on iOS and Android devices. WPS Office helps users finish various tasks and meet their document needs such as the ability to beautify word or text documents, produce spreadsheets and presentations, convert PDF files to editable document formats, and even retrieve files and documents that they have accidentally deleted.

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