WPS top 10 stock templates Excel

September 28, 2022

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WPS in common is a free office suite. It is a gift for students, staff, and people in professional life so that they can take advantage of this executive suite fully. Excel stock templates in common are those gits which we can use in our businesses for possible sales and purchases.

These templates help in keeping a record of purchased products and the one which has been sold out in businesses. WPS undoubtedly contains numerous types of excel stock templates which we can typically use in our businesses to keep our business running smoothly.

Some of the templates are mentioned below….

1.Excel simple stock form template

As the familiar name accurately represents that this template is properly used for the specific products that are out of stock. The employees make a list of the products that these products are out of stock and then the owner brings those products and then displays them for selling. This template includes the product code, product name, specification, the quantity needed, the reporter the one who reports about the stocks and overall summary.

2.Excel sheet of out and in storage template

This template can be used by the warehouses for their specific products.it is a free formula sheet that contains many options for the products management. The sheet includes the code umber, product name, unit, the starting storage, in and out, end storage and finally the notes regarding the product.

3.Excel daily report of stock in and out template

These types of templates are used for keeping track of the products which are stock in and which are out of stock. It also contains inbound and out bound. The inbound are those calls which come from the customers to the shoppers for help and query while out bound are those which the shoppers call to the customers.

4.Excel simple in and out storage sheet template

This template is the free formula report sheet for the in and out of the products. It also contains profit option that how much profit have you made in selling your products. It also shows you in the graph that how much profit or loss has occurred.

5.Excel enter sale-stock management system template

This type of template are used for management of the sale stocks i.e. to keep the ones or produce the ones that are selling while stop the inventory of those which are of no demand.

6.Excel warehouse material stock list template

These types of templates can be used by the warehouses in which they keep the record of the products. The Products can either be in raw form or either they can be in the finished form.it keeps an eye on the materials.

7.Statistical table of product outgoing and incoming

This template is used for monthly analysis of the products. It includes the outgoing and incoming products also it contains the balance of the products.

8.Excel fresh outgoing and incoming products template

This template keeps the record of the fresh materials of the ware house that how much quantity has been delivered and its amount and price.

9.Excel simple inventory Statistics template

It is a simple statistical template used for in and out of stocks. It is understandable by everyone. You can only put the name and numbers of the product.

10.Excel simple business inventory register Template

This free formula sheet excel stock template includes basic options for the employees i.e. products, quantity, in and out registry, stocks in hand and stocks sold.

These are the various excel stock templates that you can use in your business; small shopkeepers can use it to keep track of their products. There are hundreds of more WPS excel stock templates available that you can use for your daily tasks. So don’t hesitate to download it because it is all free office suite.

Download now and get your templates.