10 Best Free Text Editing Software for PC

December 14, 2022 3.5K views

With the growth of the internet, text editor software are becoming more and more popular. Text editors are intertwined with almost everyone's workflow, from development teams to publishers. Whether creating great-looking PowerPoint documents or just taking notes for a project, there are multiple great tools to make this task easier. Every day, you will find a new one in the market. However, exploring and finding the best free editing software for PC takes time and effort.

Don't worry! Here, we have got you covered. Today, we'll discuss 10 recommendations for some free editing software for PC. Some of them are for experienced ones, while others are for beginners. It's up to you to choose the one that suits your needs.

A good text editor should provide users with the value they are looking for, along with being easy to use and simple to function. It should perform a task as intended. It does not matter for which editing purpose you use the text editing software; it must be basic and intuitive, with all the necessary features.

Here are the top 10 text editor software for Windows. Let's dive deep into their details!

1. WPS Office

(WPS Office Free Text Editing Software for PC)

WPS Office is a comprehensive but lightweight office suite that proves to be professional and handy software. Besides offering text editor software like Writer, it lets you edit docs, PDFs, spreadsheets, and presentations. Everyone can get their hands on this free text editing software for PC and other systems, from students and teachers to finance and business users. What makes it stand out among all other software is the availability of over 100,000 templates to create resumes, reports, projects, tutorials, and more. Plus, you can collaborate in real-time to improve productivity levels by tracking changes.


Allow you to change the file formats quickly if requiredLet you edit PDF and other documents as easily as a Word fileHelp you edit, view, review, and design the files in all four productsSupport annotation, signature, splitting, merging, text extraction, etc.Compatible with other products, like Google Docs and Microsoft Office

Membership: Free


WPS Office is a complete set of tools that students and professionals use daily. This text editor software lets you create and edit the content on Writer, add your outline, slides, and text content effortlessly on PowerPoint, make a work summary in its Spreadsheet tool, and share documents in the PDF File tool.

2. Inkscape

(Inkscape Best Free Editing Software for PC)

Are you looking for robust, secure, and flexible free text editing software? If yes, try Inkscape! It is an ideal solution for personal use or small startups. Due to its setup guide at startup, you can use it easily and quickly. Its valuable set of tools lets you access other unique features, i.e., modifying lines, creating knots, spiro & bezier curves, etc. You can go for letterspacing, kerning, and line spacing adjustments. Simply, it provides you with limitless options to create what you want.


Offer multi-line text, installed fonts, and scriptsFree and open-source software; working based on donationLet you customize the theme of the interface to make it coolIntegrate easily with various other powerful and free APIsHelp you create excellent diagrams in presentations

Membership: Free


The free text editing software for PC is lightweight, so it does not affect the system's working speed. Besides supporting many formats, you can generate and edit SVG, ODT, DXF, EPS, etc. It keeps the text and its path editable, along with filling text in shapes. Even its command line options are the best for conversions or export purposes.

3. Prezi

(Prezi Editing Software for Windows)

Prezi is an all-in-one solution for creating stunning presentations using various engaging pre-designed templates. It is an excellent, intuitive, and accessible program. Along with offering offline presentations, it is famous for its fast pace. You can't only use the textual content but also the music, drawings, etc. Also, formal and bright colors for different topics are available. Even you will be able to embed media, especially videos from YouTube, into your slides.


Offer a simple, easy-to-use, and professional interfaceSupport working on the web to make file sharing easierAdd more life to the slides with unique shapes and drawingsCustomizable; allows you to either use default or your templatesSave the data automatically after 15 seconds to protect against any loss

Membership: $9/month (Personal), $15/month (Plus), $19/month (Premium)


Since it provides you with formal and dynamic presentations, you can use them in various scenarios. You can also use it for gamified learning if required. Its basic features don't need special skills to complete the task without hassle. Even it lets you use a free account, so good for your pocket. Lastly, saving and sharing your PPT files becomes relatively easier.

4. Adobe Export PDF

(Adobe Export PDF Text Editor Software)

Are you looking for software that assists you in text editing a PDF file? If yes, Adobe Export PDF is the ultimate solution. It lets you edit not only the text but also the images in PDF. Without starting over, you can convert the PDFs into Word, Excel, or Rich Text Format (RTF), along with the fonts, page numbers, and formatting. Even you can scan paper documents to convert them into PDFs in a snap.


The tool makes it easy and quick to export PDF filesHelp you convert PDF to a document, webpage, image, etc.Support multiple output formats, like TIFF, JPG, PPT, and moreCompress the large files into PDFs for sending via email or text

Membership: $1.99/month


Adobe Export PDF offers basic editing features, so you don't have to learn much about the tool. Even beginners can use it quite well. Plus, you will be able to make PDFs after scanning. It offers a powerful OCR function, and the exported file is aligned with the margin.

5. PerfectIt

(PerfectIt Editing Software for Windows)

If you want to edit quickly to submit improved documents, PerfectIt is a perfect choice. It helps you implement the style rules and find the undefined abbreviations, thus saving your effort and time to focus on more work. Also, you can customize the documents by customizing them for house style. Even it offers support to different English language types, including CA, UK, USA, and AU.


Increase your productivity by finding consistent mistakes.It is a trusted product for thousands of professional text editors.Let you edit all documents, i.e., books, reports, contracts, and more.Offer the Chicago Manual of Style for formatting purposes.

Membership: $99.95/year


It is a proofreading software for professionals to help you make the documents better for the first impression. All the mistakes will be fixed effortlessly, including typos, spelling, etc. Even you will be able to check punctuation for bulleted lists, label all the graphics, and present brand names correctly.

6. Vim

(Vim Editing Software for PC)

With support for Mac, Windows, and Linux, Vim is a reliable and stable editor which can be synced with multiple other tools. It is an advanced, user-friendly text editor software that offers Integrated Development Environment (IDE). You can complete your text editing tasks using its UNIX system and vim editors. Its editors are highly efficient for whether you want to create or change any text type.


Built to use in the command line and GUI efficientlyA free and open-source solution that gets updated regularlySuitable for those who like using plugins for advanced featuresOffer integration with other business tools, i.e., business, design, etc.Its power search and replace tool makes it one of the popular software.

Membership: Free


If you are one who wants performance over everything, Vim must be your way to go. Since it supports multiple languages and file formats, you can use the desired one. One of its notable features is its oldest editing system; however, coders use it worldwide even now.

7. LibreOffice Impress

(LibreOffice Impress Free Text Editing Software for PC)

LibreOffice Impress is a fantastic software to use In case your main focus is to create eye-catching presentations. Its Fontworks tool aids you in turning your text into 2D and 3D images. Since it provides you with multiple viewing and editing modes, including Normal, Outline, Notes, Handout, and Slide Sorter, you will be open to creating the slides in the desired way. Simply, it helps you create and edit your presentation slides in a versatile manner.


Offer simple diagramming and drawing tools to add styleHelp you organize and create an outline of your textAllow you to find and reorder your slides quicklyAssist you in controlling 3D images by using components and imagesPowerful slideshow mode offers complete control over the display/sequence of your slides

Membership: Free


Taking your presentations to the next level is easier with this software by downloading creative templates. Since it supports bundled Presenter Control extension and multiple monitors, you will get extra control over the slideshow. For example, controlling the slide timer, viewing your notes, and seeing the coming slide.

8. Camtasia

(Camtasia Best Free Editing Software for PC)

If you want to make a reliable choice for video editing software for Windows, Camtasia is the complete solution. You can create, edit, and share videos, along with desired text on it. Whether you want to make a presentation, slideshow, tutorial, or other multimedia content, Camtasia is here to assist you. It will leave you with nothing but stunning visuals. Last but not least, you can effortlessly import content into software to add up to your videos.


Offer an intuitive interface with various editing featuresAssist you in doing more than screen sharing and recordingGive maximum control and flexibility over the visual contentIntuitive video creation and editing tools for beginnersHelp you zoom and pan over specific areas in the videosLet you share output on social apps, like Vimeo, YouTube, etc.

Membership: $299.99/year (with a 30-day money-back guarantee)


Camtasia is counted in stable e-authoring software. You can use its trial version before making a purchase. It provides a free smartphone application to transfer data/content from your phone to your PC. Also, it assists managers, teachers, and people from other professions with their presentations and lessons. With easy navigation, it offers creating animated videos.

9. ScreenFlow

(ScreenFlow Editing Software)

ScreenFlow is one of the advanced video editing and screencasting software for Mac users. You can perform high-quality screen recording, editing with powerful editors, and sharing with others. It lets you capture the microphone, webcam, screen, and system audio at the same time. The recorded videos will be smooth and at 60 fps. You can also add stylish titles and your own recorded audio tracks. Even cropping, rotating, splitting, merging, and applying filter effects are not a hassle.


Create tutorials and record live-streaming videosOptimized for Intel HD graphics and core processorsAllow you to enhance video quality and adjust video settingsBurn videos to DVDs and convert them to PAL/NTSCAid you in exporting high-quality videos for smooth playback

Membership: $169/year


ScreenFlow comes with a built-in video editor and top-notch recording quality. Adding engaging and clear commentaries to the screen recordings is possible. Also, you can take benefit from the screen strokes and monitor mouse movements. So you can make impressive demos and presentations. Even its zoom function adds elegance and professionalism to videos.


(ONLYOFFICE Free Text Editing Software for PC)

If you are searching for an all-in-one suite for different work-related tasks, ONLYOFFICE proves to be the ultimate solution. Not only it comes under the examples of text processing software, but it also helps you manage the slides and sheets. You can open, edit, and seamlessly collaborate on your documents easily. Even turning your books into e-books is all in your control. Lastly, it assists you in converting your docs into Markdown and HTML.


Support comparing, reviewing, and tracking changes in docsProvide security as per the international security standardsLet you share documents and control the users' accessLet you make the video and audio calls with Rainbow

Membership: (Free) and $ 5/month


ONLINEOFFICE gives you access to unique business tools to enhance your productivity. It will make your business grow by managing documents, projects, emails, CRM, and calendars. Also, it is equally beneficial for the individual, enterprises, and developers. Even you can use it on Windows, Mac, Linux, Browser, Android, and iOS.

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