10 Best Study Hacks That Actually Work – A Comprehensive Guide

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Winning the ever-evolving landscape of education is challenging but achievable. Utilizing different types of study hacks can help you extensively in this regard. If you apply them strategically in your academic life you will definitely witness a significant difference.

Moreover, these hacks are effective for both students and working professionals who are in a continuous learning process. This piece will focus on 10 effective study hacks that are suitable for anyone and contribute a lot to the learning process.

Top 10 Useful Study Hacks to Improve Your Efficiency

Here are the top 10 carefully curated study hacks that can actually work:

  1. Doing Exercise Before Studying

Exercising does not only alleviate multiple health conditions but it is also helpful in providing better cognitive functions. Exercising is a great way of reducing stress and freshen up your mind. A good amount of exercise can help you in the following ways:

  • Provides blood flow in your brain

  • Improves memory through neurogenesis or new brain cell production

  • Helps release BDNF or brain-derived neurotrophic factor for the growth of neurons

  • Improves hippocampus structure which is important for better reasoning

Research shows that 150 minutes of moderate exercising can boost brain health. Students and working professionals can surely go for this hack for both cognitive function enhancement and holistic wellness.

  • Find Your Style

Choose your style to enhance your learning capabilities. This is very subjective because one learning style may not suit others. However, you may also find multiple styles are suitable for your learning. Here is a brief idea of the learning styles:

  • Auditory Learners: From early childhood, human beings are habituated to learning by listening to others. Thus, auditory learning is a great way of memorizing by hearing a conversation and taking part in a conversation. You can also record your classes and play them back while studying.

  • Visual Learners: Visual learners are more into learning from seeing new information. If you also find visual learning is your style then you can use color coding, arranging information in charts, using diagrams, etc. as an easy study hack.

  • Kinesthetic Learners: Kinesthetic learners try to learn lessons by moving while studying. Such as walking around when memorizing notes or listening to recorded lessons.

  • Reading/Writing Learners: Writing and reading are also very effective styles to carry out the learning process. Research says rewriting and reading information aloud may help learners to memorize quickly.

You can get help from different online quizzes that can assist you in understanding your learning style and afterward, you can easily follow that.

  • Making Distraction List

The next study hack is making a distraction list. This is one of the most important study hacks for college students as well. You can get away from the distractions only if you identify them. Here are a few ways you can do that:

  • Write down your distractions

  • Make a to-do list simultaneously

A few effective study hacks for students to come out from the distraction can be changing social media passwords, logging out from such platforms, studying in a calm corner of the house, etc.

  • Create Your Wallpaper

If you want to get the best-performing study tips you must utilize this one. Laptops and mobiles are daily essentials and you can not live without them. So why not make them helpful as well for your studies? Creating customized wallpapers is a way of doing so. You can:

  • Set a timetable as your wallpaper

  • Set motivational lines on education as your wallpaper

  • Use resources, information, diagrams, charts, etc. as your wallpaper

So, every time you look at them you will be reminded about your studies and it will positively impact your psyche.

  • Stay Ahead of the Forgetting Curve

Do you have the idea of a "forgetting curve"? It generally happens when students do not review the information or learning after every lecture. The human brain tends to focus on important information and forget the non-important ones. However, for studies, you must remember most of the information actively. Therefore, falling on the forgetting curve is not accepted. To stay ahead of the forgetting curve you must follow the below-mentioned procedure:

  • Ensure you are reading every day’s lesson after the lecture

  • Take brief notes on the whole lesson

  • Memorize the lesson actively

  • Grow a habit of reading every day

This is one of the most effective study hacks yet students fail to maintain this properly. So it is advised to get a better habit of daily reviewing your lesson so that your studies get better.

  • Make Your Notes Interesting

If you make the learning process more energized you must make your notes attractive. Some of the ways to do so include:

  • Using colors and visual prompts in the notes

  • Using concept mapping, diagrams, charts, etc.

  • Highlight important points to recall easily

You can use the WPS Office tool to make your notes more interesting. You can check "How to insert WordArt in Word" to know the process of adding styles, word art, etc. by using WPS Office Tools.

  • Keep Adequate Lighting

Proper lighting is extremely necessary for easy reading and making your brain active. The lighting should not be too bright or too dim. Here are a few tips on your study lighting setting:

  • Use special blue light-free lamps

  • If you have poor eyesight, consult an eye specialist and then only go to buy lights

In this regard, WPS Office’s unique eye protection mode deserves special mention. You will have 3 modes on WPS Office, light mode, dark mode, and eye protection mode. Check "Unique features in Eye Protection Mode" to learn how to use them.

  • Make Your Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is one of the best study hacks for students. Most of the students do it unconsciously while some are unaware of this. Here is a brief idea:

  • Create a box or circle in the middle of a page and write down your topic in it

  • Draw lines coming out of it and write the subtopics

  • Use short phrases for the whole process

This will present a great visual effect in front of you and you will be able to recall the information very easily. You can use the WPS Template to do this mind-mapping process more easily.

  • Create a Study Group with Your Friends

Group study is another one of the most energizing and effective study hacks for college students as you will learn from conversations with your peers. A few tips for group studies are as follows:

  • You can go for group study in person or opt for online meets

  • Make groups with your classmates

  • Rotate the roles of students in the group

In this regard, WPS Office Document comes with multiple facilities like co-editing, sharing, and storing notes in the cloud. This can be a great option for your group study. Check "How to Share and Co-edit a Word Document in WPS Office" to learn how to use this tool.

  • Taking Short Intermittent Breaks

This is one of the best study hacks for exams that you can use to prevent energy draining. You should not read for long hours without taking a break in between. Working or studying without any breaks will drain your energy and lower your productivity. Here are a few tips on intermittent breaks:

  • Take a break of 10 minutes after 25 minutes of study

  • Set a timer for the break

  • Try to stay focused at the time of studying

Taking intermittent breaks has a proven record of increasing memory capacity. Young minds are the home to innovation and new thinking. Therefore, they should be aware of brain-draining factors and handle them by taking proper precautions like intermittent breaks.

Choose Your Excellent Study Partner - WPS Office

WPS Office is an effective tool for students as it is free to use with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and these applications are completely compatible on both Windows and Mac. Here are 8 unique pros of WPS Office:

  • Text Tools:

Students can store and arrange a lot of data with the help of text tools. Additionally, document editing is simple on this, so it will save a lot of time.

  • Spreadsheet Tools:

A spreadsheet is an important tool for every type of student especially, for students studying economics. WPS Office spreadsheet is available to students for data collection and analysis.

  • Give Presentations:

A student's curriculum must include presentations. Students can record the PowerPoint presentation's playback process using the PPT Recorder of WPS Office.

  • PDF Tools:

Students can quickly access many other PDF features, such as PDF to DOC, PDF Edit, and PDF Add Text, with the help of WPS tools.

  • Online Templates:

Creating study plans and finishing assignments by using a range of free templates on WPS Office is a great benefit for every student.

  • WPS Cloud:

Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, pictures, videos, PDF files, audio files, and more can all be stored on WPS Cloud. Additionally, the features guarantee that all of the students' important documents are accessible from any device.

  • File compatibility:

WPS Office ensures that files are compatible with a wide range of programs and systems by being able to be opened and saved in a variety of formats. WPS Office allows students to open files in a variety of formats.

  • Security and Encryption:

To prevent notes from being taken, students can use the WPS Office to encrypt important documents.

The experience of using the WPS office is phenomenal. This free alternative to Microsoft Office is immensely popular throughout the world. Students who have used WPS Office experience no hassle in taking notes, storing them, and making them much more interesting by using different designs. The personal experiences of students also speak for its affordability, and multi-device compatibility.

Unique Student Tools in WPS Office

Student tools are a great inclusion in WPS Write that can help learners streamline their learning process. You may not find student tools in the WPS Office. For that, you must write "Student Tools" in the search bar next to "Tools" and get it.

The functions of student tools in the WPS office include:

  • Providing ready-to-use templates for projects

  • Offering an easy process to input citations

  • Making maths easier with equation editor

  • Providing collaborative editing feature

  • Checking spelling and grammar

  • Helping with language

Using the WPS Office student tool with strategic study hacks will make your learning process much smoother. If you are wondering how to use this tool, here is the step-by-step process:

  • Step 1: Open WPS Writer

  • Step 2: Go to the "Students Tools" tab

  • Step 3: Click on your preferred tools

  • Step 4: Follow the instructions shown in the tool to use it.

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  • Are study hacks suitable for all types of learners?

Absolutely! The beauty of study hacks lies in their adaptability to various learning styles. However, students need to find out which study hack works best for them.

  • Can study hacks be applied to professional development? 

Certainly! Many study hacks are versatile and applicable to ongoing professional learning and development. 

  • How long does it take to see results from implementing study hacks?

Results may vary, but many learners report improvements within a few weeks of consistent application. 

Summary of the Article

The whole article focuses on study tips and how to implement them strategically to enhance your learning prowess. There are the top 10 study hacks that are practiced worldwide among learners of different age groups. Also, the article has brought out how these study hacks can be beneficial for your overall cognitive function.

In implementing these study hacks, it's equally crucial to leverage some efficient study applications. We have extensively evaluated the "10 Best Study Apps for Students in 2024" in another article, covering various features and characteristics. If you're interested in improving your academic performance, you can click the article to check out detailed reviews and recommendations.

Moreover, you have also learned how effective is WPS Office in helping students learn their lessons effectively. WPS Office has multiple advantages that not only make the learning process easier but also contribute to your better cognitive function such as by providing visually appealing templates for mind mapping.

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