10 Must-have software for college students to start school

July 31, 2023 8.0K views

Are you going to start school in 2022? If you are one of those college students who are making it to start of school year 2021 to 2022 Philippines or in Malaysia then there are 10 must-have software for college students to start school.

There are already too many expenses for college students, so when school starts, the software shouldn't be added to that list of expenses. Fortunately, businesses have responded with a tonne of free software at a time when many college students who are starting soon will need to master new skills whether living skills or expertise to benefit them in school. 

Some software requires a school-affiliated email address to sign up, you can use that email address to get those software for free. Additionally, college students who are going to start school don't have to give up quality. If you are wondering when does school start in Malaysia, its 21st March of every year.

Just keep in mind that many free apps make their money by adding toolbars or other programs to your computer that you might not want, so whenever possible, opt for a custom installation and pay attention to any boxes that are ticked or unchecked.

You must be amazed to know that Mayawati was the first politician started her career as a school teacher. There are many benefits of starting school early and one of those benefits is instant access to free software.

Getting intrigued about school start date and knowing must-have software for college students who are going to start school? Well, we have compiled a list of the top 10 Must-have software for college students to start school. Let’s explore that list of must-have software.

10 Must-Have Software For College Students To Start School

The following are the 10 must-have software for college students to start school:

1. Google Play Books

You may access thousands of digital downloads, including the majority of the textbooks you'll need for class, by downloading the free Google Play Books app. Why spend $500 on a printed copy of a book when you can read it online for $70? While some books are free and some are not, rest assured that they are still significantly less expensive than purchasing the textbook at your college shop.

Google Play Books is one of the most essential apps you need for college because it can significantly reduce the expense of your education and is available for everything. Additionally, it is accessible for Android, iOS, and iPhone.


2. Microsoft To Do

It performs all of the same functions as your high school planner, and that also more quickly and simply. Microsoft To-Do is the application for you if you need to keep a record of several tasks, daily to-do lists, and more. It syncs easily between iPhone, Android, and Windows 10 and is free to download. Additionally, it interacts with Outlook Task to manage all of your appointments in a single, accessible app.

With the help of the productivity software Microsoft To-Do, you can free up brain space by always having access to key lists, to-dos, and daily alerts. One of the top apps for college students right now is available for free download.

3. Google Drive

There are many applications available on the market for students, including Google Drive, which is a cloud-based storage solution. Online storage allows you to save and access all your documents from any browser, mobile device, or computer. 

College students who are going to start school can benefit from using cloud storage services like Google Drive in several ways, including reducing their risk of losing all of their work if their computer crashes.

Up to 15GB of information, including notes, pictures, PDFs, audio files, and video files, are available for free storage. The drive instantly stores as you go, so you will never have to fear losing your work without touching that bothersome save button. Additionally, sharing, editing, and working together on files is simple, which is perfect for group assignments and editing your students' writing.

Have trouble with WiFi? Nothing to worry about. If you like to work while commuting to and from college, you can select files to access 'offline' so you can work on the go. 

4. RefME

Do you dislike citing sources in your essays and other research papers? Hop on the RefMe app.

Referencing can be time-consuming, especially if you forget which books and other materials you've utilized. Luckily, RefME has created a clever application that significantly increases the efficiency of identifying and citing resources while saving you time.

The application includes new students with thousands of free educational resources that can serve as a great starting point for academic reading and inspire further exploration.

However, its biggest selling point is the simplicity with which you can create citations, reference lists, and bibliographies, giving you much more time to spend refining your work. RefME will instantly produce the citations for all of the books and periodicals you're utilizing after you simply scan their barcodes.

5. Forest

Have you ever had the experience of sitting down for a productive study session, only to find that within 10 minutes you're scrolling through Instagram or checking your phone?

If you have studied in schools that start at 10am then you may need this time management app.  A time management app called Forest helps you stay focused by encouraging you to leave your phone alone for short periods. What's the trick? By encouraging the planting of trees. 

You plant trees in your 'forest' whenever you want to begin a study session or focus session. Leaving your phone alone while you study will cause it to grow. The tree will die once you pick up your phone and click on another app. Your forest grows as you collect more trees and add them.

It gets better: The company behind the app plants real trees around the world based on the number of downloads. Studying this way is beneficial to both the Earth and your study periods!

6. bSafe

When you have to stroll alone to or from the hostel, bSafe, which is available for iPhone, will keep you secure. With bSafe, you may create a network of trustworthy pals and ask them to accompany you home virtually.

Live-stream, your trip, start recording with your phone's SOS feature, or, if you find yourself in distress, voice-activate your built-in alarm. You'll never have to walk home alone again, thanks to the bSafe app.

7. Uber

It's helpful to have a ride available with just one app while you're away from home or off school. For all smartphones, Uber may be downloaded for free. Just enter your debit or credit card information once for storage, and whenever you require a ride, all it takes is a tap on the screen to bring you home securely.

8. Quizlet

Quizlet is the software that can help you tailor how you study any subject you need to learn, from U.S History to Medieval Religion. You can create your flashcards with Quizlet for digital learning or print them off.

And you can pick from the ones uploaded by other students. You can also assess yourself or learn materials that you or others have posted if flashcards aren't your thing. You'll always get a mental exercise with Quizlet because it can be customized to your grade level and the content you're studying. For the iPhone, iPad, and Android, Quizlet is available for free.

9. Motion

Students at universities will spend a large portion of their study time using laptops. The majority of the time is typically spent online exploring and taking notes on scholarly websites. Or, many students may have unwittingly spent time on our social media platforms.

We are aware that notifications cause dopamine release because they were created with the express purpose of diverting your attention and luring you to their websites. Therefore, it makes sense why so many of us frequently find it difficult to complete a study session without at least once checking our notification tabs.

To prevent you from clicking on distracting websites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube when your time would be better spent elsewhere, Motion is a free web browser application. You may completely customize it to restrict specific websites, such as social media platforms or online stores, at specific times and days.

However, what if you require access to a restricted website for academic reasons? The program will give you 60 seconds to swiftly seek what you need before erasing it from your browser once more, so do not be alarmed.

You'll also receive frequent reports detailing how much time has been spent online, being either useful or distracting to help you stay motivated. Motion is a study partner.

10. WPS Office

WPS Office is a genuine alternative to Microsoft Office. It faces off against the first blow-by-blow. College students who are going to start school may not be as accustomed to its interface as they are to Microsoft's, but it is capable of performing both simple and complex tasks. 

WPS Office provides several productivity tools. WPS Writer, WPS Spreadsheets, WPS Presentation, and WPS PDF are a few of these. Additionally, it offers a quick and simple conversion tool for Word to PDF and PDF to Word.

The complete compatibility of WPS Office with Microsoft Office is yet another fantastic feature. As a result, WPS and Microsoft Office work together to edit files. Built-in charts, graphics, sophisticated modeling, simple presentations, built-in formulas and functions, and the ability to add-ons are among the key features.

For Windows users, the product provides a free version. However, there are paid plans as well.


The above-mentioned top 10 must-have software for college students to start school is a great way to equip yourself for hassle-free academic years. Get these 10 must-have software and start doing your work in an efficient way. If you want to simply open and edit files for routine tasks then WPS Office is a must-have software.

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WPS Office provides several productivity tools. WPS Writer, WPS Spreadsheets, WPS Presentation, and WPS PDF are a few of these. Additionally, it offers a quick and simple conversion tool for Word to PDF and PDF to Word. So, simply download WPS office and it will resolve your several school related problems.

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