3 Easy Methods for How to Sign Doc in Word Document

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Microsoft Word is widely used to create professional documents and contracts. Moreover, it’s important for both parties, i.e., the sender and receiver, to insert a signature in a Word document to ensure security and smooth operation. A sign ensures that the document is reviewed, and finalized. A signature ensures the safety of the content of the Word doc and smooths the workflow and increases productivity.

The article will guide you thoroughly on signing the doc in Word with different signature types. Moreover, it will guide you about the difference between an electronic and digital signature.

Method 1 - Add a Signature Line

A signature line works best when you need to print a Word document. Adding a signature line would be great if you know that your Word document will be printed. Moreover, signature lines are easy to add and require no digital/electronic signature or tools.

Signature lines are a traditional way to sign documents; they are most used where people read, punch or save the documents in folders for further use. A real-life example of signature lines is government office employees adding signature lines to docs and getting them handwritten and signed by authorities.

Below are some benefits of adding a signature line in Word doc.

  1. Easy to add

  2. Adjustable

  3. Different options for customizing

  4. Simple

  5. Easy positioning

  6. The document can be signed by anyone

  7. Secure

Here are steps you can follow to add a signature line in your Word document.

Step 1: Add a formatted signature line

  • Open a Word document in Word desktop version or online if you want to sign a Word document online.

  • Click on the insert tab and then click on the add a signature line under the text group ribbon. Choose a signature type. A dialogue box will open. Type in the signature name on the first line with its description on the second.

  • After successfully adding the signature name and description, click “Okay”. The Word document will add the signature line with the information you added. Note that the signature will be placed where you set your cursor, so put the cursor in the right place.

If you want to add a blank signature line, you should leave the text sections blank, and you’ll see a blank signature line with a large “X” where the signer needs to add their signature.

Step 2: Add a horizontal line

You can add a signature line using the horizontal line tool. Further, this method enables you to add a handwritten signature or e-sign later in the document. Here’s how:

  • Open a Word document and place the cursor where you want to add the line.

  • Click on the Home tab

  • In the paragraph group, click the arrow on the corner of the border icons

  • Select a horizontal line from the options

  • There will be a long line in your document. You can adjust or customize it.

  • Click okay to finish

Step 3: Create an auto-formatted line

You can create an auto-formatted line in your Word document and control your formatting. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open a Word document and place the cursor where you want to add the auto-formatted line

  • Type the symbols for adding the kind of line you want and press Enter on your keyboard.

  • The symbols include hyphens, underlined symbols, tildes, equal signs, hashtags, or asterisks. Note you need to add three of each kind and press Enter on your keyboard to see the auto-formatted line.

Benefits of auto-formatted lines

  • Auto-formatted lines are easy to add, remove, customize and more

  • You can add them instantly from your keyboard

  • You can remove them using your backspace

  • Auto-formatted lines can be of different types

Method 2 - Electronic Signatures

An electronic signature is a digitized signature that can be added to documents. It makes the process of signing a Word document easier, safer, and quicker than physically signing the document. Moreover, you don’t need to print your Word document and sign them.

It’s possible on every system, i.e., you can sign a doc on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Electronic doesn’t require your document to be secure and doesn’t require a certificate or authentication. They are the most used signature types as they save time and help increase productivity.

Here’s how you can do this:

Step 1: Open a Word document and place your cursor where you need to insert a signature in Word.

Step 2: Click on the Insert tab, and under Texts, click “Signature List”. Add pieces of information, and select your preference. Right-click on the signature box in the document. You can choose to add an image of your signature or draw.

Step 3: Click “Sign” to complete the signature process. You can easily sign a Word document electronically without printing and running after signatories.

Method 3 - Digital Signatures

Digital signatures are encrypted signatures that secure your document content. Moreover, you need a certificate and need to authenticate your digital signature. Digital signatures can be created using third-party software such as e-Signature softwares. Professionals prefer digital signatures to ensure that documents are verified, signatures are certified, and authentic. It helps them work securely depending on the importance of the document.

Here’s how to add a digital signature to your Word doc.

Step 1: Upload or open a Word file and place the cursor where you need to add a digital signature. Click on the Insert tab and then click on “Add an Image” to add a picture of your digital signature.

Step 2: You can add pictures of your signature and add them to the document. You can choose to adjust the picture, crop it, and use the correction tool to adjust its color.

Step 3: Add the digital signature to the required place, and save the signature for using it easily next time.

Differences - Electronic Signature & Digital Signature

Electronic signature is defined as a digitized signature or symbol that signs the document. The electronic signature accepts and approves the document and completes the purpose of the document. A digital signature is an electronic signature process that uses an encrypted digital certificate to verify the document.

  1. The digital signature is created through eSignature software using special encryption, whereas you can electrically sign a Word document easily without needing eSignature software.

  2. Digital signatures provide better security, protecting from fraud and alteration.

  3. You don’t need an audit trail in the electronic signatures but in digital ones.

  4. You don’t need to provide a digital certificate or authenticity of the electronic signature; however, you must provide them for digital signatures.

  5. Document security is important with electronic signatures but not with digital signs.

  6. Electronic signatures are preferred as they are easy and don’t require third-party tools.

Here’s a diagram portraying the difference between both.

Top FAQs about Sign Doc in Word

Q1: Is a digital signature in Word legally binding?

Yes, digital signatures in Word are legally binding. The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (E-Sign) Act. This law states that no “signature, contract or other record” can be denied or unenforced simply because a signature is in electronic form. Further, the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) similarly protects digital signatures and records.

Q2: Can I sign a Word document with a stylus or digital pen?

Yes, if your PC supports touch, you can sign a Word document with a stylus or a digital pen. You can sign a doc Mac using the draw and image option. The same is the case on Windows. You can sign a Word doc with a stylus or digital pen on mobile devices.

Q3: Can I use third-party software to sign a Word document?

Yes. You can easily use eSignature softwares or other tools to sign a Word document. Third-party softwares quicken your work and ensure you add the best signature on your documents.


Word documents are being used by millions for creating formal documents; hence, understanding the different types of signatures and how to sign doc in Word is important. Signing a Word document is easy; all you need to do is follow the steps above and sign your documents immediately. Moreover, you can use a dozen other softwares to sign Word documents. One such software is WPS Office.

WPS Office provides a creative platform for users and boosts productivity. You can use Word, PDF, Excel, and PPT all in one software. Moreover, WPS Office is secure to use; it provides security for PDF files, such as passwords and signatures, and enables you to lock your files. You can sign your Word doc using WPS Office instantly. Want to give it a try? Download yours here!

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