4 Free Ways to Make PDF Smaller Free without Adobe (2024)

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Are you dealing with numerous PDF files from different devices, but finding it challenging to save computer space due to their large sizes? If you're looking for free ways to make PDF smaller for free without using Adobe software, you've come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore four effective methods, providing detailed steps and tips for reducing PDF size and merging files without the need for Adobe.

Part 1: Advantages to Make PDF Smaller

Reducing the size of PDF files offers several benefits that can enhance your work or personal life. By compressing PDFs, you can save storage space, improve file transfer speed, optimize email attachments, and enhance document accessibility. Check out the following sources to discover the advantages of making PDFs smaller for different situations

Part 2: How to Find the Size of PDF Files

Before you start reducing the size of PDFs, it's important to determine their current size. Follow these steps to find the size of PDF files:

[Step 1]: Open the PDF file on your device.

Open PDF

[Step 2]: Access the file properties or document information.

Open PDF Properties

[Step 3]: Locate and note the file size.

PDF size

Part 3: Audit the PDF Space Usage & Make PDF Smaller

To audit the space usage of a PDF and make it smaller, follow these simplified steps:

1. Use a PDF compression tool: Utilize online services or software specifically designed to compress PDF files. These tools automatically analyze the PDF and apply compression techniques to reduce its size.

2. Optimize images: Check for large images within the PDF and compress them. You can use image editing tools or online services to resize and compress the images without significant loss of quality.

Small Image

3. Remove unnecessary elements: Review the PDF for any unnecessary pages, images, or annotations. Delete or omit them to reduce the file size.

4. Adjust PDF settings: When creating a PDF, consider adjusting the settings to reduce the file size. Lower the image resolution, choose appropriate color settings, or reduce font sizes to optimize the PDF's size.

5. Convert to other formats: If the PDF is not heavily formatted or requires editing, consider converting it to other formats like Word or JPEG. This conversion can often result in a smaller file size.

Part 4: 4 Ways to Make PDF Smaller without Adobe

Method 1: Make PDF Smaller with WPS Office

If you need to reduce the size of a PDF file without Adobe software, you can use WPS Office. This method allows you to compress PDF files easily and efficiently.

Step 1: Download and Install WPS Office

Go to the official WPS Office website and download the software for your operating system. Follow the installation instructions to install it on your device.

WPS office

Step 2: Open PDF in WPS PDF

Launch WPS Office and open the WPS PDF application. Click on the "File" menu and select "Open" to locate and open the PDF file you want to compress.


Step 3: Save as Compressed PDF

Once the PDF is open in WPS PDF, click on the "Tools" menu again and select "PDF Compression." Choose the compression level you want. Finally, click "Compress" to create the compressed PDF file.

PDF compression

Method 2: Make PDF Smaller by Saving as “Reduced Size PDF”

Another method to make PDF files smaller is by saving them as "Reduced Size PDF" using Adobe Acrobat.

Step 1: Open PDF in Adobe Acrobat

Launch Adobe Acrobat software and open the PDF file you want to make smaller.

Adobe Acrobat

Step 2: Go to "Save As Other" Option

Click on the "File" menu and select "Save As Other." Choose the "Reduced Size PDF" option from the list.

Adobe Acrobat

Step 3: Adjust Settings and Save

In the "Reduce File Size" dialog box, you may have options to customize the compression settings. Make any desired adjustments and click "OK" to save the PDF as a reduced-size version.

Reduced version

Method 3: Make PDF Smaller by Saving in Word

If you have a PDF file that you want to reduce in size, you can convert it to a Word document and save it in a more compressed format. This method can help decrease the file size while maintaining the document's content.

Step 1: Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat

Launch Adobe Acrobat software and open the PDF file you wish to make smaller.

Step 2: Convert PDF to Word

In Adobe Acrobat, go to the "File" menu and select "Export To" or "Save As Other." Choose the "Microsoft Word" option to convert the PDF to a Word document.

Export to word

Step 3: Save as a Compressed Word Document

After converting the PDF to Word, click on the "File" menu in Microsoft Word and select "Save As." Choose a location to save the file and select the appropriate file format, such as ".docx." Make sure to enable compression options if available. Finally, click "Save" to create the compressed Word document.

Method 4: Make PDF Smaller by WPS PDF Online Tool

When you don't have access to dedicated software, you can use WPS Office's online tool to compress PDF files. This method allows you to reduce the size of a PDF conveniently and quickly.

Step 1: Access the WPS PDF Online Tool

Visit the WPS Office website make pdf smaller online and navigate to the "Merge PDFs Online for Free" page. Locate the "Practical Tips" section.

Step 2: Upload the PDF File

Click on the "Select PDF File" button to upload the PDF you want to compress. Wait for the file to upload and process.

WPS compress tool

Step 3: Compress and Download the PDF

Once the PDF file is uploaded, choose the compression level (e.g., Low, Medium, High). After selecting the desired compression level, click the "Compress PDF" button. The compressed PDF will be generated, and you can then download it to your device.

WPS option

Part 5: Useful Tips to Make PDF Smaller

  1. Compress PDFs: Use online compression tools or software to reduce the file size of your PDFs without compromising the quality. This is useful when sharing PDFs via email or uploading them to websites.

  2. Merge PDF Files: Combine multiple PDF files into a single document to eliminate duplicate content and reduce the overall file size. This helps in organizing your files and making them more compact.

  3. Optimize Images: Before adding images to your PDF, optimize their resolution and compress them appropriately. This ensures clear images while keeping the file size small.

  4. Remove Unnecessary Metadata: Remove or minimize metadata such as author names, creation dates, and keywords from your PDF files. This helps reduce the file size and makes them more lightweight.

  5. Choose Efficient Compression: When saving your PDF, select the appropriate compression options provided by the software. Different compression algorithms offer a balance between file size and quality.


Q1: How to make PDF smaller without losing quality?

To make a PDF smaller without losing quality, use WPS Office. With its PDF toolkit, you can compress PDF files while maintaining their original quality. WPS Office employs efficient compression algorithms that reduce file size without compromising clarity or sharpness. Try WPS Office for hassle-free PDF compression without loss in quality.

Q2: How do I email a PDF that is too large?

To email a large PDF file, try these simple solutions:

  1. Compress the PDF to reduce its size using online tools or software.

  2. Upload the PDF to a file-sharing service and share the download link in your email.

  3. Split the PDF into smaller sections or chapters before sending.

  4. Utilize file transfer services like WeTransfer or SendSpace to send large files.

Q3: Is Adobe merge PDF free?

No, Adobe's merge PDF feature is not free to make pdf smaller. However, you can achieve the same functionality using WPS Office, which offers a range of tools, including merging and splitting PDF files. Learn more about WPS Office's features within this guide.


In conclusion, reducing the size of PDF files is essential for optimizing storage space and improving file transfer efficiency. By following the methods outlined in this guide, you can make PDF smaller without the need for Adobe software. WPS Office provides an excellent alternative, offering a comprehensive PDF toolkit alongside its powerful office suite. Explore the references provided for further advantages of WPS Office and its PDF functionalities.

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