5 Best Ashampoo Office Alternatives You Should Know

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Ashampoo offers a remarkable Office suite that bears a striking resemblance to Microsoft Office, showcasing its exceptional design. However, both of these suites come with a price tag. In this article, we'll delve into a journey of discovering options that serve as practical Ashampoo Office alternatives. These alternatives cater to a range of preferences and needs, ensuring you find the perfect fit.

5 Best Ashampoo Offices Alternatives

Explore the best Ashampoo Office alternative download to expand your Office needs, while discovering new and advanced productivity features.

1. Best Alternative — WPS Office

WPS Office stands out as an exceptional office suite, bundling together all the essential productivity tools you need – word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations – all within one cohesive platform. The suite also boasts impressive PDF capabilities and seamlessly integrated AI features. Notably, its interface surpasses that of Microsoft Office, offering a user-friendly experience without the need for a steep learning curve.


WPS Office is generally free, however it also offers different subscription plans for users who seek various services from the Suite.

  • WPS Basic Plan: The basic plan of WPS Office is available at no cost.

  • WPS Pro: A more feature-rich plan catering to individuals and teams comes at $23.99 for 6 months or $35.99 for 1 year.

  • WPS Business Plan: The WPS Business plan varies from business to business and the services required.


  • Compatible with Microsoft Office file formats.

  • User-friendly interface with clear icons.

  • Offers integrated AI

  • Advanced editing tools, including tables and collaboration.

  • Convenient cloud syncing.

  • PDF conversion and editing options.


  • Cost-effective, free alternative to other office suites.

  • Easy-to-use interface, suitable for beginners.

  • Works well with Microsoft Office formats, aiding collaboration.

  • Widely compatible with multiple computing platforms, encompassing Windows, macOS, and Linux.

  • Offers powerful tools for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations.


  • Integration with third-party software may have limitations compared to other suites.

  • Consider potential restrictions in the free version and third-party integration based on your needs.

2. LibreOffice

LibreOffice stands as a robust free Ashampoo office alternative. While it offers an array of advanced features, its interface might require a bit of familiarization. The distinct approach it takes in handling tasks might take some getting used to, making a small adjustment period worthwhile for users.


  • Compatibility with a diverse range of file formats, including those of Microsoft Office.

  • Encompasses a selection of applications, such as Writer for handling text documents, Calc for managing spreadsheets, Impress for crafting presentations, Draw for creating vector graphics and drawings, Base for database operations, and Math, tailored for various formula tasks.

  • Facilitates document management across multiple formats.

  • Accessible in 115 languages.


  • Boasts the prowess of a potent office suite with an instinctive interface, catering to productivity and creativity.

  • Offers the advantage of being both free and open-source, presenting an economical substitute for alternative office suites.

  • Benefits from regular updates for ongoing enhancements, all while not necessitating an internet connection for operation.


  • May exhibit limitations in terms of third-party software integration compared to competing office suites.

  • A learning curve might be experienced for simpler word processing tasks due to certain factors.

3. Only Office

OnlyOffice stands out as the go-to solution for exceptional word processing. It offers both an accessible online cloud-based option and a self-hosted version for on-premises deployment making it a perfect Ashampoo office alternative free. With compatibility spanning Windows, macOS, and Linux, OnlyOffice caters to a diverse range of users.


  • Capabilities for managing documents and projects.

  • Comprehensive tools for CRM, calendaring, emailing, and communication.

  • Advanced security configurations.

  • Real-time editing and collaborative functionalities.

  • Compatibility with diverse file formats.


  • ONLYOFFICE offers a flexible solution available as cloud-based, web-based, or on-premise, catering to businesses of all sizes.

  • With its array of robust tools, ONLYOFFICE provides an all-inclusive answer for document and project management, CRM, and communication needs.


  • Due to the software's extensive functionality, ONLYOFFICE might present a slight learning curve for straightforward word processing tasks.

  • When compared to other office suites, ONLYOFFICE's integration with third-party software could be somewhat restricted.

4. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is undeniably the gold standard in the world of office software, often the first choice for many. However, its price can deter quite a few from opting for it. Still, when it comes to innovation and unique features among office suites, Microsoft Office continues to reign supreme.


  • Offers compatibility with various file formats, encompassing LibreOffice and Google Docs.

  • Encompasses diverse applications: Word for text documents, Excel for spreadsheets, PowerPoint for presentations, and Outlook for email and calendar management.

  • Boasts advanced editing capabilities, including collaborative tools and cloud synchronization.

  • Provides an array of templates and themes for personalized document creation.


  • Microsoft Office stands as a robust and widely utilized office suite, seamlessly compatible with multiple file formats.

  • The software presents a suite of potent tools for tasks like word processing, spreadsheet management, presentations, and email handling.

  • Advanced editing features, collaboration tools, and cloud syncing streamline collaborative work on shared documents.

  • A plethora of templates and themes simplifies the creation of polished and professional documents.


  • Microsoft Office's pricing might prove steep, particularly for businesses requiring numerous licenses.

  • While rich in functionality, the software's extensive features might necessitate a learning curve for basic word processing tasks.

  • In terms of third-party software integration, Microsoft Office could exhibit limitations compared to alternative office suites.

5. Google Workspace

Google Workspace has become the go-to solution for those aiming to accomplish tasks while on the move. Not only does it come at no cost, but it also operates entirely in the cloud. This cloud-based approach ensures accessibility from anywhere, requiring an internet connection for functionality. Despite this dependency, Google Workspace offers unparalleled flexibility, reshaping the way work is managed.


  • Google Workspace encompasses Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and more.

  • Effortless real-time collaboration and editing capabilities amplify teamwork.

  • Seamless cloud-based storage and streamlined file sharing enhance accessibility.

  • Integration with various Google services and external apps bolsters functionality.

  • Advanced security attributes and robust data safeguarding mechanisms.


  • Google Workspace ensures a smooth, recognizable experience for those accustomed to Gmail and Google Docs.

  • Live collaboration enables concurrent document editing, fostering productivity and cooperation.

  • Cloud-centric storage guarantees file accessibility across devices with internet connectivity.

  • Integration with diverse Google services and third-party apps expands utility and workflow effectiveness.


  • Transitioning users from different office suites might face a slight learning curve due to interface disparities.

  • Offline access to documents could necessitate supplementary configuration steps.

  • Certain enhanced features may be accessible only through higher-tier subscriptions.



WPS Office- Free All-in-One Office Suite
  • Use Word, Excel, and PPT for FREE, No Ads.

  • Edit PDF files with the powerful PDF toolkit.

  • Microsoft-like interface. Easy to learn. 100% Compatibility.

  • Boost your productivity with WPS's abundant free Word, Excel, PPT, and CV templates.

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Q1. Is Ashampoo WinOptimizer a virus?

No, Ashampoo WinOptimizer is not a virus. It is a system optimizer, as the name suggests, that can help enhance the performance of your computer. However, this computer optimizer has been graded as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) since it has possible drawbacks, such as intrusive advertising or the risk of malware.

Q2. Do I need to buy Microsoft Office for my new laptop?

No, you don't have to buy Microsoft Office for your new laptop. If you already have a Microsoft Office license, you can download it on your new laptop. However, here are a few free-of-cost substitutes if you do not have a Microsoft license:

  • WPS Office

  • Google Docs

  • LibreOffice

These free substitutes offer powerful tools and features and are compatible with various file formats, including .docx, .pdf, .xlsx, and .pptx.

Q3. Which alternative is the best for students and teachers?

WPS Office is the best free substitute for the Ashampoo Office. It is a comprehensive suite that offers features that can cater to the needs of students and educators. This powerful suite incorporates a word processor, presentation software, spreadsheet tools, and a PDF toolkit. These tools help teachers construct lesson plans and assist students in preparing and organizing their notes.

Q4. Can I use Ashampoo Office alternatives on different operating systems?

Yes. The alternatives like WPS, LibreOffice, and OnlyOffice are compatible with various operating systems such as Linux, MacOS, and Windows.

Q5. Does Google Workspace offer collaborative features?

Yes. Google Workspace comes with collaborative features, such as real-time editing and co-authoring, that enable teams to work together instantaneously on multiple documents like spreadsheets and presentations.

Q6. Can I open and modify Microsoft Office files using the WPS Office?

Yes. WPS Office offers compatibility with Microsoft Office file formats, allowing you to efficiently work with these documents without facing format compatibility troubles.

Exploring Ashampoo Office Alternatives:

In this article, we explored Ashampoo Office alternative review. While Ashampoo stands as a worthy MS Office alternative with a familiar interface, WPS Office shines brighter in this arena. WPS Office not only takes the lead but redefines the landscape, being both cost-free and equipped with advanced features. Its user-friendly nature enhances its appeal, making it the ultimate choice for seamless productivity. Don't wait, download WPS Office now!

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