5 Best Google Drive PDF Viewers: The Ultimate Guide

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Regardless of what you find yourself dealing with, whether it's documents, pictures, reports, or anything readable, you'll likely discover PDFs to be a very remarkable resource. If you use Google Drive, you may often encounter the need for a third-party tool to open your PDFs if you prefer not to have them open directly in your Chrome browser. In this article, we will explore the top 5 PDF tools you can use for Google Drive pdf viewer, helping you determine which one best suits your needs.

5 Best Google Drive PDF Viewers

Best 5 PDF Viewers for Google Drive

  1. WPS PDF Chrome Extension

WPS Office introduces a robust Power PDF tool, offering a versatile solution for PDF file management. This comprehensive tool enables easy annotation, downloading, drawing, reading, and conversion of PDFs, establishing itself as a powerful and fully equipped PDF solution.

WPS PDF Extension

Specifically designed for Google Drive users, WPS Office presents a convenient Chrome extension. Although the extension may not currently feature advanced editing options, it excels in providing users with seamless viewing, sharing, annotating, and printing directly within the Chrome browser. The extension ensures a user-friendly experience, granting swift access to PDF documents stored in Google Drive without the need for additional software.


  • Annotate, download, draw, read, and convert PDF files.

  • Specifically designed for Google Drive users.

  • Seamless viewing, sharing, annotating, and printing within Chrome.

  • Quick access to PDF documents stored in Google Drive.

  • Lightweight design for swift performance, seamless navigation, and quick accessibility.


  • Power PDF Tool: Included for free.

  • Extension: Available as a free Chrome extension.


  • Versatile solution for handling PDF files.

  • User-friendly experience.

  • Provides seamless viewing within Chrome.

  • Tailored for Google Drive users.

  • Features a robust Power PDF tool.


  • Lacks advanced editing features in the extension.

2.Adobe Acrobat Extension

Adobe Acrobat stands out as a highly renowned PDF editor, known for its impressive features. However, the hesitancy often arises due to its substantial price tag, despite the remarkable capabilities it delivers. To address this, Adobe offers an extension designed specifically for Google Chrome, enhancing the browser's functionality for working seamlessly with PDFs.

Adobe Acrobat Chrome Extension

The Adobe Acrobat extension for Google Chrome brings a plethora of features to users, enabling them to view, edit, convert, sign, and annotate PDF documents directly within the Chrome browser. This extension offers a comprehensive and full-featured viewing experience, providing users with convenient access to a wide range of tools for efficient PDF management.


  • Collaborate seamlessly by adding comments and sharing PDFs for efficient reviews.

  • Utilize the Fill & Sign tool for easy form filling and adding signatures to documents.

  • Annotate, download, draw, read, and convert PDF files effortlessly.

  • Tailored for users of Google Drive, ensuring seamless integration and compatibility.


The pricing details for the Adobe Acrobat PDF extension for Chrome and Edge are not explicitly mentioned; however, on Adobe Commerce Marketplace, subscription-based extensions start at a minimum price of $10, and paid, flat fee extensions have a minimum price of $25, available under an auto-renewing subscription model.


  • Seamless Chrome integration.

  • Online PDF editing and collaboration.

  • Fill & Sign tool for forms and signatures.


  • Advanced features require subscription.

  • Pricing may be a consideration for some users.

3. PDF Viewer For Chrome

The PDF Viewer for Chrome is a user-friendly and free extension designed to enable users to view and edit PDF files seamlessly within the Chrome browser. Its online editor, viewer, and converter tool offer a convenient way to handle PDFs without switching applications.

PDF Viewer For Chrome


  • Provides an online editor, viewer, and converter tool.

  • Users can add comments, view, and edit PDFs directly in the browser.

  • Convenient approach to working with PDFs without switching applications.


Built-in and completely free to use, no additional costs for enhanced features.


  • Free and accessible tool for viewing and editing PDFs in Chrome.

  • Positive user feedback with high ratings, highlighting its functionality.


  • Limited information provided regarding specific advanced features.

  • Dependency on internet connectivity for optimal functionality.

4. Kami PDF Extension

Kami is a robust PDF editor available as a Chrome extension, seamlessly integrating with platforms like Google Drive. It caters to diverse needs, offering features for PDF annotation, real-time collaboration, and integration with Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, and OneDrive. It serves as a valuable tool for both students and teachers, enhancing engagement and streamlining instructional processes.

Kami PDF Extension


  • PDF annotation and real-time collaboration.

  • Integration with Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, and OneDrive.

  • Accessible tools for student engagement and teacher instruction.


Kami extension is available for free on the Chrome Webstore and provides access to all 40+ tools and features.


  • Seamless integration with various learning platforms.

  • Facilitates real-time collaboration and annotation.

  • Accessibility features catering to diverse learners.


  • Subscription required for access to some options.

  • Limited functionality on mobile devices.

5. PDFzorro

PDFzorro is a versatile Chrome add-on designed for efficient PDF management, offering a myriad of useful features. This extension within Chrome allows users to annotate, draw, rotate, and add shapes to PDF files, providing a versatile platform for customization.


Notably, it facilitates the conversion of PDFs to various document formats and allows the addition of images to PDF files. With features for sorting, merging, and securing PDFs, PDFzorro enhances convenience and ensures secure file storage, making it a valuable tool for effective PDF management.


  • Annotation, drawing, rotation, and shape addition to PDF files.

  • Conversion of PDFs to various document formats.

  • Addition of images to PDF files.

  • Sorting, merging, and securing PDFs for enhanced convenience.


PDFzorro and its extension are available for free, and there is no pricing information associated with them.


  • Annotate, draw, rotate, and shape PDFs for customization.

  • Convert PDFs to various document formats for flexibility.

  • Add images to PDFs for visual enhancement.


  • Some features may have a learning curve.

  • Internet connection required for additional PDF editing.

How to Open a PDF File in Google Drive

Step 1: To begin this process, navigate to Google Drive on your browser. If your PDF isn't already in Google Drive, initiate the upload process by selecting the "New" button located at the top-left corner.

Google Drive New files

Step 2: Execute the PDF upload by clicking on "File Upload" and selecting the PDF from your device.

Google Drive file upload

Step 3: Double-click on the PDF file, prompting Google Drive to preview it using its basic built-in PDF viewer. Please note that this viewer does not support editing.

Step 4: Locate the "Open with Google Docs" option at the top of the page. This functionality allows users to employ the native Google Docs application to open the PDF in Word format.

Google Drive open PDF with Google Docs

Step 5: With the PDF now open in Google Docs, proceed to download it in Word format. Access the File menu at the top-left and choose the “Download” option.

Step 6: Multiple file formats will be presented for download; opt for the .DOCX format to download the PDF as a Word document.

Google Docs download Word Document

Best Free PDF Viewer and Editor - WPS Office

Extensions offer convenience, eliminating the need to switch tabs, providing a seamless PDF tool experience. While built-in options are handy, a third-party software like WPS Office becomes invaluable for detailed work. WPS Office not only fulfills office needs with writer, spreadsheet, and presentation tools but also integrates a PDF solution. Its compatibility with various office suites, including Microsoft, and AI features within the PDF, such as real-time summaries and question answering, enhance efficiency and save time.

WPS Office

WPS Office- Free All-in-One Office Suite
  • Use Word, Excel, and PPT for FREE, No Ads.

  • Edit PDF files with the powerful PDF toolkit.

  • Microsoft-like interface. Easy to learn. 100% Compatibility.

  • Boost your productivity with WPS's abundant free Word, Excel, PPT, and CV templates.

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Q1. Why can't I open a PDF with Google Docs?

If you face challenges opening a PDF in Google Docs, it might result from PDF creation issues, leading to missing images or text-editing difficulties. To troubleshoot, try copying and pasting text into a new Google Docs document. Watch out for formatting discrepancies. Persistent loading problems may indicate broken PDF links or an unstable internet connection.

Q2. How do I convert a file to PDF on Google Drive?

Here is a straight-forward guide on how to convert a file to PDF on Google Drive:
Step 1: Upload your file to Google Drive by selecting New at the top left, and then choose File Upload. Find your file and upload it.

Step 2: Once uploaded, locate the file in Google Drive. Right-click on it and choose Open With and then select Google Docs.

Step 3: If necessary, make changes to your file using Google Docs. Navigate to the top menu, click on File, then choose Download, and opt for PDF Document.

Q3. Why choose WPS Office for PDF viewing and editing?

WPS Office stands out as a robust choice for PDF viewing and editing due to its diverse features:

  • Versatility: It supports viewing, editing, reading, and collaboration on PDFs across different platforms.

  • Conversion Tools: WPS Office provides tools for seamless conversion between PDFs, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and image files.

  • Annotation and Editing: Users can easily read, edit, convert, and annotate PDFs, incorporating adding links, page numbers, comments, and shapes.

  • Add-ons: The suite offers various free add-ons like OCR, file conversion, resume builder, screen recording, and survey forms.

If you want to delve deeper into how to highlight a PDF files directly in Google Chrome, click on the article link below to learn more information.

How to Highlight PDF Files on Chrome? (2 Simple Ways)

Simplify Your Documenting Experience

Chrome simplifies life with easy PDF viewing, annotating, and printing. Yet, for robust PDF tasks, especially on  Google Drive pdf viewer, extensions play a crucial role. WPS Office excels in simplicity, ease of use, and integrated advanced features. If you seek a reliable PDF solution, WPS PDF is the go-to choice. Enhance your PDF experience effortlessly – Get WPS PDF now for seamless viewing, annotating, and printing on Google Drive.

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