3 Easy Ways to Share a PowerPoint on Google Drive

September 7, 2023 1.4K views

One of the most used tools to convey information clearly and concisely in all these settings is PowerPoint.

Some users find it hard to store large PowerPoint files on Drive, even with its popularity. What's the best way to upload PowerPoint without converting it? Read on till the end to see how to share a PowerPoint on Google Drive.

What is Google Drive?

You'll have many questions, like why choose Google Drive? And What is even Google Drive? Google is a popular cloud-based storage and collaboration service that allows users to store and share files. Google Drive lets you share files online and syncs with many platforms.

You can upload your PowerPoint presentation to Google Drive to obtain a shareable link you can send to people. You can also adjust the access permissions you give users on the file to either view or edit it.

Sharing and collaborating with others becomes easy once you upload your presentations on Google Drive. If you lost a device, you can simply recover any file thanks to Google's file backup feature.

When you upload to the service, your data is encrypted and secured on Google Drive's servers. Using the Desktop Google Drive app or a web browser to visit gets you started. Syncing your data across several devices will ensure that you always have the most recent version is another option.

You automatically qualify for its free version, which lets you store files up to 15GB in size if you have a Google account. Yet, you can switch to a premium plan for more storage space.

Upload PowerPoint Presentation to Google Drive

Before you learn how to share a PowerPoint on google drive, you must first upload the file to the platform. You can do this either by uploading the file with Google Drive or moving the file to Google file.

Drag and Drop the PowerPoint File Into Google Drive

Although this method may not suit uploading on mobile devices, it works perfectly on computers. So follow us as we show you how to upload PowerPoint to Google Drive by dragging and dropping the file.

  • Step 1: Open Google Drive on your web browser via

Google Drive homepage

  • Step 2: On your computer windows, go to the folder where you'll find the PowerPoint file.

file selection in manager

  • Step 3: Click and hold on to the file, then drag it to the Google Drive page you opened on your web browser.

  • Step 4: Drop the dragged file where you get a popup message saying, "Drop files to upload them to My Drive."

drag and drop area

  • Step 5: You'll see a notification in the lower right corner saying, "Uploading file." Wait till the upload is complete, and you're all set.

upload complete

Upload the PowerPoint File From Within Google Drive

This is another effective way to upload your PowerPoint file in Google Drive using mobile devices or computers. You can even decide to use the Google Drive app or website for this method. Below are the steps to take if you want to upload your PowerPoint file from Google Drive:

  • Step 1: Open the Google Drive app or use the website and ensure you're logged in.

new google drive homepage

  • Step 2: Click on "New" at the top left.

new selection on drive

  • Step 3: Click "File upload," and your file explorer will pop up.

file upload on drive

  • Step 4: Locate and click on the "Presentation" you want to upload.

file presentation in manager

  • Step 5: Finally, click Open, and the file will start uploading.

open upload on drive

Share PowerPoint Presentation with a Link from Google Drive

The file has now been uploaded to your Google Drive; sharing it is the next step. Though it should take a little effort, some people still need help sharing the PowerPoint. Below are steps on how to share a PowerPoint on Google Drive to obtain a link that can be sent to others:

  • Step 1: Goto Google Drive

Google drive page

  • Step 2: Locate and right-click on the "Presentation" you want to share.

find presentation

  • Step 3: Select and click on Share.

file share selection

  • Step 4: Change the visibility open from "Restricted" to "Anyone with the link." You can also modify the access role as a Viewer, Commenter, or Editor.

anyone with the link

  • Step 5: Click on Copy Link and then Done. The link you copied can be shared by email or social media platforms.

copied link done

How to Convert PowerPoint Presentation to Google Slides

This is another simple trick some users do not know is possible with steps similar to how to share a PowerPoint on Google Drive. Some users even go as far as searching for converters on Google. But you can convert PowerPoint presentations to Google Slides in two different ways. Keep reading as we walk you through both methods.

Converting PowerPoint Presentation to Google Slides

  • Step 1: Open Google Drive.

conversion to slide homepage

  • Step 2: Search for the desired PowerPoint file.

search presentation

  • Step 3: Once you see the file, double-click to open it. Once the Presentation opens, click on "File."

file option for slide

  • Step 4: Then click on "Save as Google Slides."

Save as a slide

Importing PowerPoint to Google Slide Without Converting

This method is not too common as most users barely use it. But it is the way to go if you need to know how to upload PowerPoint to Google Slides. Check through the steps below to get answers on uploading PowerPoint to convert them to Google Slides.

  • Step 1: Open your Google Drive.

importing drive homepage

  • Step 2: Click on "New" and select "Google Slides."

new google slide

  • Step 3: Once a blank page opens, click "File." Then click "Import Slides" and select the Presentation file you want to convert.

Import slide selection

  • Step 4: Click "Select all slides" and then "Import Slides." You now have the slide after successfully importing the presentation.

slide number selection

Best Alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint - WPS Office

Since you now know how to share a PowerPoint on Google Drive, viewing and presenting the shared file is the next vital check. WPS Office is the best office suite for making and editing documents, presentations, and more. You can choose WPS Office if you need an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint that keeps you from breaking the bank.

The following are some of the features that set WPS Office distinct from its rivals:

  • Compatibility: WPS Office is compatible with all PowerPoint files like PPT, PPTX, PPS, and PPSX. You can open, edit, and save any PowerPoint file without changing its format or reducing the quality. WPS lets you easily export your presentation to PDF format with just a click as well as convert pictures to xls and vice versa.

  • Cloud Storage: WPS Office customers get access to 1 GB of free cloud storage. Files stored on the cloud can be viewed and synced simultaneously on multiple devices. This is possible regardless of the device type, even if you're using Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, or iOS. In addition to providing direct links, you can also share your files via QR codes.

  • Template Library: WPS Office gives users access to thousands of free and professional templates. You can use these free templates for several applications, like design, education, and business. You can search the template collection and download the one that meets your needs. You can edit the templates to suit your preferences since they are modifiable.

  • Collaboration Tools: WPS Office makes it possible to have real-time collaboration on your presentation. You can provide feedback and suggestions, see other people's edits in real-time, and restrict users that can change sensitive information. It has an Airpage feature to create interactive web pages from your presentations and share them online.

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How To Convert a PowerPoint Presentation to Google Slides Without Losing Formatting?

The best bet you have to convert a presentation to Google Slide while retaining its format is to upload the file to Google Drive. After uploading the file, you can open it by double-clicking it. Then you can click on "File" and select "Save as Google Slide."

How Do I Make PowerPoint Editable Online?

Sometimes the access you get in a shared PowerPoint link is to be a viewer only. In this scenario, you can use PowerPoint for the web if the file is on OneDrive, SharePoint, or Dropbox. To edit such a file, open Onedrive on the web, locate the file and click on the name. Click on Edit Presentation and select Edits in PowerPoint Online. But if the file is on Google Drive, you can use Google Slide.

Why won't my PowerPoint Upload to Google Drive?

Most times, PowerPoint files aren't uploaded to Google Drive because the internet link is slow or unstable. If you're using an old browser or one that isn't suitable, your file might fail. Your upload can stop because of the size or type of the file or security measures like a firewall or virus scanner. To fix the issue, you can try some troubleshooting steps.

How Do I Save PowerPoint as PDF?

There are many ways to accomplish this task, but the easiest method is utilizing WPS Presentation. To do this, open the presentation file on WPS Presentation and click Menu, then select "Export to PDF." That's it; you're all set to view your presentations in PDF.


PowerPoint sharing is a fundamental tool to facilitate collaboration and the presentation of ideas. With PowerPoint sharing, presentations can be displayed and edited in real-time. This allows participants to contribute and make changes to the content.

Google Drive is software that helps perfect the execution of this idea. It does this by serving as a storage facility that helps keep the file and a base to execute all actions on the project.

We have discussed how you can share your PowerPoint file and how to keep the format and quality of a shared file intact. A tool we recommend for this is the WPS Office.

Particularly, the WPS Office helps you execute this process at no charge. WPS Office seamlessly enables you to save on Google Drive to get a shareable link. WPS uploads your file to Google Drive, making it easier to convert it to slides.

Also, WPS Office makes creating a platform for your team easier and lets you design and edit your presentation. You can't get enough of this powerful tool!

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