5 Best PDF Viewers for WordPress (Free & Paid)

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PDFs are essential for document viewing and sharing, and integrating them into your WordPress site can boost engagement. However, WordPress lacks native support for PDF embedding. The solution lies in third-party PDF viewer plugins, offering features like multimedia embedding and interactive navigation. These plugins enhance user experience, making your PDFs more accessible and engaging. In this article, we'll explore the top five WordPress PDF viewers, empowering you to seamlessly work with PDF files on your WordPress website.

5 Best PDF Viewers for WordPress

Top 5 Free & Paid PDF Viewers for WordPress

  1. PDF Embedder

PDF Embedder is an excellent choice for those seeking an efficient WordPress PDF viewer with a user-friendly interface, responsive design, and a range of features to enhance PDF display and navigation. PDF Embedder sets itself apart by utilizing JavaScript instead of iframes or third-party plugins to showcase PDF content. This approach grants users greater control over the document's appearance, translating to a smoother and more customizable viewing experience.

PDF Embedder

The free version provides essential navigation features such as Next and Previous buttons, while the Zoom option allows users to adjust the size of embedded PDF files. For those seeking more advanced capabilities, the premium version offers full-screen mode, clickable hyperlinks, and continuous page scrolling.


  • Responsive design for perfect viewing on any device.

  • JavaScript-based, ensuring flexibility in document appearance.

  • Basic navigation options like Next, Previous, and Zoom buttons.

  • Premium version includes a download button, continuous scrolling, and more.


  • Affordable one-time purchase for the Premium version.

  • Customizable widget settings for size, visibility, and position.

  • Comprehensive dashboard options for quick PDF uploads and management.


  • Free version lacks advanced functionalities like mobile-friendly viewing and download buttons.

  • Limited integration with marketing services.


  • Rating: 4.4/5


  • Freemium (Premium version pricing varies from $20 to $50/year based on site count).

2. Real3D Flipbook

Real3D FlipBook is a versatile WordPress plugin offering a creative solution for displaying PDFs, images, and HTML content. With a seamless drag-and-drop feature, it effortlessly transforms static PDFs into interactive flipbooks, ideal for showcasing magazines, books, brochures, and portfolios. This plugin introduces an engaging way to capture user attention and create a lasting impression.

Real3D Flipbook

Real3D FlipBook simplifies the process of building image flipbooks, PDF flipbooks, HTML flipbooks, and portfolio flipbooks without limitations in pages or file size. By incorporating WebGL technology, it seamlessly converts flat images and PDFs into lifelike flipbooks. The plugin supports various skins, enabling easy customization for both light and dark themes. Whether using PDFs, images, or HTMLs, 3D FlipBook ensures a visually appealing and interactive experience.


  • Versatile flipbook variations: Image, PDF, and HTML flipbooks.

  • Visual page editor for enhanced customization.

  • Google Analytics integration for tracking user interactions.

  • Diverse flipbook styles with different animations.


  • User-friendly WordPress post structure for easy management.

  • Comprehensive customization options with skins and templates.

  • AI-driven features for an intuitive flipbook experience.


  • Limited compatibility with older browsers lacking WebGL support.

  • Basic CSS knowledge required for full customization.


  • 5/5


  • Freemium (Premium version costs $49/license)

3. DearPDF

DearPDF stands out as a versatile WordPress plugin offering a seamless integration of a PDF viewer and interactive flipbook functionality. Designed for simplicity and power, it allows users to embed PDFs with ease, offering both traditional vertical viewing and engaging 3D/2D flipbook experiences.


DearPDF simplifies the process of displaying PDFs on WordPress by providing two primary modes: a traditional vertical viewer and realistic 3D flipbooks. Ideal for showcasing irregular pages and text-oriented documents, DearPDF caters to diverse needs, making it a one-stop solution for PDF viewing. Its intuitive design makes it easy for users to create and manage PDF viewers, following the familiar WordPress post structure.


  • Vertical PDF viewer for traditional reading.

  • Realistic 3D PDF flipbooks for interactive and engaging experiences.

  • Various flipbook modes, including embedded and button pop-ups.

  • Table of contents and page thumbnails for easy navigation.


  • Seamless integration of PDF viewer and flipbook features.

  • Beginner-friendly setup with just five simple steps.

  • Customizable flipbook modes and settings for a personalized experience.


  • Limited custom PDF button options.

  • Not suitable for PDF files heavily reliant on links.


  • 5/5


  • Freemium (Paid license ranges from $34-$99/year)

4. Gravity PDF

Gravity PDF stands as an essential WordPress plugin, seamlessly integrating with Gravity Forms, to dynamically generate digital PDF documents. Offering unparalleled customizability, security, and GDPR compliance, it simplifies the creation and distribution of personalized PDFs for various purposes.

Gravity PDF

Gravity PDF revolutionizes digital document creation within WordPress by providing four highly customizable PDF designs out of the box. Users can effortlessly personalize the appearance, including logo, header, footer, paper size, font, color, and size. Whether choosing from existing designs, bespoke options, or crafting one using HTML/CSS/PHP, Gravity PDF caters to diverse needs.


  • Highly customizable PDF designs with various template options.

  • Automatic email attachment feature for both admin and user.

  • Robust privacy, security, and GDPR compliance.

  • Multilingual support for global accessibility.


  • Unlimited use with no restrictions on PDF configurations.

  • Privacy and security ensured with on-server PDF generation.

  • Background processing for faster PDF creation.


  • Limited customization options for PDF buttons.

  • Not suitable for PDF files heavily reliant on links.


  • 5/5


  • Freemium (Premium access starting at AU$199/year)

5. EmbedPress

EmbedPress emerges as a versatile WordPress plugin that effortlessly allows users to embed content from over 150 sources, including multimedia elements like videos, images, documents, PDFs, and more. With seamless integration into popular WordPress editors and page builders, EmbedPress provides a user-friendly experience for enhancing website content.


EmbedPress revolutionizes the process of embedding multimedia content into WordPress websites. Whether using Classic Editor, Gutenberg (Block Editor), or other popular page builders, this plugin streamlines the embedding process. Users can embed content from a vast array of sources with a simple URL, making it a convenient solution for showcasing diverse media.


  • Embed content from 150+ websites effortlessly.

  • Seamless integration with Classic Editor, Gutenberg (Block Editor), and various WordPress Page Builders.

  • Multilingual support with compatibility with WPML for translation.

  • Custom branding options for YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Twitch, Dailymotion, and more.


  • Simplifies embedding content from a wide range of sources.

  • Compatible with popular WordPress editors and page builders.

  • Provides custom branding options for enhanced multimedia embeds.


  • Feature-rich nature might be overwhelming for users seeking a simpler PDF embedding tool.

  • Some users report frequent errors when embedding PDFs using the EmbedPress PDF block.


  • 5/5


  • Freemium (Premium plans starting at $39)

How to Embed a PDF in WordPress (With and Without a Plugin)

Like other content management systems, WordPress enables users to embed PDFs on their websites, offering the flexibility to do so with or without the use of plugins.

With Plugin

We will be using the PDF Embedder plug-in to embed our PDF into WordPress

Step 1: Navigate to your WordPress dashboard on your website. On the left panel, click on "Media", then select "Library" in the flyout menu.

WordPress Dashboard

Step 2: In the Media page of your website, click on "Add New" to introduce a new media file to your website.

Step 3: Utilize the "Select Files" button to upload the PDF file to your website.

WordPress Upload PDF

Step 4: Now click on "Plugins" in the left panel and then click on "Add new".

Step 5: Use the search bar to search for "PDF Embedder" on the Add Plugins page.

WordPress Add new Plugin

Step 6: Now, in the search results, find the PDF Embedder and then click on "Install Now" to install the plugin.

WordPress PDF Embedder

Step 7: Now, go to "Posts" on the left panel and edit the post where you wish to embed the PDF.

WordPress Posts

Step 8: In your WordPress editor, click on the "+" icon to add a new block and search for "PDF Embedder". PDF Embedder will appear in the results box below; click on it to continue.

WordPress Add icon

Step 9: Next, click on "Click here to Open Media Library to select PDF"; this will allow you to select and embed the PDF into your post.

WordPress Editor PDF Embedder

Step 10: In the "Select or Upload Media" dialog box, click on the "Media" tab as we already uploaded our PDF to WordPress, and then simply select the PDF to embed.

WordPress Upload PDF to Embed

Step 11: To reflect the changes made to the post, just click on the "Update" button at the top right.

WordPress Update Post

Without a Plugin

To insert a PDF on your WordPress without using a plugin, follow these straightforward steps:

Step 1: Go to your WordPress dashboard if you want to import the PDF file into a post. Click on "Posts" and then select "Add New".

WordPress new post

Step 2: Provide a post title; for example, I'm using "A New User's Guide to WordPress." If you wish, add a short description in the provided space.

Step 3: To add a block, click on the “+” icon. Now, search for the "File" block and select it.

WordPress add new block

Step 4: In the file block, you can either upload the PDF file directly from your PC or choose from the media library if you've already uploaded it.

Step 5: Click on "Upload" to add a new file, locate your PDF file, and click "Open".

WordPress editor upload PDF

Step 6: Once the file is uploaded, you'll see it in the block. Now, simply click on "Publish" to make your post live.

WordPress Publish new post

How to View a PDF in Chrome Without Downloading

If you're a Chrome user seeking an alternative to the built-in Chrome PDF viewer for reading and editing PDF files, WPS PDF Extension could be the solution you're seeking. WPS PDF Extension is a lightweight PDF reader and editor, allowing you to highlight, comment, and more, all without any cost. Here's a guide on how users can download WPS PDF for themselves:

Step 1:  Launch your Chrome browser and head to the Chrome Web Store.

Step 2: Navigate to the search bar within the store and look for "WPS PDF extension”.

Step 3: Identify and click on the entry titled "WPS PDF: Read and Comment PDF files" from the search results.

Search WPS PDF Extension in Chrome Webstore

Step 4: To integrate the WPS PDF extension into Chrome, hit the "Add to Chrome" button.

Add WPS PDF Extension to Chrome

Step 5: Chrome will request confirmation for the download. Affirm the installation by clicking on "Add Extension".

Confirm WPS PDF Extension Download

Step 6: Once the installation wraps up, the WPS PDF extension will unfold in a new tab. Take a virtual tour and commence using the WPS PDF extension seamlessly for all your PDF necessities during your Chrome browsing experience.

WPS PDF Extension Tour

Step 7: Find the WPS PDF extension by clicking on the Extensions icon in the Chrome toolbar.

WPS PDF Extension

Tip: For quick access, consider pinning the WPS PDF extension.

Step 8: To ensure PDFs open in the WPS PDF extension, click on the extension and then select the Settings icon.

WPS PDF Extension settings

Step 9: Enable the "Open PDFs in WPS PDF extension" option to ensure that all PDFs open in the WPS PDF extension while browsing.

Open PDFs in WPS PDF Extension

Best Free PDF Viewer and Editor - WPS Office

In PDF creation and editing for WordPress, WPS Office PDF is not very far behind, offering versatile tools for seamless content creation and modification. Whether drafting blog posts or formatting textual content, the suite's text editing and formatting features align with your website's style. Its robust PDF integration allows you to effortlessly convert documents into PDF format, while powerful editing tools facilitate on-the-fly updates to your PDFs for WordPress.

WPS Office

WPS Office PDF's image handling capabilities, supporting insertion and editing, contribute to visually appealing documents for WordPress posts or pages. The suite enhances collaboration through cloud integration, enabling team members to collaboratively work on documents before integrating content into WordPress. For data presentation, leverage its spreadsheet and chart creation features, embedding visuals directly into your WordPress content.


WPS Office PDF's mobile accessibility ensures you can make edits on the go, and consistent branding is achievable through customizable templates. Exporting documents in different formats ensures cross-platform compatibility when importing into WordPress. With WPS Office PDF, you have a comprehensive solution to conveniently fit your PDF needs, regardless of when or how you require it.

Moreover, if you are looking for thethe best PDF viewer for Google Chrome, we offer several suggestions in a separate article. These PDF viewers guarantee a superior reading experience when used in conjunction with Google Chrome. Feel free to access the complete article by clicking the hyperlink.

WPS Office- Free All-in-One Office Suite
  • Use Word, Excel, and PPT for FREE, No Ads.

  • Edit PDF files with the powerful PDF toolkit.

  • Microsoft-like interface. Easy to learn. 100% Compatibility.

  • Boost your productivity with WPS's abundant free Word, Excel, PPT, and CV templates.

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Q1. What is the easiest way to embed PDFs on a website?

There are various methods to embed PDFs on a website. Here is a straightforward guide on how to do it using Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor:

Step 1: Open the desired PDF file and import it by dragging and dropping it into the software window.

Step 2: Navigate to the "Convert" tab. Choose the "H" icon, denoting "Convert your PDF to HTML file" from the array of conversion options.

Step 3: Set parameters like page range and save the resulting HTML file.

Step 4: Copy the generated HTML code and paste it into the relevant section of your webpage.

Q2. How do I add a downloadable PDF to WordPress?

Step 1: Upload PDF to WordPress

  • Locate your PDF, go to WordPress admin, navigate to Media → Add New.

  • Drag your PDF to upload, then copy the URL for download.

Step 2: Display WordPress Download Button

  • Navigate to your page/post, add a Button block.

  • Click the Link button, paste the URL, update the page. Visitors can now download the PDF hassle-free.

Q3. What is the importance of having a PDF viewer on a WordPress website?

Having a PDF viewer on a WordPress website can be beneficial in several ways.

  • Enhanced User Experience: A PDF viewer ensures a seamless and user-friendly way for visitors to view and download documents directly from your WordPress site.

  • Preservation of Formatting: It maintains the intended formatting of documents, ensuring that users see the content exactly as it was designed, regardless of their device or browser.

  • Easy Access to Information: Enables quick access to important information, making it convenient for users to engage with your content without needing external applications.

WPS PDF As Your Ultimate PDF Solution

WordPress has dominated its competitors, thanks to its phenomenal and easy website creation. It simplifies what could be a challenging task, making it more accessible. If you're dealing with document copies within your WordPress site, our guide to the top 5 plugins can significantly ease your life. However, suggesting WPS as a PDF solution is always a great option. With its robust viewing capabilities and free status, it's accessible to everyone. Seize the opportunity – unlock the potential of WPS Office today for a seamless and empowering PDF journey.

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