WPS PDF VS PDF 24 Comparison: A Comprehensive Analysis

July 31, 2023 999 views

PDF editors are ubiquitous. Their importance is immensely emphasized in businesses, and many can’t imagine going about their lives without them. Students, programmers, businesses, researchers, lawyers, etc., nearly everyone is looking to find the best PDF editor out there that would suit their needs the best. There are a number of PDF editors and no two editors are ever alike. Many PDF viewers may share a significant amount of similarities however, there is still a certain difference that sets them apart from the remaining applications. The primary features that differentiate PDF viewers include compatibility differences, pricing plans, editing tools, etc.

WPS PDF and PDF 24 are both incredibly powerful PDF conversion tools whose services are available to everybody across the world. WPS PDF comparison with PDF 24 will help many users identify the key features they need to consider while choosing a PDF editor that works for them. Not only that, but the comparison will also teach many learners about the facilities offered by both software.  WPS PDF is a free PDF editing software that is developed by the WPS office. It offers all the basic PDF editing for its free version while enabling users to employ various advanced features on its paid version and is compatible with multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux, iOS for iPhone and android. Meanwhile, PDF24 is free for both commercial as well private purposes, however the application also offers a paid version where it covers plenty of features that are lacking in the free version. It is a lightweight software that allows users to be able to add, remove text, images and pages. Other basic features that include annotating PDFs and converting PDF to other file formats.

1. User Interface

WPS PDF is an exclusive free editing tool that converts any document format to PDF effortlessly and seamlessly. For new users, the application is incredibly easy to understand and navigate. The layout is simple and straightforward. The top toolbar encompasses all the necessary tools one needs to edit documents which mainly includes adding texts or images, deleting pages, compressing, merging, splitting, and much more. The interface is designed to be modern yet intuitive, so that users may not find the software confusing and difficult. Besides that the application also offers customization options, making it more adjustable to users preferences. This combination of style and functionality give users a great customer experience, and ultimately making it a popular choice for many.

PDF24 has a user-friendly and neat interface that's designed to maximize speed and ease of use. The application is fully packed with a wide variety of features, making it necessary to invest some time in exploring and identifying the features required for your work. One potential issue that some users may have with the application is that it offers most of its features through separate and modular interfaces, which are completely isolated from each other. When you first open PDF24, you'll encounter a grid of editing options, and clicking on one takes you to the appropriate interface. This may make it challenging to go through many PDFs in sequence, but once you're familiar with the interface, it should be easy to navigate.

2. Editing Features

WPS PDF is a free editing PDF tool however also has a paid version that users can choose from. for the price that many of its users pay, if it offers a lot more than one would expect. It offers multiple editing features which ranges from text editing to PDF conversions. It allows users to edit text within the PDF files and make modifications such as changing the font, size, and color of the text. Users are also able to add and delete text and images from the file. WPS PDF mainly stands out for its annotating tools which allows users to comment, highlight, underline, strikethrough and more. The software also offers some handy extra features like adding overlays and page numbers, comparing PDFs, and protecting documents from further editing.

PDF24 provides users with a wide range of features that allow for both basic and advanced editing tasks to be performed with ease. These include the ability to create new PDFs, merge existing ones, compress files, convert to different formats, extract pages, optimize for web viewing, and extract media from documents. Another useful feature is OCR, which enables scanned images to be converted into editable text. This is particularly helpful in office settings where documents often require processing and slight adjustments.

3. Price

WPS PDF offers both free as well as premium pricing plans to the users. The free plan provides all the basic editing features, which is sufficient enough for users who need a PDF to be able to view it and make a few changes to it here and there, such as adding or removing text, and make use of certain annotation features. The premium plan starts as $29.95 a year or $3.99 per month. Not only does this plan allow users to make use of all the advanced features but costs overall much cheaper than all the other popular PDF editors who offer similar features. WPS PDF also provides a lifetime license for its professional plan, which is priced at $119.99, and if not for a lifetime users can opt for $6.99 per month or $79.99 an year.

PDF24 is a completely free application, without any premium options or multiple versions available. Unlike other free software on the market, it does not come bundled with any additional software or installers. Besides that, it does not require any licensing from the developers to use for commercial purposes, which is useful for those who want to try it out in a production environment.

4. Customer Support

WPS PDF offers extensive customer support to its users. WPS PDF website entails a number of tutorials and FAQs that are there to assist users and help them investigate the issue further into solving. Besides that, the application also allows users to avail of customer support services through a live chat and a helpline, this is especially useful to users who want immediate assistance. However, users who don’t necessarily have an elaborate issue can contact WPS PDF via their email, where they can get their response within 24 hours.

While PDF24 is a great free application, it's important to note that users may not be able to get much in terms of customer support. The developers have put together an extensive help database, which covers a lot of topics. However, if the user ever has an issue and needs immediate real-time assistance, there is not a lot they can do but wait a while for a response. They do provide contact options and encourage users to reach out to their customer support, even though it may not be the best.

5. Security

While PDF24 and WPS PDF are both great PDF editors, WPS PDF has a clear edge in terms of security features. The WPS PDF password protection is more robust and customizable compared to PDF24's. For WPS PDF, users can set a password for opening and editing the document, and even restrict printing, copying, and modifying the content. On the other hand, PDF24 only allows you to set a password for opening the file.

Another great security feature of WPS PDF is the digital signature option, which allows users to sign the document electronically, verifying the authenticity and integrity of the content. Meanwhile, PDF24 doesn't have this feature, so users mainly have to use third-party software to add digital signatures.

6. Storage

Since PDF24 may have a smaller file size, nonetheless it does require installation on the computer. This takes up some space in the hard drive, so users who often work with larger files need a large hard disk capacity to be able to store files.

However, WPS PDF can be accessed online and offers cloud storage options that allow users to access files from any device with an internet connection. If connectivity is an issue, WPS PDF also performs just as great. Besides that, the application also makes collaboration easier and more accessible. It also provides a document encryption feature that allows users to protect their files with a password and make them more secure and ensure that they are only accessible through authorized users.




PDF 24

User Interface

  • User Friendly

  • Customizable

  • Neat design

  • Separate windows


  • OCR

  • Annotation tools

  • Cloud storage

  • OCR

  • Annotation tools


Free and paid versions available



  • Advanced editing tools

  • User friendly

  • Affordable and users can also experience free version

  • Easy-to-use

  • Annotation tools

  • Compatibility over multiple operating systems


  • No on call customer support

  • Lacks advanced editing tools

  • Limited file conversion

  • Limited security options

  • Only compatible with Windows


  • Password Protection

  • Digital signature

  • Password Protection

Customer Support

  • Online

  • Help centers

  • Tutorials and guides

  • Help centers

  • Tutorials and guides


Top Reasons Why WPS Outshines PDF 24

Both WPS PDF and PDF 24 are powerful tools with a unique set of features that can be utilized by users to convert, edit and manage their PDFs efficiently. PDF 24 is a free PDF software which provides its user with a neat and clean user interface but the fact their features can not be accessed in a single module could be hectic for some users to manage their work. However, WPS PDF offers premium features to its users and also provides the basic features such as converting, merging and editing PDFs in their free version along with built-in manager that allows its user to organize their work in an efficient manner. For the free  WPS PDF version click here and avail the amazing features being offered.

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