WPS PDF VS Small PDF : PDF Editor Comparison

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The standard format for sharing and distributing documents over many platforms is PDF. It saves a lot of natural resources, it protects the files from being misused, and you can lock viewing or editing of the documents behind a password. Many tools have emerged over time that are available to edit, annotate, and convert PDF files. One of the PDF editors which are discussed a lot is WPS PDF. It is a versatile editing tool with an incredibly minimalist yet efficient user interface. The software design is accessible to all users of any skill level. However, it is justified to wonder if WPS PDF is the PDF editor to serve your purpose. For that a comparison between WPS PDF and SmallPDF is conducted to deduce the best PDF amongst them.

Small PDF is another document processing PDF tool that was made in Switzerland. It was founded in 2013 and since has gained an extremely reputable name. Many businesses and individuals alike choose to use Smallpdf every day, however, there have been certain limitations that are covered by other PDF tools. WPS PDF comparison with Smallpdf is made to determine which option is better and help users with their decision making.

1. Features

WPS PDF offers an extensive and comprehensive set of features that allows users to modify the formatting of their PDF documents. These features include editing, annotation, and conversion to and from PDF files. Users are able to add or delete text, images, and pages at their convenience. It also includes a number of collaboration tools that allow users to be able to edit the document with their team at the same time, and the document can be shared in real-time.

Smallpdf also offers a decent range of features for editing, and annotation, which includes the ability to delete and add texts, images, and even pages. However, the collaboration tools offered by WPS PDF that offer a real-time sharing of the document is a service that not a lot of PDF editors have been able to provide, including Smallpdf.

2. Pricing

The majority of the basic editing features on WPS PDF are free of cost. However, businesses and individuals who are looking to work with premium features are able to access the WPS PDF premium by paying a one-time fee of $29.99. The one-time fee will grant users an unlimited user license, which serves to be much cheaper than other PDF editors who charge on a monthly basis. The premium feature allows users to access additional features such as managing multiple user accounts, tracking activity and usage, real-time collaboration features, etc.

Smallpdf offers a range of pricing plans that users can choose from considering their intent of use. The basic plan entails all the basic features and is free of cost. Meanwhile, the premium plan consists of many advanced features that are available for monthly as well as yearly subscription.

3. Customer Support

Customers are the backbone of any company. Without customers, no company would be able to profit. WPS PDF ensures that their customer service is top-notch and every customer is catered to. The clients are able to reach customer care support by contacting them by email or their customer care hotline. Customer support is extremely responsive to all the issues that they are reached out with. The assistance is also offered 24/7, meaning regardless of how urgent the issue is, there will always be an assistant to aid you with all the help you need. Besides that, there are several tutorials and articles available online that users can refer to.

Smallpdf also offers customer support, which includes a knowledge base and email. However, the support options are a little limited compared to what WPS PDF offers. This may serve as a major drawback to the PDF editor with users who are looking to find extensive support.

4. Security

WPS PDF ensures that the security features offered by the application are reliable, uncompromised, and robust. WPS PDF and small PDF both allow users to add a password to their documents and files. Users are also able to encrypt files and prevent others from getting access to them. They also offer a number of other security features such as redaction tools that allow users to remove sensitive information from PDF files.

For those who want to be made aware of those who can access their files and documents, may not want to consider Smallpdf. Although Smallpdf allows adding passwords to files, it does not provide as extensive security features. So, businesses that share files that contain sensitive information, must consider WPS PDF as their choice of PDF editor.

5. Platform Compatibility

There are numerous users who work on various devices, such as certain people who would prefer a document to be compatible with their iPhone as well as with their Windows laptop. WPS PDF offers versatility when it comes to Platform Compatibility. The application is compatible with Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, etc. creating and managing documents are not only made accessible by WPS PDF but convenient too, given that the application works at its best on all platforms. Therefore, anyone who is looking to find a document editor that works over a range of devices seamlessly must opt for WPS PDF.

Smallpdf also gives the benefit to the user of being accessible over a number of platforms, such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, however, there are certain limitations to it as well. Smallpdf is a PDF editor that was primarily designed for a particular platform. This may be concerning for users who work on different platforms.

6. User Interface

WPS PDF has an incredibly neat, minimalistic, and intuitive interface. This allows users ease of navigation and control over their documents. WPS PDF also allows the user the control to customize the layout features in the application. This way many users will be able to adjust the important features they need where it’s most accessible to them. The flexibility allows a lot of time-saving as access to the important features becomes much faster.

Smallpdf is an amazing PDF editor if someone is starting out with documentation. However, the customization feature is unfortunately not available by Smallpdf which makes navigation a little difficult. Once the user gets the hang of the PDF editor they may be able to use it seamlessly afterward.

7. Speed and Efficiency

When it comes to speed and efficiency of a good PDF editor, the speed must be optimal so that users are able to open their larger files quickly. There are many great PDF editors out there that are able to deliver premium speed outputs, however, while comparing both Smallpdf and WPS PDF, WPS PDF takes the lead. WPS PDF also allows swift and smooth scrolling across the documents, that too without compromising the quality of images and graphics.

Meanwhile, Smallpdf is more known for its online PDF tools and does not offer a standalone PDF viewer. Many users are content with Smallpdf’s ability to offer a PDF viewer as a part of its suite of online tools, however, its features are limited where speed is concerned. It may take users a much longer time to load their heavy files or to scroll down the pages. Besides that, the major disadvantage that Smallpdf has is that it does not provide any offline services. It is a strictly online platform where it is dependent on internet connectivity.

8. File Compatibility

WPS PDF is a notorious PDD editor and offers a wide range of file compatibility. The viewer is able to open and read documents available in various file formats, which includes PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and other major file formats. Not only is WPS PDF extensively inclusive of platforms it can be accessible at, but users are also able to open and view files from multiple sources. This is especially incredibly useful for individuals and businesses alike who prefer working on various file formats on a daily basis.

Smallpdf, on the other hand, mainly provides services through an online platform, which offers a suite of PDF tools for users. Although users are able to open and work on different file formats, the viewer is not as versatile as WPs PDF in terms of its file compatibility. Unfortunately, some of the file formats that are not as common are not supported by Smallpdf, which could be limiting to some users.





User Interface

  • Easy to use

  • Similar to MS Office

  • Modern

  • Intuitive

Editing tools

  • OCR

  • Batch Conversion

  • Form creation

  • Basic editing tools


Free and paid plan

Free and paid plan


  • Supports larger file sizes.

  • Supports wider range of formats

  • Cheaper paid plans


  • Paid plans are expensive comparatively

  • Less file support

  • Does not support files larger than 100MB

Maximum File size



File Formats

PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Images, TXT

PDF, Word, Excel, Images, Powerpoint

Platform Compatibility

  • Windows

  • Mac

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Windows


  • Password Protection

  • Digital signature

  • Password Protection

  • Digital Signature

  • esigns

Customer Support

  • Online

  • Help centers

  • Tutorials and guides

  • Help centers

  • Tutorials and guides

  • Online

User ratings



Although both PDF applications provide their own sets of benefits and are incredibly popular in the document processing industry, one might prefer one over the other. WPS PDF comparison with Smallpdf  was made to help users be able to decide which suffices them better. WPS PDF offers versatility when it comes to features and compatibility. Meanwhile, Smallpdf offers a wide range of payment plans. Thus, someone who is only looking forward to documenting services that are of basic level may find the free version of both PDFs sufficient. However, in terms of speed and efficiency WPS PDF not only provides offline services but is able to generate quick outputs without compromising on quality. So, if your decision is deduced to WPS PDF, download now to make the most out of its services.

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