WPS PDF VS Soda PDF :A Software Comparison

July 31, 2023 1.1K views

WPS PDF is a globally recognized document processing software that is used to create, edit, and manage files. WPS PDF offers many features that stand out when compared to many other PDF editors. Its user interface is easy to use and intuitive, this feature alone gives WPS PDF a major edge over many PDF editors. The fact that WPS offers many of its services for free that can be utilized online as well as offline, makes the PDF editor one of a kind. Its compatibility with many Office Suites makes it a desirable option for many developers, students, and other individuals.

Another powerful PDF editor, namely, Soda PDF, is designed to help the user create professional documents that allow several unique features to help individuals and businesses alike. Soda PDF is an amazing PDF editor for someone who wants to edit documents on a daily basis. However, since users are often confused as to what PDF editor would serve them better, a comparison is necessary to establish a clear victor. There are many areas where WPS PDF is a better conversion tool for a lot of users, while for some, Soda PDF might benefit them more since their needs are effectively met by the editor. WPS PDF comparison with Soda PDF will assist many in deciding, which PDF tool will serve their purpose best.

1. Pricing

WPS PDF holds a clean and clear advantage over Soda PDF when it comes to pricing. WPS PDF offers far more affordable options with a one-time fee of $29.99, for a lifetime license. Previously, WPS Office required a monthly fee option for its users. But since many users were so fond of the tool and did not prefer paying a certain amount of fee on a monthly basis. The fee structure was made to change to meet the needs of the users and make it more accessible to them. This fee allows all the premium features which include PDF conversions, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), digital signature feature, and form filling.

Meanwhile, Soda PDF may be a little outdated with its complex pricing criteria. It has several different editions, each offered at a different price depending on the features included. The fee is $10 per month to $14 per year. Looking at the bigger picture, WPS PDF is a lot cheaper, when considering purchasing a PDF tool for an extensive period of time.

2. PDF Conversion

WPS PDF has immensely powerful PDF conversions. WPS PDF supports conversions to a wide range of file formats.

The primary formats to which WPD PDF is able to convert to are Word, Spreadsheet, and PowerPoint. Besides that, WPS PDF is also able to convert to file formats that include all Office file formats, even HTML, TXT, ZIP, etc. This feature allows many students, and researchers to convert different file formats to and from PDF format.

Soda PDF also offers PDF conversion facilities; however, its range of features is limited in comparison to what WPS PDF offers. The application only allows conversion to Microsoft Office formats, as well as HTML and image formats. WPS PDF offers conversion in numerous outputs that not a lot of PDF conversion tools can compete with.

3. Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

When it comes to Optical Character Recognition where users are able to scan their documents and have an easy-to-edit document ready in their required format, WPS PDF simply excels at it. The WPS PDF application includes a robust OCR engine that can convert any document to an editable document. Many professionals work with images and printable material, and to edit these documents WPS PDF is the best available option.

Although Soda PDF offers OCR features as well, they are not as extensive and precise as WPS PDF. The OCR engine is not as strong and covers only the most basic features of OCR. The results, therefore, might not always be accurate as WPS PDF. Furthermore, the OCR feature is only included in the expensive editions of Soda PDF, so Soda PDF may not be the best choice of PDF editor out there.

4. Digital Signature

To put it simply, a digital signature is WPD PDF’s primary feature that sets it apart from many profound PDF tools. The application offers numerous tools that help the user create their personalized digital signature. For WPS PDF, the range of digital signature tools the application provides service of includes the ability to sign a PDF file with a certificate, add timestamps and location along with the signature, and create customized signatures.

Someone who is not looking to work with a number of digital signature features may be attracted to the Soda PDF. Soda PDF may include certain digital signature features; however, it lacks in many areas that WPS PDF covers. The application may be able to add a digital signature to the PDF files, but it can not offer a similar level of customization and management features as WPS PDF.

5. Easy-To-Use

Both PDF editors have an incredibly user-friendly interface where the features and functions are easy to navigate. The only difference is that WPS PDF offers a more streamlined interface. This makes WPS PDF a more suitable PDT editor for beginners, since the layout is simple, and there are not a lot of menus and functions.

Soda PDF may not be the best option for people who are beginning to use PDF editors. The interface may appear a little complex to them at first, however, after getting used to it, they will get the hang of it. There have been certain complaints over the interface being so complex that many users find it difficult to navigate the most basic functions.

6. Customer Support

The quality of customer support tells a lot about how much the customers are valued by their companies. Thankfully, both companies have strong and readily available customer service to help users in case they run into certain issues regarding their applications. However, WPS PDF has an edge over customer care support over Soda PDF. WPS PDF offers a wide range of assistance tools, which includes online help centers with a wide range of articles and tutorials, as well as community forums across many media to get assistance.

Soda PDF does not have a similarly extensive range of customer support options as WPS PDF; however, the application does offer a customer support hotline. The hotline is only available for users who are looking to find an immediate solution to their problems and is only available for a limited time.

7. Security

Robust and reliable security features are what many experts consider when choosing a good pdf editor. Both WPS PDF and Soda PDF offer a range of features that protect PDF files from unauthorized access. However, for users who are looking for advanced security features integrated with their PDF editor, WPS PDF is the closest to the perfect PDF editor to consider. WPS PDF offers a range of security features, besides adding passwords to PDF files. These features include setting permissions for different users, restricting printing and copying, and a redaction tool that removes all the sensitive information from the PDF files.

WPS PDF offers extensive security features. Not a lot of PDF editors are able to compete with the level of security WPS PDF entails. Likewise, Soda PDF simply cannot compete with WPS PDF as it only allows a limited amount of security features. This mainly includes adding passwords to PDF files and restricting printing and copying.

8. Integration

Both PDF editors can be integrated with other applications. This allows users to open their documents in other file formats within other programs. This offers the users the convenience to edit these files with the program they are most comfortable with. For users who prefer working with Microsoft Office files, WPS PDF will serve the purpose a lot better. WPS PDF has an advantage here because the application includes a range of plugins that allow users to open and edit files from within Microsoft Office programs, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Many users require documents in other file formats for more efficient editing. Thus, for such users, Soda PDF may not be the best option. Although Soda PDF supports integration options, the integration is only limited to the online web browser and cloud storage services. However, it is still far off from achieving a similar level of integration of WPS PDF.




Soda PDF

User Interface

  • User Friendly

  • Clean Design

  • Simple

  • Easy to use


  • OCR

  • Batch Conversion

  • Form creation

  • OCR

  • Batch Conversion

  • Form creation



Free trial and paid version


  • Supports a wider range of formats

  • Great value for the free version

  • No file size limit


  • Does not offer phone support

  • Paid version only

Maximum file size

200 MB

  • No limit

File Conversion

Multiple formats

Limited formats


  • Password Protection

  • Digital Signature

  • Password Protection

  • Digital Signature

Customer Support

  • Online chat support

  • Help centers

  • Tutorials and guides

  • Help centers

  • Tutorials and guides

  • Phone call support


Why is WPS PDF better?

WPS PDF comparison with Soda PDF establishes that both tools are extremely dynamic and powerful. However, for users who want a PDF tool compatible with Windows, Mac, or smartphone (Android or iPhone) WPS PDF is a better option. WPS PDF offers advanced features such as PDF conversions, OCR, and digital signature capabilities.

While WPS PDF is a premium option compared to Soda PDF, it is also much more cost-effective. Soda PDF may have a more flexible pricing model, however, experienced professionals who are willing to work with advanced features will find WPS PDF a more suitable option. Ultimately, however, the choice between WPS PDF and Soda PDF is solely upon the preference of the user, thus, it is important that all features are carefully evaluated and considered. WPS Office can easily be downloaded by clicking here to access all the features available.

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