A Brief Overview of Windows 11 Operating System

July 31, 2023 2.0K views

This is Microsoft's latest desktop operating system, Windows 11. As Windows 10 had previously been referred to as "the last version of Windows," nobody expected its debut at the beginning of 2021.

New features in Windows 11 are aimed at making the user experience easier and reducing clutter. Windows 10X, the canceled Windows 10 touch-focused spin-off, significantly influenced many aspects of the new operating system. Microsoft appears to be putting a lot of effort into making Windows 11 a fantastic OS for many devices and form factors.

As of today, Windows 11 may be downloaded and installed manually or through the Settings menu on all supported laptops and desktops. Even if you don't want to buy a Mac or a Chromebook in 2022, practically every other laptop will be running Windows 11.

What can you expect from Windows 11 operating system?

Microsoft has preserved the same fundamental interface, but with a considerable overhaul, in an apparent attempt to avoid offending millions of users (as it ultimately did with Windows 8) through drastic changes. Everything has rounded corners, including the Start Menu, which has been moved to the center of the screen by default but can be moved back if desired.

It has a new widgets panel that can show the weather and stock markets, as well as enhanced grouping and snapping of active windows so that you can focus more readily on what you're trying to achieve. This is a replacement for the old Start Menu's live tiles.

Thanks to the introduction of gestures and a new on-screen keyboard that is more like the one on your phone, Windows 11 for tablets has become a lot better. You can use the Amazon Appstore to download and install Android apps, but a workaround allows you to utilize the Google Play Store instead.

The system requirements for Microsoft's new Windows 11 operating system


In recent weeks, there has been a lot of debate about which devices can run the Windows 11 operating system. Others, not concerned about the TPM mandate, are merely pondering whether or not it's time to replace their PC or laptop.

You can see the updated requirements for the update here:

  • At least two cores on a 64-bit CPU or SoC with at least 1 GHz of processing power
  • 4GB of RAM.
  • 64 GB of storage
  • UEFI and Secure Boot-enabled system firmware
  • TPM 2.0 Graphics: Trusted Platform Module DirectX 12 or later and the WDDM 2.0 driver are required.
  • 8-bit per color channel and at least a 9-inch diagonal display are required

First-time setup of Windows 11 Home requires an active internet connection and a Microsoft account, which must be established before a device may be switched out of S-mode.

Upgrade to Windows 11: Is it worth it?


Many people will be eager to download and test Windows 11 now that it is free and available. But is it worth it to update to Windows 11 operating system?

Many people, in our opinion, will benefit from delaying an upgrade to Windows 11 for a bit longer. This is because it's still in its infancy, and many issues still need to be addressed. Because Windows 11 is slowing down their internet connections, several customers have complained.

As a result, Microsoft is already working on a solution for most of these problems. By delaying the installation of the Windows 11 operating system for some time, you'll have time to wait for fixes from Microsoft. When installing Windows 11, things should work much more smoothly in a few weeks or months.

We also talked to many industry professionals, and they all agreed that Windows 11 should be put off for the time being by consumers and enterprises alike.

The best alternative to Microsoft Office in 2022: WPS Office


Online office suites for educators are now available for free download. With the release of Kingsoft's WPS Office suite, a new system software competitor to Microsoft Office 2021, a new threat has emerged. In 2022, its user interface will be simple and well-structured, making it easy for everyone to learn and operate.

WPS Office has an accessible and premium version that can be purchased online. The free edition of the software includes all the necessary features, such as a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation tool. However, you'll be bombarded with ads, and your cloud storage will be capped at 1 GB per month at best.

For $3.99 per month or $29.99 per year, you can purchase a paid edition of the app on the internet. An ad-free experience and 20 GB of cloud storage space are included.

Additional features include a web-based version of the WPS Office suite, which can be accessed from any desktop or mobile device. This feature is provided without charge. If a shared document becomes unusable for some time, you can control who gets access to the document and for how long. Since the Microsoft Office 2021 system software operates more slowly on devices with lower specs, WPS Office is the ideal alternative.

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