Adobe Reader Extension for Chrome Online 2024

January 17, 2024 5.8K views

Adobe Reader introduced an extension for the Google Chrome browser for online users. We all know Adobe software, mainly recommended for PDF file formatting, editing, viewing, and saving. In recent days, Adobe extended its online version with Adobe PDF tools and the Adobe Reader extension, specifically for Google Chrome browsers.

Adobe released this extension to complete the full file formatting process. While we can only edit PDFs and update files with the Adobe DC online tool, the Adobe extension provides additional features for Chrome users.

What are Advanced Acrobat's features for Chrome Extension

  • View, download, print, and store PDFs

  • Merge files into a single PDF file or split a PDF.

  • Add signature and fill in a PDF

  • Organize your PDF. cut, rotate, or change the number of PDF pages.

  • Compress and convert a PDF to reduce its file size.


Why Did Adobe Add the Extension on Chrome

Adobe has launched Acrobat Chrome and Edge extensions, allowing users to directly access its PDF tools and convert or edit any PDF files through their browsers. These extensions will enable you to merge, split, convert, and compress any PDF file without switching applications. Once the extension has been downloaded to your browser, it needs to be set up as a PDF viewer in your Chrome content settings.

How to Use Adobe Reader Extension for Google Chrome

Install the Adobe Acrobat Reader extension for Chrome.

Now, discover the robust features of the Adobe Reader Extension, reshaping your experience in managing PDFs.

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As we introduced earlier, Adobe Reader Extension boasts a variety of features, providing users with the convenience of handling PDF files directly in their browsers. However, if you're looking for a lightweight, free solution, we strongly recommend exploring the WPS PDF Reader Extension. WPS PDF Reader Extension caters to modern user needs with its sleek yet powerful design. Emphasizing lightweight functionality, it loads quickly and operates smoothly compared to other extension. Unlike other PDF tools, WPS PDF Reader Extension not only boasts outstanding features but is entirely free to use. Whether it's merging, splitting, converting, or compressing PDF files, you can accomplish these tasks effortlessly without incurring additional costs. This unique combination makes WPS PDF Reader Extension stand out in PDF file handling.

WPS Office: More Features, Greater Possibilities

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