Best 8 Steps on How to Add Editable Fields in PDF with WPS Office

July 31, 2023 1.7K views

A way to add Editable Fields in PDF files because the editable fields are extensively used for sharing information and records across diverse systems. However, once in a while you may want to make the free online PDF form fillable or add editable fields to the PDF to permit customers to go into and edit data in the document.

Including editable fields to a free online PDF converter can be useful in lots of conditions, along with developing application forms, surveys, questionnaires, and other files that require consumer enter. In this weblog submission, we can guide you through the technique of adding editable fields in PDF converter using the use of WPS office, that's one of the maximum broadly used PDF editor gear.

We will provide step-with the aid of-step instructions which might be easy to follow, so you can quickly create your fillable PDF paperwork. Let's get started!

8 Steps on How to Add Editable Fields with WPS Office

WPS office is a famous workplace suite that consists of a PDF editor tool known as WPS PDF. Here are the steps you can observe to add editable fields to a PDF using WPS PDF:

  1. Open the PDF file in WPS PDF on your computer or Laptop.

  2. Click on "Form" in the top menu bar and select "Edit Form."

  3. Click on "Add New Field" on the right-hand side toolbar.

  4. Choose the type of field you want to add, such as text, checkbox, radio button, or dropdown list.

  5. Click on the location in the document where you want to add the field and drag to set the field size.

  6. Double-click on the field to open the "Field Properties" dialog box, where you can customize the field properties, such as the field name, default value, and validation options.

  7. Repeat steps 4-6 to add more fields to the document.

  8. Once you have added all the fields, click on "Save" in the top menu bar to save the changes to the document.

That's it! You have successfully added editable fields to your PDF document using WPS PDF.

Using Tips for  Adding Editable Fields in PDF with WPS Office

There are several benefits of adding editable fields in PDF using WPS Office, including:

  1. User-friendly interface:  WPS PDF has a user-pleasant interface that is easy to navigate, making it simple to feature and customize form fields.

  2. Cost-effective solution:  WPS PDF is a cost-powerful answer for including editable fields to PDFs, making it an tremendous alternative to more steeply-priced PDF editors.

  3. Customizable form fields: With WPS PDF, you could add various form fields, including text boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons, and dropdown menus, and customize them to suit your wishes. WPS Office offers many templates, you must have to visit the template store of WPS Office.

  4. Security features: WPS PDF offers several security features that let you defend your PDF forms, such as password safety and digital signatures.

  5. Cross-platform compatibility:WPS PDF is compatible with home windows, Mac, Linux, and cell devices, allowing you to paint on your PDF bureaucracy from everywhere.

  6. Fast and efficient: WPS PDF is a fast and efficient tool for adding editable fields to PDFs, enabling you to create forms quickly and easily.

Overall, using WPS PDF to add editable fields to PDFs can save you time and money while producing professional-looking forms that are easy to use and share.

Premium Version of WPS Office for How to Add Editable Fields in PDF

WPS workplace premium is a subscription-primarily based model of WPS office that consists of additional features and capability beyond the unfastened version. Those functions include advanced phrase processing and spreadsheet tools, PDF to word conversion, OCR technology, cloud garage integration, and precedence customer support. WPS workplace top class is advert-free and includes extra templates and resources, and pricing varies depending on the number of gadgets and subscription period.

FAQs  about Adding Editable Fields in PDF

1. Can you edit a PDF file in the WPS Office?

Yes, you can edit a PDF file in the WPS office using its WPS PDF module. With this module, you may edit textual content, snap shots, and other elements in your PDF record. You could also add, delete, and regulate pages, as well as insert, delete, and customize shape fields.

2. Is WPS PDF Editor free?

WPS PDF Editor is not completely free, but there is a free trial version available for users to try before purchasing. The free trial allows users to use the software for a limited time period with some features and functionalities available. However, after the trial period ends, users will need to purchase a license to continue using the software.

Download WPS Office to Learn More about How to Add Editable Fields in PDF.

To download WPS Office for adding editable fields in PDF, visit the WPS Office website and choose the version you want to download. We recommend using WPS Office due to its user-friendly interface, customizable form fields, security features, and compatibility with other software. You can try WPS Office for free and use its WPS PDF module to add and customize form fields in your PDF documents.

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