Best Free 3 Ways to Remove Signature from PDF on Windows & Mac

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Digital signatures on PDFs are equal to ink signatures on PDFs, with the exception that digital signatures are securer. Signatures are used to keep PDFs secure, legal, and formal. While PDF signatures are relatively easier to add, removing signatures from PDF can be a bit challenging. To help people to know how to remove signature from pdf, we have listed below the three best ways to remove signatures from PDFs on Windows and Mac.

What to Know Before We Start to Remove Signature

A digital signature in PDF is quite similar to a handwritten signature. PDFs are typically used in the offices, school, and for personal use. It is quite challenging to forge a PDF digital signature as it comprises encrypted information along with the password, which is why it can be challenging for users when they search for how to remove a signature from a PDF.

Potential Things to Know How to Remove Your Digital Signature

We know that PDF is widely known and used for its security purpose. It allows users to impose password protection on important documents, meaning only authorized users can access the document.

There could be several reasons for PDF users to remove digital signatures from PDF, such as they might have forgotten their digital signature password.

Firstly, you will need a PDF editor to successfully remove their signature from PDF. Secondly, you will want to be careful when uploading PDFs with sensitive or confidential information, specifically when you are using online tools to remove signatures.

#1 WPS Office - Remove Signature from PDF on Windows & Mac Free

WPS is an all-in-one office suite corresponding to MS Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat PDF Editor, and PPT. You can find free templates for writing, creating spreadsheets, and making presentations without advertising or registering.

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Here are some potential benefits of using WPS Office:

  • Rich store for templates that are free and paid versions for PPT, Word, and Excel.

  • You can edit Word, Excel, PPT, and PDF with WPS Office.

WPS has loads of functions that make it ideal for office, school, and personal use. The small tools offered by WPS can help you with screen recording, creating smart spreadsheets, file repair, etc. Apart from Windows, the MAC version of WPS Office is equally great.

Steps to Remove Signature from PDF on Windows and MC on WPS

Here are the steps that you can use to remove a signature from a PDF with WPS Office without the help of specialized software or advanced technical knowledge.

Step 1: Open the relevant PDF file in the WPS Office.

open PDF file

Step 2: Choose “Edit” and click on “Signature” from the menu.

choose edit and signature

Step 3: Select the signature that needs to be deleted.

choose delete option

Step 4: Select the signature and click the “Delete” option.

Step 5: Save the document changes.

save changes to document

#2 Cover Up the Signature - Remove Signature from PDF Free

When it comes to how to remove signature from PDF, another free method is to cover up the digital signature. And the cover-up method isn’t your traditional method, but it is the fastest method. The cover-up signature method is a great choice if all you care about is the visual aspect of the PDF document.

Benefits of the cover-up method:

The fastest method for removing signatures from PDF

Instantly “removes” the digital signature by applying a white box over the signature.

Steps to Cover up the Signature

You will want to follow the below-given steps to remove the digital signature from a PDF.

Step 1: Search for “Sejda pdf edit” on Google and click the first result, which will take you to the following page:

Sejda pdf edit page

Step 2: Click the “green button” and upload your PDF file.

Step 3: Go to the top bar and click on the “whiteout” button.

choosing the whiteout button

Step 4: Proceed to create a box and place it “over” the signature. You might want to resize the box to fully cover the signature.

choosing the whiteout box placement

Step 5: Complete the prices by clicking on “Apply Changes.”

clicking on apply changes

Step 6: Download the PDF file without the signature.

clicking on download option

Important Note: You will want to keep in mind that you cannot “remove” the signature on PDF, but you can only “cover” it with a white box.

#3 Adobe Acrobat - Remove Signature from PDF Free

Adobe Acrobat is another tool that can be used to remove signature from PDF. However, it is absolutely mandatory for you to be the owner of the file to clear the document of the signature.

The essential benefit of using Adobe Acrobat to remove signature from PDF is that it is quick and easy. And everything is done in the following simple steps:

Step 1: Right-click the PDF and select “Open with.”

opening PDF with adobe

Step 2: Choose Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Step 3: Navigate to your signature and select “Clear Signature.”

selecting clear signature option

3 Tips for How to Remove Signature from PDF

Typically, you can only remove signature from PDF if you are the one who created the file. We know that digital signatures are used to protect the file, which is why the signature adds to the security aspect of the PDF file.

If the file has been created by someone else, it is impossible to remove the signature. The following tips can help you remove signature from PDF.

  1. Remove Digital Signature with the PDF File
    It is not only the password that makes the PDF documents restricted and free of alteration, but the digital signatures on the PDF documents can also protect their documents by making them inaccessible and unable to edit.
    When it comes to how to remove signature from PDF, you can start with the easiest option, which is removing the signature within the PDF document

  2. Remove Signature from PDF with Adobe Reader
    If you are the owner of the document from where you need to remove the signature, all you need to do is to open the file in Adobe and click on the delete option. Just ensure that you understand the security code as this is absolutely mandatory.

  3. Remove Signature from PDF with Windows OS
    You can use different digital tools to remove signature from PDF in Windows OS by converting PDF files into Word format. This conversion will essentially make it easier for you to remove the digital signature from the Word file and then convert it into its initial PDF format.


Q1: Why do we need to remove signatures from PDF?

A: The purpose of adding a digital signature to a PDF is to prevent tampering and impersonation in digital documents. Sometimes, we can forget our digital signature password, which can cause the need to remove the signature from PDF.

Q2: Why can’t I remove signature from PDF?

A: The digital signs serve as an additional layer of protection against tampering with the document. If you cannot remove a signature from PDF, there is a high chance that it is not your own signature because only the owner can remove the signature.

Q3: How can I delete a digital signature?

A: To remove a signature from PDF, you must be the person whose signature it is. If you are not the owner, you can ask the owner to do the needful. If you are using WPS PDF, you will want to open the file, choose the signature, and click on “Delete.”

Do More with Any PDF in WPS Office

You can remove signatures from PDFs on Mac and OS with WPS and do so much more with WPS Office.

Check out these amazing features:

WPS PDF features display

WPS PDF offers its users a wide range of tools that enable users to convert their PDF files to other file formats, including Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and image files. WPS PDF enables users to smoothly edit and convert PDF Files for free.

You can also collaborate on PDF files with others using multiple platforms alongside viewing, editing, and reading. You can also add comments, print files, sign contracts, and fill in forms.

WPS Office – A Great Alternative to PDF

Many PDF users struggle with how to remove signature from PDF, and the ultimate and easiest way to do so is with WPS Office, which is a great alternative to PDF.

WPS Office is compatible with iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, and Mac, which means that when you use WPS Office, you can remove signature from PDF on Mac and Windows alike. WPS PDF is also the best application for collaborative editing, annotation, and viewing.

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