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Although ChatGPT is handy for collecting info, answering queries, and translating, I find my focus gets disrupted when I bounce back and forth between the ChatGPT website and the webpages I'm browsing for research for my next blog post. It takes me a bit to regroup my thoughts and get back on track.

Is there an AI assistant that can be by my side anytime, helping me with tasks and providing accurate answers from ChatGPT?

If you're also eager to learn how to let an AI Assistant do the work for you, keep reading! I'll guide you to use the AIPal, one of the best AI tools to boost our productivity.

Overview the Highlight Features in AIPal

It was exhaustive to find such an AI assistant of my dreams. Luckily, AIPal, a web copilot not only makes it easier to chat with ChatGPT, Gemini and even Claude, but it also comes in handy for summarizing, explaining, and translating web pages. Let’s take a closer look at the key features:

  • Chat — Ask questions to GPT-3.5, 4, Claude or Gemini; Set up role-playing chats.

  • Write— AI writing, rewriting contents, replying emails/comments on social media.

  • Read — Reading any web pages and summarize the main ideas.

  • Translate — Real-time parallel translation with side-by-side comparison.

  • Grammar — Auto spell check and paraphrasing your text.


How to Get Your AI Assistant - AIPal

Step 1: Access the AIPal website and add it to your Chrome or Edge.

add AI Pal AI assistant to your Chrome

Step 2: Click the AIPal extension icon, and the AI assistant will appear on the right sidebar of your web page.

show AI Pal on Chrome

The interesting thing is that when I switch web pages, AIPal stays fixed on the right side of the browser. This makes it very convenient for me to use, just like having an efficient assistant that responds instantly.

show AIPal on Chrome

Step 3: AIPal has five main functions, which are Chat, Write, Read, Translate, and Grammar. Choose the function you want to start with your AI assistant.

Main functions of AI Pal

I've spent quite a bit of time hunting for the right AI assistant, but a lot of them seem limited. Some just summarize or rewrite text. But then there's AIPal – it's like an all-in-one web assistant. It can handle all sorts of tasks, making it super versatile. Next up, I'll show you with some examples how AIPal works with us on our tasks.

How to Chat with AI Assistant - AIPal

You've probably tried out various Large language models (LLM) like ChatGPT, Gemini, Claude, each with its own perks. AIPal brings them all under one roof. With AIPal, you can easily switch between popular models like ChatGPT 3.5, ChatGPT 4, Claude, and others whenever you need.

ChatGPT vs Gemini vs Claude

How to chat with AI Assistant - AIPal

Step 1: In the conversation box on the right, type in the question you want to ask. Click the 'Send' icon.

ask questions in AI Pal

Step 2: You can directly chat with AIPal to get the answer quickly.

ask questions in AI Pal


  • You can switch to other LLM models in the top right corner, such as GPT-3.5, GPT-4, Claude-2.

change LLM to GPT-3.5,GPT-4,Claude-2

  • By default, AIPal covers general topics, but you can ask about more specific topics, such as English Teacher, Knowledge Learning, Homework Answers, and over a dozen other role topics.

Set up Chat topics in AI Pal

How to AI Writing with AIPal

AI writing is a big part of how I use AI tools. I'm always writing blogs, proofreading content and responding to emails. What I love about AIPal is that it takes ChatGPT and adds a bunch of preset commands, making it super easy and accurate to get the content I need. Let's see how AIPal makes AI writing simpler.

Method 1: Create new contents with AI writer

AIPal can assist with AI writing. You can enter the topic you want to write about in the conversation box, set the format, tone, length, and other aspects of the content.

Set up the writing style

I usually use it to help me generate ideas for blog articles, create rough outlines, and I find it great for brainstorming and quickly gathering information.

In my example, I want to write a recommendation about new books for 2024.

Write an article about new books in 2024

AIPal quickly provided me with an answer, writing an article in just a few seconds. I can also use the copy button to quickly transfer it to my Word document.

Ask AI assistant to write an article

Let’s check the result!  

I found that some of the books it recommended are ones I've recently purchased, and I strongly agree with them. As for the other recommendations, I'll take some time to see if they're worth recommending to my readers. Other AI tools offer the AI writing feature, but AIPal does it in a way that never feels all show and no go, meaning there won't be a lot of vague or redundant words. Until now, everything looks pretty good.

article written by AI assistant

Method 2: Reply to comments or emails with the AI text generator.

The Reply function is just what you need for handling social media comments and email responses. When you select the text to reply to, AIPal jumps right in, loading your text and crafting a response based on your instructions. The AI text generator is quick, accurate, and natural-sounding, saving me from the tedious task of crafting replies.

Case 1: Reply web pages questions

Step 1: Select the text you want to reply to, right-click, and choose the 'Reply' option.

Use AI to reply questions

Step 2: Tell AIPal the key points for the reply, then click 'Write'.

Write the reply points in AI Pal

Step 3: Copy the generated text, then use them to reply.

Case 2: Reply social media comments

Step 1: Just like in case 1, select the comment you want to reply to, then click 'Reply'.

Use AI to reply YouTube comments

Step 2: Tell the AI assistant the key points for the reply, then click 'Write'.

Write the reply instructions for YouTube comments

Step 3: Copy the text to reply to the comments.

Case 3: Reply daily emails

Step 1: Open your email and select the content, then right-click, and choose the 'Reply' from the drop-down list.

Use AI to reply emails

Step 2: Ask AIPal to reply to the email, then click 'Write'.

AI assistant helps you reply the emails

Step 3: Copy and reply using the email generated by AI.

Method 3: Ask AI to rewrite

Rewrite is a feature I often use. I need to adjust different sentences and paragraphs, tones to fit the writing of articles on different topics. AIPal is a very convenient AI paraphraser. It can help me when I'm stuck and review the text if it doesn't sound right. It's like having a writing partner, beta reader, and editor right at your fingertips. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Select the 'Rewrite' option under 'Write', then paste the content you want to rewrite into the 'Original Content' box.

how to use AI paraphraser in AI Pal

Step 2: Tell AIPal your rewriting requirements. You can also specify the style for the rewrite. Click 'Write'.

Rewrite paragraphs with AI paraphraser

Curious about how well the content was rewritten by the AI paraphraser? Let's check out my real-life examples.

Case 1: Ask AI paraphraser to make it easier to understand

Original version:

The biggest issue with stereotyping today would be in the business world. Let's take hiring new employees as the main problem. It may not always be race that is a deciding factor as much as it is sex. Some jobs a woman may be hired over a man due to her nurturing nature. On the other hand a man may be hired over a woman due to the fact that he may be stronger. In some cases the sex of a person may be the deciding factor on whether they even get a call.

Rewritten version:

The main problem with stereotyping today lies in the business world. Hiring new employees is a major concern. Sometimes, gender rather than race plays a decisive role. For certain jobs, a woman might be chosen over a man because of her nurturing qualities. On the other hand, a man might be preferred over a woman because of his physical strength. In some situations, a person's gender alone can determine whether they even receive a phone call.

The rewritten version emphasizes the problem and concern encountered. The language is more concise and coherent, with the subject placed earlier, making it overall clearer and more persuasive.

Case 2: Ask AI paraphraser to make it more formal

AI Pal AI paraphraser

Original version:

Why are there so many apps for something easily done with sticky notes or any other scrap of paper? Because managing tasks is an intensely—even irrationally—personal thing. People will reject anything that doesn't feel right. That's a good instinct, but it makes it hard to find the right app.

Rewritten version:

Why are there numerous applications available for tasks that can easily be accomplished using sticky notes or any other piece of paper? The reason behind this is the highly personal nature of task management. Individuals tend to reject anything that doesn't align with their preferences, making it challenging to find the perfect app.

The rewritten version emphasizes the logical flow between sentences and reduces colloquial words like 'feels' and 'that's'. By transforming short sentences into longer ones, it appears more formal.

AIPal's rewriting skills are really something else. If you were to ask me what kind of AI assistant I need, this would be it. At least when it comes to rewriting content, it's been a huge help.

How to Use AI Summarizer for Web Pages

If you're someone who's constantly scouring the web for information, then AIPal is your go-to AI assistant. It can quickly summarize web pages, helping you get the gist of things in no time. And because it's right there on the side of my page, I can easily compare it with the webpage for verification (which I usually do to double-check AI's accuracy). Compared to summarizing on the ChatGPT website, I find the experience with AIPal to be much smoother and seamless.

Here’s how to summarize a page:

Step 1: Select the 'Current Page' option under 'Read'. You can also click 'Paste URL' to paste the URL of the page you want to summarize.

Summarize current page using AI

Step 2: AIPal will quickly summarize the content of the page for you. You can click 'Copy' to copy the summary generated by AI, or use 'Chat' to ask questions to AIPal.

AI summarizer in AIPal

Tips: AIPal typically sits as a small icon on the far right, keeping a low profile so it doesn't grab my attention. When I want to use it, such as for summarizing a page, I simply hover over the icon. Then, in the panel that pops up, I select 'Page Digest', and it provides the page summary in the Chat panel. This method doesn't offer a copy option, but since the content isn't lengthy. I'm fine with both approaches.

Page digest in AI Pal

Page digest in AI Pal

Let’s take a look at my example:

I'm working on an article recommending books for 2024, and I'm considering adding works by Jon Fosse, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2023, to give the article more depth. So, I had AIPal analyze an article about Jon Fosse. What to read: Jon Fosse

Here’s the summary I got from AIPal.

The website page provides information about the Nobel Prize and highlights the works of Jon Fosse, the 2023 literature laureate. It mentions three of Fosse's notable works: "Stengd gitar," "Morgon og kveld," and the "Septology". The Septology is described as Fosse's magnum opus, consisting of three books: "The Other Name," "I is Another," and "A New Name." The page also includes links to other sections of the website, such as Nobel Prizes & Laureates, Alfred Nobel's life, news & insights, and educational resources.

I went over the summary again, and I find it really informative. It includes all the key works I wanted to know about, like the major work 'Septology', and provides additional info about Jon Fosse. This AI summarizer has saved me a bunch of time in research, so I can focus on more important parts of writing.

How to Translate using AI

Google Translate used to be my go-to translation tool, but sometimes it wasn't very accurate. If you asked it to translate a page, it would overwrite the entire text. However, AIPal changes things up. It uses the ChatGPT interface, making translated text more accurate. What's more important is that when translating a page, it can keep both the original and translated text, which is much more convenient for bilingual learning and proofreading.

Method 1: Translate page using AI

Step 1: Click on the settings icon in the top right corner.

Access settings in AI Pal

Step 2: Select 'Translate' and set the Translation Language

Page digest in AI Pal

Step 3: When you want to translate a page, simply hover your mouse over the AIPal icon on the right side of the page, and select 'Translate Page'.

That's how it works. The translated text will show up below the original, making it easy to compare.

Method 2: Translate text using AI

If you don't need to translate an entire page, you can also translate specific text. AIPal offers two ways to translate text. Let's take a look.

Case 1: Use it as an alternative to Google Translate

AIPal's translator brings AI into translation, making it more accurate and natural. And it's right there on your right side, super convenient and always ready to use.

Step 1: Click on the Translate option.

how to translate using AI Pal

Step 2: Paste the text you want to translate.

Translate feature in AI Pal

Step 3: AIPal will quickly translate your text. You can use 'Copy' to copy the result.

AI Pal translator

For me, AIPal's Translator is like an upgraded version of Google Translate. It has a familiar interface, but it's more convenient and provides more accurate translations.

But in AIPal's current version (Version 0.1.1), it only supports a handful of mainstream languages. I'm hoping future updates will include more languages for translation. I've already requested this feature in AIPal's Discord community, so let's watch it get even better together.

supported languages for translation

Case 2: Translate selected texts on a page

Step 1: When you're browsing the web, you can select the text you want to translate, then choose 'Translate' from the dropdown options.

How to translate selected texts on a page

Step 2: AIPal will quickly translate, and you can click 'Copy' to copy it.

Copy the translated texts from AI Pal

How to Grammar Check in AIPal

The Grammar feature in AIPal is a quick AI spell check and paraphrasing tool. Let's see how it works.

Step 1: Select the Grammar option among the features.

Grammar checker in AI Pal

Step 2: Enter the text you want to check, then click 'Quick Check'.

how to grammar check in AI Pal

Step 3: The text corrected by the grammar check will appear in the 'Improved' box. Select 'Copy' to copy it.

Copy the text corrected by the grammar check

Tips: You can click on 'Changes' to review the changed words and grammar.

Changes of grammar check

Pros and Cons of AIPal

AIPal is an all-in-one AI assistant that allows us to conveniently use ChatGPT and other AI models. Compared to other AI tools, AIPal provides smoother and more accurate web page summarization, replies, and translations. The key highlights of AIPal include:

AI Capabilities: It brings together all the big language models like GPT-3.5, 4, Claude, Gemini. You can pick whichever one you like.

Parallel Translation: Offers real-time translation with side-by-side comparison, keeping the original text intact. It's way better than Google Translate.

Reply: Makes replying a breeze with one-click responses, saving you time. (Great for responding to emails, YouTube comments, twitter, or Reddit posts)

Chat: Dive into conversations with different characters and topics. Think role-playing chats.

Read: Reads any webpage and extracts the main ideas for you to summarize.

The only downside to AIPal is that the languages it supports for translation in the current version are limited. If you need to use more languages, I suggest checking out ChatGPT instead.

FAQs about AIPal

1. Is AIPal free to use?

AIPal is free to use in this version 0.1.1. However, to access ChatGPT 4.0, you'll need a paid account from OpenAI.

2.Can AIPal translate or summarize my PDF?

No, AIPal currently does not support translating and summarizing PDF documents. It only supports processing web pages.

3. How do I request new features for AIPal?

AIPal will continue to update. You can join the Discord community and submit your feature request to the team there.

To Sum Up

There are too many AI tools on the market, and finding the right one for your needs can take a lot of time. AIPal helps you use ChatGPT or Claude more conveniently and quickly without leaving your current Web page. From this step-by-step guide, you have learned how to use the AI assistant to improve study or work efficiency. Give it a try!

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