Crafting a Good CV Example to Get Hired

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To get hired by crafting a good CV example is a tricky thing. A good CV example can be crafted with some well-written essential information because this information is included contact detail, objectives, professional experience, skills, and education. Some optional sections include awards, certifications, languages, hobbies and interests, and relevant social media links. Ensure your work's benefits are supported by information or some other type of quantitative change. WPS Office is a popular software for creating skilled resumes and provides several good CV examples of resume templates and customization.

How Do You Describe A Good CV?

A good CV example should show your skills, qualifications, work experience, and achievements concisely and transparently. Some of the critical elements can describe good CV examples.

Critical Elements of an Effective CV

Below are some vital elements by which you can easily describe your good CV example. Here are some elements for creating a good CV example that is practical and attractive.


Clarity is an essential part of a good CV example. A clear and well-organized CV helps to hire managers quickly and easily understand your skills, qualification, and experience, To ensure clarity in your good CV example. Use simple and easy language, and avoid using technical terms which is difficult for the reader to understand. Use only simple language that is easy to understand. A clear and well-organized CV can make a big difference in getting noticed by a hiring manager. Ensure your information is presented in an easy-to-understand manner and focused on your relevant experience and accomplishments.


Relevance in a good CV example refers to how closely the info in your good CV example matches the job requirements you are applying for. A relevant CV highlights the skills, qualifications, and experiences related to the job.

Like, suppose you are applying for a job in marketing. In that case, your simple good CV example must show your marketing-related experience and skills, such as social media management, data analysis, and copywriting. The irrelevant data and information in your CV, such as irrelevant work experience or hobbies, may distract and take away from the focus of your CV.


Structure in a good CV example states the way information is organized and presented in the excellent CV example. A well-structured CV makes it easy for the hiring manager to quickly find the information on your CV that they need and understand your skills and experience. To make a good CV example structure excellent, you need several key elements, including contact information, work experience, education, and skills, in a well-structured CV. All these need to be written well-organized and structural way.


Accuracy is a severe aspect of a good CV example. Your CV is the document that hiring managers use to estimate your qualifications, skills, and experience. Providing misleading and inaccurate information in your good CV example can damage your impression and character. Make sure to correct spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. These little tiny things lead you to drop out from interviews. Always ensure that your name and contact information must be correctly spelled.


A good CV example is a file that summarizes your work experience, qualifications, and accomplishments. To concise your CV, Only include the essential information in your CV. Make sure you highlight your skills and experience. Bullet points are an effective method to split your CV into quickly clear sections. Remember, avoid repeating information that has already been added somewhere in your good CV example. This will make your good CV more challenging to understand.


Professionalism in a good CV example refers to your writing and presentation style. It shows a serious and professional response to the hiring manager. Professionalism includes writing with a formal tone, using good punctuation and spelling, and ensuring the document is organized and simple to read. Also, the CV should be clear, concise, and personalized to the specific job application, highlighting the candidate's relevant qualifications and professional experience.

The Anatomy of a Winning CV

A best-winning good CV example is one of the best and most effective ways to highlight your skills, qualifications, and experiences in a way that pertains to the job you are applying for. Here are the key elements that make up a winning good CV example.

Contact information

The contact information part of the excellent CV example is crucial, and it should be placed at the top of the CV so that hiring managers can easily reach it. Contact information includes name, home address, phone, and email. It is essential to remember that you should keep personal information on your resume to a minimum.

Professional Summary

The best CV example summary is similar to a calling card; it contains a few words that introduce the person, what they do, their achievements, and what makes them unique. This professional summary is at the top of your resume and can be either a short paragraph or a list of bullet points. Hiring managers use this section to decide whether or not to spend their precious time reviewing the rest of your good CV example.


The education portion in your simple CV example template is significant to the job. Your degrees are the most crucial information you may include in the education section, such as the name of the university you graduated from and the year you completed your studies there. Your academic background's first three crucial elements are essential, but what you read is more significant than these factors. It's a common misconception that the school, college, or university is more significant than the subject of study or area of competence.

Work experience

The easiest way to get the hiring manager's attention is to showcase your work experience clearly and concisely in your good CV example. To get the hiring manager's attention, start your good CV example with your most recent work experience and others in backward design. Several hiring managers recommend you include roles in your good CV example that were performed within the past 10 to 15 years. Anything done earlier will need to be updated and more specific. It's essential how you present this information. Be sure to highlight details describing your past accomplishments, achievements, efforts, and learnings in this section of your good CV example resume, just like in every other section.


The achievements section of a good CV example, a resume, is a portion where you can showcase your accomplishments and demonstrate the value you can bring to hiring managers. Here are some tips for crafting an effective achievements section. Always keep it relevant. Only include achievements that are relevant to the work you are applying for. This will show the hiring managers you have the achievements needed for the job. Use bullet points to make your achievements portion easy to understand, and use bullet points to split the information into digestible chunks. This will also make it easier for the hiring manager to see your achievements quickly. When telling your achievements, always focus on the results you achieved.


Referees are the people who serve as your references and may witness for you in your good CV example to hiring managers for your character, skills, and talents. Your referees can be considered ambassadors or personal bodyguards. The employer could call them or request writing certain information about you. Several questions that are hiring manager ask your referees includes

  • How did you come to know this person?

  • What can you tell me about their knowledge, skills, work ethic, timeliness, personality, and interpersonal conduct?

  • Can this person get a job?

  • Would they fit well into this position and our company?

  • Should we think about hiring them?

How to Write a Standout Curriculum Vita?

Some essential steps need to be followed in your good CV example to stand out.

Tailor Your CV

Tailoring your CV means customizing your good CV example to fit the specific job you are applying for. You must strategically modify your CV to showcase your experiences and talents most relevant to the job position you are looking for. You can take some points to tailor your good CV example, such as analyzing the job description, identifying your relevant skills and experiences, reordering your work experience, showcasing your achievements, customizing your statement, and using appropriate formatting.

Use a Clear And Consistent Format

Creating a visually attractive, easy-to-read, and logically structured good CV example is achieved by using a clear and consistent format. To achieve this, some tips include choosing a readable font, using bullet points, maintaining a consistent layout, incorporating white space, and using bold and italics sparingly. Overall, a clear and consistent good CV example format is crucial as it allows hiring managers to understand your qualifications, making a positive impression quickly.

Focus on achievements

When you focus on achievements in your CV, you draw attention to the specific successes, accomplishments, and results you have gained throughout your career. This can include revenue growth, cost reduction, customer satisfaction improvement, and other accomplishments such as effective project management, leadership, or recognition for your work. By highlighting your achievements, you showcase your worth as a potential employee and showcase your expertise and experience in a way that differentiates you from other candidates.

Highlight transferable skills and experiences.

Highlighting transferable skills and experiences in your good CV example can help demonstrate your ability to get a new role. You can apply transferable skills to different jobs, such as problem-solving, communication, and teamwork. Transferable experiences are those you gained in a previous role but are relevant to the job or industry you are applying for.


Being organized in your good CV example means giving information concisely and logically, making it easy for the reader to understand. This includes using a consistent and easy-to-read font, separating information into clear sections, and using bullet points or numbering to highlight important details.

Use Active Voice

Active voice is a helpful tool in crafting an impressive and impactful CV. It highlights your actions and makes your sentences more direct and concise. Using active voice can help you become confident and assertive, setting you apart from other candidates who may rely on passive voice. Using action verbs and quantifying your achievements can make your CV more engaging and memorable to potential employers. Remember these tips as you write your CV to ensure you present your accomplishments in the most vital possible light.

Top 3 Good CV Example Templates

Many candidates use the Words templates to create resumes. The problem with these templates is that these templates need to be more varied and lifeless. But WPS Office gives us a template of a good CV example, a resume. You can download these online good CV sample templates from WPS templates.

1. Blue Basic Graduates Resume

The blue essential graduate's resume template is ideal for new graduates seeking to kick-start their careers. The template offers ample space for essential contact information, including a professional photo. It also features clearly defined sections for education, work experience, skills, and interests.

2. Simple and Basic Resume

The simple and basic resume template is an excellent choice if you want a clean and straightforward way to present your qualifications. It offers space for essential contact information, a professional photo, and clearly defined sections for education, work experience, skills, and interests. This template's minimalist design allows your accomplishments and experiences to speak for themselves without any unnecessary distractions.

3. Basic Personal Resume

The basic personal resume template is ideal for individuals who want to showcase their diverse skills and interests. The template includes space for a professional photo, essential contact information, and clearly defined sections for education, work experience, skills, and interests.

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