7 Best Document Editing Software for Business 2024

January 3, 2024 5.5K views

Various tools and software are used to create and edit documents, depending on the business's management. This document editing software has played a crucial role in creating real-time employee collaboration.

Over the past decades, many document editing software has emerged. Some software has a simple interface, while others have a complicated one. Depending on your editing knowledge, you need software that you can comfortably use. This article will discuss some of the best software you can use to edit your business documents.

1. PDF Editor

Today, most business documents are in PDF format. PDFS are more secure and limit unauthorized users from editing the document. Secondly, the formatting of a PDF document does not change regardless of the operating system. Thus, editing PDF files require special software. PDF Editor is a powerful software that can edit a PDF file.

There are two categories of PDF editing tools; Online-based software and app-based software. The online-based PDF editors run on the browser and do not depend on any operating system.

Here are the general steps to follow when using these online-based editors:

On your browser, choose the cloud-based editor that fits your work best. Locate the upload button, and upload the PDF file you wish to edit. On the editor pane, choose the editing options you want. Finally, save, download or share the edited document.

What are the pros of using a PDF editor in editing your business documents?

The software is cloud-based. Thus, one can access it at any time from any place. It is well-packed with PDF editing tools. The output of PDF editors is of high quality and presentable. Most PDF editors have no monthly subscription and watermarks.

Features of PDF Editor

They include:

1. Edit Features: If you’re looking for a perfect PDF editing software, try PDF editor. This software is well-packed with all the tools needed to edit your business documents.

2. Create Features: Other than editing, these editors can create and re-create PDF files.

3. Sign Features: In most cases, business documents must have a sign indicating the author. The PDF Editors allow the users to embed their signatures on these documents.

4. Share and Protect Documents: Business information is crucial, and thus confidentiality must be guaranteed. The PDF editors allow users to encrypt the business document, avoiding unauthorized access.

2. WPS Office

WPS Office should always top your list when determining the best editing software. WPS Office is an all-in-one tool that deals with diverse document formats. Unlike other common editors, it is free and simple to use. Also, the software can edit PDF files, which other editors cannot. Thus, if you are looking for software that will edit almost all the formats of your business documents, try WPS Office.

WPS Office comes in two forms; mobile-based and PC-based. Business people can choose the type of WPS they want depending on the location and nature of their businesses. A PC-based WPS tool is essential when working from a strategic position. For example, when you’re editing a document in the office. In addition, the PC-based tool requires a business to have a computer on which the application runs. Conversely, the mobile-based tool is essential when editing documents at home or away from the office. The application is compatible with android devices and has similar features as that of a PC.

Why should a business use WPS Office to edit its documents?

Here are some of the benefits of using the WPS tool to edit your documents:

The software works with diverse document formats. Thus, you can edit any document regardless of its extension. The software is easy to use than other web-based editing tools. The UI interface is simple and favorable for beginners. The software produces high-quality and presentable software suitable for business purposes. The software is free. You do not have to pay to use the software.

Features of WPS Office

They include:

1. The Application is collaborative. Business people can share edited documents using the share feature of the software.

2. Rich in Editing tools. Unlike other software, WPS Office has well-packed and extensive tools that are useful in editing business documents. When used for business purposes, the user enjoys the collection of business-related templates, flatten pdf, easing the editing process.

3. The software is associated with WPS Cloud. WPS Cloud is a cloud-based storage that allows users to store various media files and documents. The WPS cloud can help store businesses’ vital documents, relieving their PCs' storage pressure.

3. Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most common presentation tools in the business environment. It finds its way into creating business presentation documents and conferencing material. Most businesses and companies rely on Microsoft PowerPoint as it is simple and free. The software has several unique features that result in high-quality documents.

Like other editing software, PowerPoint comes in two forms; mobile-based and PC-based. With mobile-based software, you can easily create and edit business presentations anytime. The software is compatible with several devices and thus allows business people to use the application regardless of their device. Once you’ve installed the device on your PC or phone, that’s all. You’ll use the software for free and enjoy several in-built business templates.

With PC-based PowerPoint, you must use a Windows computer to edit any document. Therefore, PC-based software is restricted to be used only in the office and home premises. Besides its geographical curtailment, PC-based software has numerous features essential to creating and editing a business document. Its interface is so simple to use and understand.

What are some benefits of using Microsoft PowerPoint to edit your business document?

The Software has a huge collection of editing tools. These tools ease the process of creating and editing a business document. While editing, the software allows the user to use diverse fonts and styles, which makes the documentary more eye-catching.

The Software already has pre-made business templates. Thus, you can easily choose a template that fits your task and edit it.

Features of Microsoft PowerPoint

The software has export features. It collaborates with other external applications, and this improves its services. Thus, while editing a presentation with PowerPoint, you can easily export to other software such as word.

The software is rich in picture features. One of the ways of editing business documents is by adding pictures. PowerPoint ensures this is possible through its insert feature tool.

4. Foxit PDF Editor

Several editing tools are used today in Editing PDF files, but have you tried Foxit PDF Editor? It's a perfect tool to create, view, and edit PDF files. Businesses dealing with PDF-based documents can use this software to prepare and customize their documents.

Depending on the features, it is available for a free trial and monthly subscriptions. Due to its unique features, the Foxit PDF Editor is slowly outshining other editing software in the market. Many companies and businesses have repudiated traditional PDF editors, increasing the use of Foxit PDF editors. In addition, due to the high-quality Foxit PDF documents, many businesses are encouraging their employees to use this software to generate business-related documents.

Sometimes, you may have your document in PDF format and wish to convert it to other formats, e.g., Word, PowerPoint, HTML, etc. Not all software can do so, but Foxit comes to the rescue. The Foxit software allows users to open and customize PDF files later saved in any format. Some formats you can convert your PDF document to include Word, PowerPoint, HTML, Image, and  RTF.

What are the benefits of using this tool in editing your business documents?

The software is rich in editing tools. Thus, the user will not import other editing tools from external sources. This saves the editor's time and makes the editing process seem easier.

The software has protection tools that are beneficial to your document. To protect the confidentiality of the business document, you can use the in-built protection tool found in Foxit to encrypt your document.

Lastly, the Foxit Editor yields high-quality and presentable documents. The main aim of editing business documents is to improve their quality. Therefore, Foxit PDF is the perfect software to use when you need a high-quality document.

Features of Foxit PDF Editor

The software has PDF-creating features. These features allow users to create high-quality PDF files that can be used for business purposes. Additionally, these tools are used in creating PDF portfolios, forms, and docs.

Secondly, the software has PDF-Split features. These features come with tools that allow users to split a PDF document into parts. Thus, with Foxit PDF, you can easily create two or more PDF documents from one document.

Finally, the software has annotating features. These features help the user to scan, sign, and protect the document.

5. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is one of the top-leading editing tools in the market. Most businesses use this software in various ways, and it has become part of most companies. Besides creating plain documents, the document has several other useful uses in a business. Today, a mobile-based Word application allows users to enjoy the software's features anytime.

Word Software has a large collection of editing and document customizing tools. These tools ensure business people can edit and re-create the document to fits their desires.

What are the benefits of using Microsoft Word in editing business documents?

Unlike other document editing software, Word has a simple UI interface, which makes it easier for beginners to learn how to use it.

The software is well-packed with editing and customizing tools. These tools play magic in editing any Word-related document.

The MS Word is Free. Therefore, the user does not incur costs while editing a document using the software.

6. Google Workspace

Due to technological advancements in various fields, many businesses and companies are adapting new ideas. Google Workspace is one of the current trends in the document-related field, which is found on the cloud. The web-based software hosts several tools and software used for diverse purposes. Some tools you’re likely to interact with in Google Workspace include Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Currents, Google Chats, Google Calendar, Google Keep, Google Slides, Gmail, ad Google Forms. All these tools perform different tasks in your business.

Pros of Google Workspace software and tools

The Google Workspace software has a simple interface, making it easier for all users. The Google Workspace tools are cloud-based. Thus, they favor real-time collaboration among users. With Google Workspace, you can work with documents in multiple formats Unlike other cloud-based tools, you can use some Google Workspace software while in offline mode.

7. Prezi

Prezi is a web-based presentation tool many businesses use in place of Microsoft PowerPoint. The software has a huge role in creating and editing business-related presentations. Additionally,  the software has unique features not present in other presentation creation software.

When you use Prezi:

When creating presentations for a large audience. When creating a map-based presentation. When creating free-movement presentations.

Benefits of Using Prezi software

They include:

The software has several pre-made templates. The software allows the importation of documents to other software. The software has overview and zoom features.

Features of Prezi

They include:

1. Animation: The Animation feature allows users to choose and create animation for the presentation.

2. Content Library: With Prezi, you can easily share your presentations on the cloud. The content library allows user to manage their presentation from one workspace.

3. Charts: The Prezi software has chart tools for creating charts and graphs. This tool helps the user to add charts to their presentations.

4. Media: The Prezi media is fully packed with GIFs, stickers, and Photos. Students can take advantage of these tools and add eye-catching items to their presentations.

5. Performance Analytic tools: The Prezi software has analytic tools that help the user determine the metrics associated with the performance of the presentation. These metrics include the time spent, shares, and Viewerships.

Our Verdict

Therefore, several tools can be used in editing business documents. The choice of software depends on the type, format, and nature of the document the user is working on. Similarly, the user's geographical location determines which software will be used. Additionally, other software can edit documents in more than one format. For example, the WPS Office software.

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