Easy Methods for How to Add Lines to PDF

July 31, 2023 1.1K views

There are several reasons why you might need to add lines to PDF. For instance, if you work in a medical clinic, you may need to highlight lines and locations on a human body diagram. Alternatively, you may need to add lines to a loop structure if you are a student of programming. In any event, lines are extremely important tools in a PDF document. How can I insert a line in PDF? The first requirement is a good PDF editor.

WPS Office's built-in PDF editor is our favorite. Today, we'll go through how to add the line in PDF. The major reason you do this is to emphasize relationships between parts. You can add lines to PDF easily and for free using WPS Office. It is compatible with all devices including iPhone, Mac, Android and Windows PCs. Fortunately this application is totally free except for some premium features. This blog will discuss the following topics to learn how to add lines to PDF;

  • How to add lines to PDF using WPS Office
  • How to add lines to PDF using Adobe Acrobat

How to add lines to PDF using WPS Office

Steps to add lines to PDF using WPS Office

1-Open your PDF file in the WPS Office.


2-From the “insert” Tab, choose the “shapes” option.

3-From the drop down choose “line”.


4-Draw lines of customized stroke using the toolbar at the top.


How to add lines to PDF using Adobe Acrobat

Most people use Adobe Acrobat for handling PDF on laptops. Here we will discuss the steps to add lines to a PDF.

Steps to add lines to PDF using WPS Office

Just under the “Comments” Panel (upper right side of Acrobat window), in the Drawing Markups Pane. There are various symbols, arrows, lines, and shapes you can draw to a PDF.

If you do not see the following panel under the Comments Panel, then click on the little button in the upper right side of the Comments Panel. And check it in the list so it will show up in the pane.


In many cases the problem of adding lines in PDF arises. WPS Office is the best rescue in these kinds of situations. WPS Office has a free PDF editor where you can add lines and shapes to your PDF file. There is an adobe acrobat app that can also do the same but WPS Office is more versatile and efficient in nature. Download the WPS Office now.

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